Why use DNA to help in DNA Research
... or, what's wrong with the way we've always done it?
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Why you should seriously consider
using DNA to complement your research.
  • It can provide additional proof of your family lineage.
  • It can validate questionable portions of your research.
  • It can help you extend your knowledge of your family lineage further back in time.
  • It can eliminate unnecessary and fruitless research on unrelated lines.
  • It can save you money.
    • If the information saves you one trip out of town, it has paid for itself.
    • Knowing where NOT to research can save you time and money.
    • Compared to the costs of travel, lodging, meals, copying and other expenses associated with traditional research, a DNA test is a small but potentially invaluable resource.
  • DNA isn't subject to the errors so often encountered in traditional research -- it is a permanent record of your ancestors they have bequeathed to you, and no one can change or falsify it.
  • The additional proof offered by DNA can provide a level of confidence in your family history research that was previously unavailable.
The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION (CFA) is a registered non-profit corporation devoted to the collection and preservation of information about the various branches of the Cloud Family, past and present. The files of the Association are organized to provide a clearing house for Cloud information and a major goal is to encourage people to share their family information with the Association and with others interested in the family. The association publishes the CLOUD FAMILY JOURNAL (ISSN 0883-0940) quarterly to make this information, along with data from family sources and public documents, available to interested persons.
The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION -- Making friends, finding lost cousins, preserving our heritage.
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