Cloud Family Association

National Gathering – July 16-18, 2010

Registration Form

Site and


Best Western Charleston Downtown is the site of Cloud Family Gathering for 2010, located at 146 Lockwood Drive in Charleston, South Carolina.  It is only 5 Minutes from Historic Downtown Charleston and 15 Minutes to Folly Beach.  Toll Free: 877-721-4545 Phone: 843-722-4000.  When making reservations, be sure to mention you will be attending the Cloud Family Gathering.  CFG attendees will receive special rates of $89.99 + tax per night for Friday and Saturday and $74.99 + tax for Sunday thru Thursday.



Optional:  Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, July 14, 15 & 16

           Advance “De-Clouding” party – Contact Ray Shirley for more information


Friday, July 16


  7:30 pm   Pickup name tags and registration package

  8:00 pm   General Meeting and reception

Saturday, July 17


  9:30 am    CFA Business Meeting and Cloud DNA Project workshop

11:30 am    Luncheon Buffet – Speaker: Kyle Sinisi, Civil War period

  2:30 pm    Civil War Battlefield tour
  8:00 pm    General meeting and reception  Speaker: Cloud Creek Massacre


Sunday, July 18


  9:00 am   Historic Charleston Tour






Fill in the

                                                                                  Number attending


Appropriate fees



Adults attending all events                              ____________


@   $75.00




Adults attending meetings and luncheon         ____________


@   $40.00




Adults attending meetings only                       ____________


@   $25.00




Children attending all events                           ____________


@   $65.00




Children attending meetings and luncheon      ____________


@   $35.00



Children attending meetings only                    ____________


@   $15.00


For those accompanying meeting attendees but not attending the meetings



Luncheon only                                        _____________


@   $20.00




Sunday Tour only                                   _____________


@   $35.00





Total Registration Fees:





Please print names and home city for all attending (for name tags)
































Please return this completed form with your check                Linda Boose

made payable to Cloud Family Association to:                       508 Crestwood Drive

                                                                                                Eastland, TX  76448