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National Gathering – July 18-20, 2008

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Huntsville's Downtown Holiday Inn is the site of our 2008 Gathering.  It is conveniently located at the historic Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville. A block of rooms is reserved for our gathering with a special group rate of $80.00 (a $27 discount from lowest standard rates) for Friday and Saturday nights. For reservations call 1-800-HOLIDAY or (256) 533-1400. Be sure to mention you will be attending the Cloud Family Association Gathering. If they cannot make reservations as expected call the 256-533-1400 number during normal business hours and ask for "local reservations." Talk with Gennifer Gordon if available.

This is the same hotel  enjoyed by those attending the Gathering in July of 2000 when it was the the Hilton before getting a $6M refurbishment and a re-branding.  Free parking, complimentary airport shuttle, and complimentary local area shuttle. (Note for those with lots of Hilton Honors points to use: there is an Embassy Suites Hotel across the street.)
Pre-Event Options:

Thursday & Friday, July 16 -18 –  “De-Clouding”

Option 1. Research at Wallace State in Hanceville
Wallace State College is located in Hanceville, between Huntsville (60 mi.) and Birmingham (45 mi.). Its attraction is the large collection of research material collected here by Robert S. Davis Jr., noted author and our speaker for CFG 2008.
The Comfort Inn of Hanceville (rate, apx. $70 or $63 for AARP members; phone: 256-352-0151) is within walking distance of the library. Alternates are much further away. A day trip from Huntsville is a practical option for those with a vehicle, but it can be a  tiring commute.
Car-pooling can probably be arranged from either the Huntsville airport (served by American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, and USAir) or the Birmingham airport (served by Southwest Airlines, Delta, etc.)  to Hanceville on Wednesday, to Huntsville on Friday, and return to the airport Sunday. The Holiday Inn and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center offer complimentary shuttles to/from the Huntsville airport from their locations in Huntsville.
Option 2 - Research in Huntsville
The Heritage Room of the Huntsville/Madison County Public Library is considered (by Jan Cloud as well as many others) to be an excellent site for research. Its parking lot adjoins that of the Holiday Inn. Courthouse records for historic Madison County are here (not in the courthouse) and holdings represent the diverse interests of residents from many regions of the country. This is not the primary focus of the DeClouding effort this year only because it was harvested reasonably well for the CFA in 2000, and because the alternate resource in Hanceville deserves more attention.
Unfortunately, we did not expect a large group wanting to check into the Huntsville Holiday Inn before Friday evening and so "blocked" only a very few rooms for Wednesday and Thursday; and, they are gone. We also did not expect the hotel to get booked up (even at standard price) for the 16th and 17th by early June; but, that is what happened. At a substantially higher price a few premium rooms may be available at the Holiday Inn and suites are available  across the street at the Embassy Suites (1-800-EMBASSY). More economical rooms are available elsewhere in town ( for those with their own transportation. At last report there are still discounted rooms available at the Holiday Inn for Friday and Saturday nights (the 18th and 19th).
The individual researcher, particularly the first-time visitor to Huntsville, with his/her own vehicle may want to settle-in at a hotel in Huntsville and then make a day trip to Hanceville when/if material of interest in Huntsville is exhausted.



Friday, July 18

  7:30 pm   Pickup name tags and registration package

  8:00 pm   General Meeting

Saturday, July 19

  9:15 am   CFA Business Meeting

10:15 am   Briefing on the cloud Y-DNA Project

11:30 am    Luncheon - Speaker: Robert S. Davis Jr.
  1:00 p.m.  SE History Workshop -
Robert S. Davis Jr.
  3:00 p.m.  DNA Workshop - Tom Cloud

8:00  pm   Putting the Pieces Together  – Speaker: Jan Cloud

Sunday, July 20

  9:00 am   Car-pool tour of Old Huntsville,
                  Cloud Town, Cloud's Cove

 12:00 pm  Movie at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center
  1:00 pm   Continue Tour of USS&RC
(Lunch Available)

  5:00 pm   Depart USS&RC (or, as travel requires) 


 Please fill in numbers before "@" signs Myself Spouse Children
(6 to 12)
in household
Attending Meetings  ___ @ $15  ___@ $5  n/a  ___@$5  
Attending Luncheon ___ @ $20 ___@ $20 ___@ $10 ___@ $20  
Participating in Historical Tour ___ @ $0 ___ @ $0 ___ @ $0 ___ @ $0  
Visiting US Space & Rocket Center ___ @ $18* ___ @ $18* ___ @ $12 ___ @ $18*  
Discounted Total (Deduct $5 if registration mailed by 30 June 2008.)  
 * Group rate for movie and museum access. Is $24.95 if purchased individually (





**We will arrive early to participate in the Advance “De-Clouding” party





Please print names and home city for all attending (for name tags)























Please return this completed form with your check               Linda Boose

made payable to Cloud Family Association to:                      508 Crestwood Drive

                                                                                                Eastland, TX  76448


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