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Jeremiah's Burial Site and Misc.

His g-g-g-grandson, Gary Cloud <> (descended from Francis Marion "F.M." / "Frank" / "Doc" Cloud), wrote April 20, 1999:

    "In 1971 my father, Earl Cloud, and I interviewed two persons in Austin County, seeking information about the Cloud family. My grandfather died when my father was an infant and he knew very little about the Clouds. One person we visited was Claude Kendricks, 83 years old and the nephew of Stonewall Jackson Kendricks, who shot, killed, and was acquitted for the murder of my great grandfather, Francis Marion Cloud (AKA F.M., Frank, Doc Cloud).
     "Mr. Kendricks gave us a great deal of information about "Doc" as  he called him, mostly negative to say the least. We asked him if he knew where he was buried and told us he thought he had been buried in the Frances Cemetery with his parents. He gave us directions to the cemetery but I could never locate it.
     "In November, when we were in Buckhorn, I spent a good deal of time talking with the volunteer caretaker of the Buckhorn Cemetery, Ray Killen. His son was also killed in a terrible accident and was buried there. At one point I asked him if he had heard of the Frances Cemetery.  He said "sure, it's right across the road from my home".  He drove me to the site. The cemetery is about 40 yards from the road (Buckhorn Estates Rd.) on a small raised area in a thicket.  It is in terrible repair with most headstones flat on the ground.  I found no Cloud headstones (nor Frances) but the limestone used in those days didn't last long.  I didn't have any time to explore and look forward to returning to look more and probe the area. Ray mentioned that he would clear the brush when he got a chance.
     "By the way, Mr. Kendricks told us that he thought Elizebeth Cloud was a Frances.
     "Some other things he mentioned was that Doc had cousins named Tom, Alex, and Lou (fem) and that Lou married Tom Russ.  Her son, J.D. Russ lived in Temple.  Tom and Alex moved to Burnett Cty. He also said that his uncle Stonewall was married to a Lizzie Cloud ??
     "We also talked with Rufus Cloud, 94 years old, the son of Jake and Maria (pronounced Mariah) Cloud. She was a slave of Francis Cloud.  Mr. Cloud mostly confirmed what Mr. Kendricks had said about the Cloud-Frances connection and the burial at the Frances Cemetery.
     "Offered as just some more Jeremiah Maybes.



Gary Cloud <> wrote on Fri, 23 Apr 1999 22:10:47


     This is for the clue page.
     These items I found twenty or more years ago and probably didn't find time to follow through.
     The first Twiggs Clouds I found are in a small area that was once the 7th Military Dist. in Baldwin Co. on the Ocmulgee River in the northwest corner of Georgia.  In 1833, this section became a part of Bibb Co. There is no doubt that this was a part of Twiggs Co. because on the heading of the 1809 document it mentions: "7th Military District, Baldwin Co., now Twiggs Co.".  The only other source I have found that confirms the area being in Twiggs is the book "History of Twiggs Co. Georgia".  Here it is quite explicit.
     The documents list persons renting farm land in this area from the state.
     The 1809 list dated 10 Feb. has two Clouds (or could be the same one mentioned twice) with no first name. Farther down the list is William Cloud.
     The 1810 list, dated 19 Feb. has Henry Cloud as a rentor.
     William Cloud appears next in the first grand jury at the superior court in 1811. (Source: "The Story of Georgia and The Georgia People")
     In the 1818 Twiggs County Tax Digest are listed: Wm. Cloud, Jno. Cloud (Jones, Laurens, Wayne, Pulanski, Baldwin Co.), and Jas. Cloud. (source: "History of Twiggs County"; published by Maj. Gen. John Twiggs Chapter, DAR, Jeffersonville Ga.
     The Source for the last item is a deposit slip found at the bottom of a box with family files. I had written:

Twiggs Co. John Cloud-Seminole War in Capt. Hodges' Co., Ga Militia from Twiggs in 1817 for 3 mos. This John died Decator Ga. ca 24 Aug., 1842 - Wife Sarah (Bounty Land).

Have a nice weekend, Gary


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