Cloud Family Gathering 2001 - SE

Macon Gathering 7/20-22/2001


Thanks to Marion Cloud and Glenda Manis for hosting the 24th annual Cloud Family Gathering in Macon, GA, over the traditional "third Saturday in July" weekend of 7/20/01 - 7/22/01. This was a regional gathering, planned at last year's annual meeting as one of several relatively small and informal gatherings during this year before the big meeting planned for Austin in 2002. This has maintained continuity of annual gatherings without regard for whether gatherings were held in other regions.

Although only seven members attended the gathering, these represented five states (GA, AL, FL, NV, and TX), four members of the CFA Board, and four yet-to-be-connected Cloud families. In attendance were Marion Cloud, Glenda Manis, Kris Moore, Patsy Farmer, Kenny Cloud, Joyce Cloud, and Cecil Stokes.

No Cloud Family Association business was conducted. The group met at Chili's Restaurant, the Comfort Inn (Riverside Drive), and the Washington Memorial Library at the corner of Washington and College in Macon. Other points of interest for some attendees were the Mercer College library and the Ocmulgee National Monument (on a site that was once a part of Twiggs County). All except Kenny and Joyce, who live nearby and trace their Cloud roots to the midwest, reported having dug up interesting information related to their Cloud research.

Photographs are included below.

--- C. Stokes 7/25/2001