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John Robert Seybold's store, 1890, Ardmore, Indian Territory

The city of Ardmore had only been established three years before John Robert "J.R." Seybold opened his store in 1890 and he died the next year in 1891.

The man sitting on the left has what looks like the handle of a satchel (maybe a sample case) in his right hand and it is resting on what is either a wide rocking chair or perhaps a baby crib. His hat is in his left hand.

The man in the middle is holding his hat in his right hand and some object in his left.

J.R. Seybold is on the right. His face was obliterated in the photograph. He is holding what could be eye glasses in his right hand, but it appears to be something larger. (The "X" above him was put there by Hazel Cloud Boynton Brown, his granddaughter, when she gave the picture to her nephew Tom Cloud.)

The top of the facade reads "MAY AD 1890" with "J. R. Seybold. General Merchandise" underneath. The sign on the left reads "Hand Goods Sold Here". The sign on the right reads "DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING AT COST.".

The sign on the store next door is obscured by a column. It appears to read "B. Goldsm..." and "Mfrs of Finn....". (A search for a B. Goldsmith in Indian Territory has not been fruitful.)

The shadow of the chimney on the store of B. Goldsmith indicates the sun is down to the left with its arc directly overhead. If it is morning, then left in the picture is east and the store is facing north, but if it is afternoon, then the store is facing south.

Ardmore, Indian Territory, began with a plowed ditch for a Main Street in the summer of 1887 in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation. It owes much of its existence to the construction of the Santa Fe Railroad through the area during that time. It grew, as most frontier towns grew, over the years into a trading outpost for the region. In 1894, notorious outlaw William M. Dalton (sic: his name was Mason Frakes Dalton) was gunned down by a posse as he tried to flee from his home in Ardmore. A large fire in 1895 destroyed much of the fledgling town, which forced residents to rebuild nearly the entire town. [Source: wikipedia: Ardmore, Oklahoma]

Owner/SourceTom Cloud
Linked toJohn Robert Seybold

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