WIESS / STURROCK Family History

 Information about

Simon WIESS & Margaret STURROCK
and their descendants
(marriage bond between Simon Wiess & Robert Gellaghtly)

Family Picture Album.

Simon Wiess' Travels  ||  A Timeline

A Map of Simon's Travels

Simon Wiess'   last letter ?

Wiess family documents

Coffin-Wiess documents

Southwestern University
Honors Mrs. William Wiess (1937)

The WIESS  Family  Reunion held June 22, 2002

A Visit with Massena Wiess' great grandson and his wife,
Wesley Wiess Kyle Jr and Jackie Kyle.

Many thanks to Norman West for providing us the book

"The Story of Beaumont"

I have put it in web format.  Please check it out.  It is a great research book and has much information on the Wiess family and their home.

click below for a larger view of the Wiess Bluff historical marker

144 dpi image
(52 k)

300 dpi image
(157 k)

    Texas Historical Markers
    related to the WIESS family:

To find other Texas Historical Markers: http://atlas.thc.state.tx.us

See the Handbook of Texas Online --(type WIESS or STURROCK for the search)

The First to Arrive:  Early Settlers of Jasper County; Kirbyville Banner; November 3, 1971 by Mrs. Charles Martin -- posted by Regina Robicheaux-Mullen

William A. "Bill" Fletcher recounts his experiences at Wiess' Bluff prior to the Civil War in his book "Rebel Private: Front and Rear; Memoirs of a Confederate Soldier."

articles by Mr. William T. Block, East Texas Historian
(Note: the articles by Mr. Block are perhaps our best history, but there were so many that I placed them last.)

Harry Carrothers WIESS College at Rice University in Houston, Texas


This page is dedicated to descendants, relatives and friends of the Wiess family.  If you have anything you would like added, posted or changed, please contact me.

CAUTION:  These are FAMILY HISTORY and RESEARCH sites.  Certainly all the information they offer is done in good faith, but do not accept it as fact unless it is supported by sound evidence (look for references to sources noted in the data).
As with most research, at times some of the data is incorrect, misleading and/or incomplete and even some of what is "certain" may later be shown to be in error as more evidence surfaces.

Remember, there is no absolute certainty of anyone's lineage because of mistakes, lies and common practices like men taking their wive's surnames.  Mistakes were and are made in hospitals, clerks and priests have inadvertently written the wrong surnames in legal documents, children were adopted with no legal documents filed and the children never knowing they were adopted, secret affairs resulted in children with a different father than the one recorded, men accepted the children of women as their own without ever telling anyone, etc.  Not even DNA testing is 100% certain.  Family history is designed to give us a sense of our heritage and the struggles our forebears endured to make us what we are today

Use the information given here carefully, check the sources and verify -- and enjoy your family history adventure!

Descendants of Republic of Texas residents (1836-1845) qualify for membership in "Sons of the Republic of Texas," "Daughters of the Republic of Texas," and "Children of the Republic of Texas." Contact DRT Headquarters, 510 E. Anderson Lane, Austin TX 78752-1237. The Texas State Genealogical Society recently started an organization, "Texas First Families," in celebration of Texas' 150th anniversary as a state in the United States of America. To qualify, applicants must prove direct or collateral descent from an ancestor who settled in Texas before February 19, 1846. Contact Texas First Families Certificate, c/o Wanda L. Donaldson, 3219 Meadow Oaks Dr., Temple TX 76502-1752.  (This taken from the page by Cathy Wood Osborn at http://www.access-one.com/asvra/current.htm )




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