Clouds in War of 1812

Robert McCann, 3-g grandson of Jeremiah Cloud through H.G.W. Cloud shared his research on Cloud men who served in the War of 1812.

Subject: 	[CLOUD-L] CLOUDs in War of 1812
Date: 	Sun, 24 Jan 1999 10:16:27 -0600 (CST)
From: 	Robert McCann <>

To all Cloud Researchers

This is a list of members of the Cloud family that seved in the war of
1812 and the states where they joined and who they served under

	Jesse  — 1st Regiment (Capt. DeLongs), Ohio Militia
	Robert — Captain Hooker's Company Calvery, Ohio Militia
	Thomas — Capt. Key's Regiment, Ohio Milita.

	Samuel G. — the 3rd Regiment (Capt. Allen's) Mounted Kentucky Volunteers.
	Samuel G. — 13th Regiment (Capt. Dudley's) Kentucky Militia.

	Isaac — 4th Regiment, Virginia Militia.
	Jeremiah — 56th Regiment, Virginia Militia.
	Jeremiah — 57th Regiment, Virginia Militia.
	Joseph —  4th Regiment, Virginia Militia.
	William — 1st Regiment (Capt. Taylor's) Virginia Militia.
	William — Capt. Bradleys Regiment, Virginia Militia.

	William — Capt. Sholt's Battalion, Indiana Militia.

	George — 3rd Regiment (Capt. LeFevre's) Pennsylvania Militia.

	Jeremiah — Captain Bradly's Company, N.C. Militia
	Jeremiah — 5th Regiment (Capt. Atkinson's) N.C. Militia.
	Joseph — 7th Regiment (Capt. Pearson's) N.C. Militia.

	James — Capt. Austin's Regiment, S.C. Militia.
	Jeremiah —  Capt.Austins Regiment, S.C. Militia.

	Benjamin —  Capt. Allison's Regiment, E. Tn Militia.
	Danial —  4th Regiment (Capt. Bayle's) E. Tn Militia.
	Isaac —  Capt. Bunch's Regiment, Mounted (1813-14) E. Tn volunteers.
	Isaac —  2nd Regiment (Capt. Lillard's) E. Tn volunteers.
	Jacob — 2nd Regiment (Capt. Lillard's) E. Tn. volunteers.
	John H.  — Capt. Dyer's Regiment, Calvery and Mounted Gunmen, Tn. volunteers.
	Joseph — Captain Bunch's Regiment (1814) E. Tn. Militia.
	Joseph —  Captain Clark's Battalion, E. Tn. Militia.
	Joseph — 2nd Regiment Mounted Gunmen (Capt. Brown's), E. Tn. volunteers.
	Joseph —  4th Regiment (Capt. Bayle's) E. Tn. Militia.
	William —  Captain Allison's Regiment, E. Tn. Militia.
	William — 2nd Regiment (Capt. Lillard's),E. Tn. volunteers.

	Joseph — Batt'n 7th Regiment (Capt. Perkin's), Ms. Militia.

	Jeremiah — 19th Regiment, La. Militia

Enjoy and have a nice day .
Lana and Bob McCann
Brownwood, TX
McCann GEN-

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Subject: 	CLOUD/McDADE war of 1812
Date: 	Mon, 25 Jan 1999 08:34:22 -0600 (CST)
From: 	Robert McCann <>
To: 	Tom Cloud


Since this info would only interest "our" branch of the CLOUD family, I
thought I would send it to you instead of the CLOUD-L.

	Alexander MCDADE,and Synn MCDADE--1st Regiment (Capt. Chambers) Ga. Militia
	Charles MCDADE and Thomas MCDADE--3rd Regiment (Capt. Few's) Ga. Militia
	William MCDADE,--Capt. Kamilton's Artillery Co., Ga. Militia.

	William MCDADE,--Capt. Atkinson's N.C. Militia

	John MCDADE,--3rd Regiment (Alston's) S.C. Militia

Have a nice day
Lana and Bob McCann
Brownwood, TX
McCann GEN-