Rebel Private: Front and Rear: Memoirs of a Confederate Soldier, by William A. Fletcher (1839-)  ISBN 0-452-01157-4
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This is a most enlightening book on the civil war.  It is written without prejudice or malice by a participant and witness.  William "Bill" Fletcher exhibits great skill both of observation and of being able to communicate what he witnessed.  It is an interesting yet easy read (even your kids can enjoy it).  I recommend it highly.  (ed)

W.A. Fletcher writes on page 3 "At Wiess Bluff, father found in old man Simon Wiess a well read and intelligent man, and one who reasoned the future as he did; but his moving ideas were somewhat different, as I have heard him remark to father that if he could sell out at not too great a loss he would move to the Republic of Mexico in order to keep his boys out of war.  While at Wiess Bluff, about the only mention of war I would hear was by father and Wiess."

Bill Fletcher was born in 1839 in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.  He was the son of Thomas Fletcher, born February 18, 1807 in Greenville county, North Carolina and Eliza Miller who was born April 9, 1815 near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Eliza died and Thomas Fletcher remarried Margaret Mouchet of St. Landry Parish in 1849.  Thomas and Margaret had three children -- half-siblings to Bill Fletcher.  They were Henry, Beatrice Vandalia and Alzenia Fletcher.

His father moved from Louisiana due to concerns about slavery and what he thought were impending problems because of it.  He moved his family to Wiess' Bluff in Texas in June of 1856.

He served on the first board of the Gulf, Beaumont and Great Northern Railroad (chartered 1898) with Nathaniel D. Silsbee of Boston, James Irvine of New York city; John H. Kirby of Houston; and fellow Jefferson county residents William Wiess, Mark Wiess, W. S. Davidson, William W. Wilson, and W. C. Averill.

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