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Why do you need my pedigree information?
We're trying to determine how your line intersects with other lines. If you and your cousins were the only people having your DNA signature, it would make things a lot easier, but we all descend from the same ancient ancestors, and some of us have, over time, come to have the same DNA signatures even though we don't share a recent common ancestor. There are undoubtedly other people living today who have your same DNA signature -- there might even be hundreds or thousands of people with it.
We need other information to help us tie your line in with the other lines. For example, if a man named Bob Smith is a match to your DNA signature, the fact that he has a different surname means that match probably occurred randomly over thousands of years and you're not really related. But if you share the same surname, or if your ancestors lived at the same time and in the same place, or if your paternal ancestors' shared a convention of giving similar names to their children as another line you match, the odds you are related increase. Even if your line were the only one that had your DNA signature, we'd still need help from traditional sources as we work to sort out which branch you belong to.
The most basic piece of information we need is your pedigree. Once the DNA and your pedigree indicate the likelihood of a relationship, then you and other researchers can have a better idea of where to look for more information on your family ties.

How do I Submit my pedigree information?
The most preferred way is to export a gedcom file from your genealogy program and email it to the Administrator. If you don't use a genealogy program, a copy of a pedigree chart will work (please remember that the administrator has to enter all of your data). The Administrator can also take genealogy information in the native file formats from the following programs: Family Origins; FamilyTreeMaker, PAF and RootsMagic.
The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION (CFA) is a registered non-profit corporation devoted to the collection and preservation of information about the various branches of the Cloud Family, past and present. The files of the Association are organized to provide a clearing house for Cloud information and a major goal is to encourage people to share their family information with the Association and with others interested in the family. The association publishes the CLOUD FAMILY JOURNAL (ISSN 0883-0940) quarterly to make this information, along with data from family sources and public documents, available to interested persons.
The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION -- Making friends, finding lost cousins, preserving our heritage.
Please report problems or make suggestions to