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Most of our researchers either descend from the line of "William Cloud the immigrant" who came to America in 1682 or they are aware of him and believe they are his descendants.
We know little of William's ancestry.
We have several branches who cannot tie into the line of William. These are our dead-end or brick wall lineages.
Every line, even the line of William, is a dead-end or brick wall lineage, since they all stop at some unknown or unproven ancestor.
  Goal I - Our initial goal was to determine the DNA signature for William Cloud the immigrant. This signature is a first step in helping other lines tie into William's line. We needed tests from as many of his lines of descent as possible in order to establish this. This goal has been partially met -- but we still need more participants from other lines to help us improve the accuracy of this important benchmark.
  Goal II - The most important thing to most Project participants is to find a lost ancestor. DNA research requires that known lineages be compared to the unknown, so establishing the signature for William the immigrant (Goal I) was important.
  Goal III - We want to press back in time and learn about ever more distant ancestors. This will be accomplished as more people join the Project and our store of evidence (the DNA data) increases.
  Current Status -
  • The DNA evidence confirms that the lines of Joseph (1710 PA), Jeremiah (1784 GA), James (1797 PA), Jesse (1806 PA) and Thomas J. (1862 IN) are all descended from William the immigrant (see the Interpretation link).
    • The evidence shows that the line of Jeremiah Cloud (1784 GA) and that of Thomas J. Cloud (1862 IN) ties into the line of William the immigrant's grandson William. (see the Interpretation link).
    • The lines of Joseph (1710 PA) and James W. (1797 PA) appear to tie into the line of William's son Robert, but there isn't enough evidence to show for certain which of Robert's sons is their ancestor.
  • The evidence indicates that the line of William (1780 SC) may be distantly related to William the immigrant through one of his paternal ancestors. This line will benefit from additional participants which will help us reach into William the immigrant's ancestry.
  • The line of Isom (1779 NC) originated in the same part of Western Europe as the rest of our Project participants, but it is not related to the line of William the immigrant within any useful genealogical time frame (less than a thousand years or so).
  Where do we go from here?
  • We need to locate and recruit participants from other branches of the family of William the immigrant.
  • We need to locate and recruit participants from the family groups of William and Isom Cloud.
  • We need to expand our vision beyond the time frame of William the immigrant (early 17th century).
  • We need to recruit Cloud surnamed men from other parts of the world.
The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION (CFA) is a registered non-profit corporation devoted to the collection and preservation of information about the various branches of the Cloud Family, past and present. The files of the Association are organized to provide a clearing house for Cloud information and a major goal is to encourage people to share their family information with the Association and with others interested in the family. The association publishes the CLOUD FAMILY JOURNAL (ISSN 0883-0940) quarterly to make this information, along with data from family sources and public documents, available to interested persons.
The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION -- Making friends, finding lost cousins, preserving our heritage.
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