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Washington county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Basye, George Washington  Jan 09, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I189230
2 Dikes, George Parker  Feb 21, 1847Washington county, Texas, USA I179978
3 Hairston, Carrie Clarinda  Jan 13, 1864Washington county, Texas, USA I209808
4 Hairston, James Jefferson  Nov 11, 1848Washington county, Texas, USA I209877
5 Hairston, Lovick Pierce  Jan 27, 1861Washington county, Texas, USA I111486
6 Hairston, Thomas Milton  Aug 18, 1852Washington county, Texas, USA I179959
7 Hall, Walter Clemons  Feb 10, 1857Washington county, Texas, USA I14185
8 Hardy, Louis Roger  Nov 30, 1887Washington county, Texas, USA I44598
9 LaRoque, Addie Lena  Mar 31, 1874Washington county, Texas, USA I188482
10 Lewis, Leona  Oct 12, 1892Washington county, Texas, USA I1366
11 McCaleb, Jo Ann  Oct 18, 1862Washington county, Texas, USA I209239
12 McDade, Alexander J.  1859Washington county, Texas, USA I170776
13 McDade, Margaret Martin  Feb 08, 1868Washington county, Texas, USA I170778
14 McDade, Robert Rivers  Apr 02, 1847Washington county, Texas, USA I171033
15 McDade, Thomas Bouldin  1866Washington county, Texas, USA I170777
16 Ranson, Henry Lee  Dec 29, 1865Washington county, Texas, USA I171241
17 Stovall, John T.  Jan 1851Washington county, Texas, USA I209864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, Thomas  Bef 1860Washington county, Texas, USA I55632
2 Bouldin, W. Graves  Sep 30, 1857Washington county, Texas, USA I171118
3 Hammond, Elizabeth Purnell  Aug 17, 1855Washington county, Texas, USA I171119
4 Kay, Carrie Louisa  Washington county, Texas, USA I171100
5 Kuykendall, Barzillai  Mar 23, 1873Washington county, Texas, USA I44259
6 Lakey, Lydia  Jan 1863Washington county, Texas, USA I45494
7 McDade, John Armstrong  Nov 28, 1857Washington county, Texas, USA I55692


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hairston, Amos Howard  Apr 03, 1847Washington county, Texas, USA I207219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Elcena \ Elzena L. "E.L."  Nov 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I1168
2 Cloud, Mary  Nov 29, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I156569
3 Cooper, Caroline Tennessee F.  Oct 28, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I55698
4 Gates, William P.  Nov 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I124
5 McDade, Alexander Jefferson  Oct 28, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I55693
6 McDade, Elizabeth  Oct 28, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I171031
7 McDade, James A.  Oct 28, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I171030
8 McDade, James Wilkins  Oct 28, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I55691
9 McDade, Robert Rivers  Oct 28, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I171033
10 McDade, William A.  Oct 28, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I171028
11 Pearson, Christoper Columbus  Nov 29, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I156568
12 Pearson, L.W.  Nov 29, 1850Washington county, Texas, USA I156570


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cloud / Cloyd  Jul 25, 1865Washington county, Texas, USA F282
2 Cloud / Ewing  Nov 25, 1860Washington county, Texas, USA F218
3 Cloud / Wood  May 02, 1838Washington county, Texas, USA F12029
4 Dikes / Perry  Oct 20, 1843Washington county, Texas, USA F52455
5 Hairston / Dykes  Oct 29, 1860Washington county, Texas, USA F36580
6 Hurdeman / McDade  Feb 08, 1842Washington county, Texas, USA F19659
7 McDade / Bouldin  Nov 22, 1858Washington county, Texas, USA F19663
8 McDade / Cooper  Mar 27, 1840Washington county, Texas, USA F19660
9 McDade / Cooper  Jul 30, 1846Washington county, Texas, USA F19661
10 Stephenson / Wood)  Dec 29, 1846Washington county, Texas, USA F46392
11 Washam / Hood  Jun 12, 1869Washington county, Texas, USA F47932