A Time Line
Comparing the events in the lives of
Andre Massena,  Napoleon Bonaparteand Simon Wiess.
(Looking for any evidence that Simon Wiess may have met either of those men.)
1758 - BIRTH OF  Andre Massena.
1769 - BIRTH OF  Napoleon Bonaparte.
1795 - Napoleon  promoted to commander of the French and Italian armies.
1800 - BIRTH OF  Simon Wiess  in Poland.
1803 - France sold Louisiana to America.
1807 - Kingdom of Poland formed,  Massena  crowned as king.
1810 - Massena  drove the allies into the sea near Lubeck, Germany.
1812 - October, beginning of French army retreat from Moscow.
1814 - April,  Napoleon  abdicated.
1814 - May,  Napoleon  imprisoned on Elba.
1815 - February,  Napoleon  escaped from Elba.
1815 - June,  Napoleon’s  2ndand final abdication.
1815 - July through October,  Napoleon  bound for St. Helena.
1815 - October,  Napoleon  arrived at St. Helenain the South Atlantic.
1815/6 - approximate time  Simon Wiess  began his travels.
1817 - DEATH OF  Marshal Andre Massena  in France.
1821 - DEATH OF  Napoleon  on St. Helena.
1825 - Simon Wiess  was in Constantinople and Asia Minor.
1826  - February,  Simon  visited the Mt. Lebanon Lodge in Boston, Massachusetts.
1828  - August,  Simon  was in Santo Domingo.
1829  - June,  Simon  was in Georgetown, Demarara.
1833  - Simon  visited Texas.
1836  - January,  Simon  married Margaret Sturrock in Nachitoches, Louisiana.
 1836  - Simon  was Deputy Collector of Customs for the Republic of Texas at Camp Sabine
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