The 2010 De-Clouding Exercise

Wednesday July 14 – Friday July 16, 2010


As is our usual practice, we plan to have our famous “de-Clouding” sessions to mine information on Clouds from libraries in both Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC.  CFA member Ray Shirley has previously done some of that, on a personal level, in those areas and will help guide the effort--he urges all who plan on attending the Gathering to allocate an additional day or two for that.  Those who have done this at previous Gatherings have really enjoyed it and helped to increase the amount of data in the Cloud Family Files.  Ray has this to say about it:

"All branches and members of the Cloud family tree are invited to assemble in Charleston, SC for the bi-annual Cloud Gathering.  It has been the practice during past Gatherings for several individuals to arrive two or three days before the scheduled meetings and do local Cloud genealogical research.

The largest depositories of information for genealogical research in the state of South Carolina are to be found in the Midlands in Columbia and in the Low Country in Charleston.  Two main depositories in Columbia are the South Carolina Department of Archives and History and the South Carolina Library on the campus of the University of South Carolina. Research centers in Charleston are the Charleston Library Society, the Huguenot Society of South Carolina and the South Carolina Historical Society.  It would be great if enough individuals would volunteer to help in “de-Clouding” records so that two groups could be organized--with one group researching in Columbia and the other group researching in Charleston.

If you are interested in participating in Cloud genealogical research a few days prior to the Cloud Gathering, please contact Ray Shirley by calling (865) 254-5928 or emailing Ray Shirley ."