How to Export from Family Tree Maker

Export a subset of your FTM files by choosing the File menu:
File > Export File > Selected Individuals
From that window, - choose an individual and click Ancestors or Descendants
TIP:  Choosing the "top" of a line and selecting Descendants and then the "bottom" of the same line and selecting Ancestors will catch most of it -- though some may be excess and some of the collateral lines may be omitted.
After you choose everyone you want to export, - click OK and
.... the "Export Selected Individuals" window opens.
 - choose a folder so you can find the file after it's saved
 - choose a file name (rogers in the example below)
 - choose a file type (Family Tree Maker in the example below)
The next step is not essential, but it's good practice:
 Zip the file.  That makes is smaller (faster to send) and less prone to being corrupted during transmission.
Depending on what you have on your computer, you should be able to right-click on the file and choose to zip it.  In the example below, WinZip is installed on the computer ( ).  If you don't have WinZip, Windows XP has an option to allow zipping files.  There are also free zip utilities available. 7-zip is one ( and ALZIP is another ( )
Now, open the folder where you saved the exported data file.  Many email programs allow you to simply drag the file onto the email to attach it.  If not, you'll have to find the "attach" menu in your email program and then browse for the file and select it from there.  (This is usually under the "File" menu item.)
To email the attachment, prepare an email to me and select the zipped file as an attachment. Thank you for taking the time to help out with this.
Tom Cloud