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A proposal to use DNA to help solve some of the Cloud family ancestry mysteries was first proposed to the rootsweb Cloud surname email forum in October of 2002.  In early 2005, the project found a sponsor in the Cloud Family Association and it is committed to making the resource available to anyone descended from the Cloud family, whether they are a member of the Association or not.
The focus of this project is on the use of the Y-chromosome portion of the DNA. Please visit the information pages on this site to read about how DNA is used in genealogical research, the types of tests available and what can be expected from them.
Information on the Project and the use of DNA in genealogical research, as well as information on how to join, can be found by following the appropriate links.
The links on the left are:
  • Cloud DNA Home - This page.
  • Why DNA - Ways in which DNA can help genealogical research.
  • Goals - The reasons we're using this tool and what we expect from it.
  • Guidelines - The procedures used and how to participate.
  • FAQ - Answers to the most common questions about the use of DNA in genealogy.
  • DNA Basics - A brief introduction to DNA and how it is used in genealogy.
  • The DNA Lab - Information about the testing service that performs our DNA tests.
  • The DNA Test - How the DNA sample is taken and what is done with it.

  • We need You - Why we need you to join the Project.
  • Project Rules - The simple requirements for successful participation.
  • Registration - The Registration Form.
  • Submit Pedigree - Submit your Pedigree Information.

  • The Data - The current results from our Project.
  • Understanding - A guide to understanding the Project results.
  • Interpretation - Our best analysis of what the results mean.
  • Pedigree Chart - The lineages of our test participants.

  • Links - Interesting and informative web sites.
  • FTDNA Site Map - A useful guide to our testing company's web site.

  • Contact -- Email the Project Administrator with your questions.
  *(Anyone descended from the Cloud family can join the Project.  It is not restricted to Cloud Family Association members.  See "Project Rules" for eligibility.)

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The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION (CFA) is a registered non-profit corporation devoted to the collection and preservation of information about the various branches of the Cloud Family, past and present. The files of the Association are organized to provide a clearing house for Cloud information and a major goal is to encourage people to share their family information with the Association and with others interested in the family. The association publishes the CLOUD FAMILY JOURNAL (ISSN 0883-0940) quarterly to make this information, along with data from family sources and public documents, available to interested persons.
The CLOUD FAMILY ASSOCIATION -- Making friends, finding lost cousins, preserving our heritage.
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