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Houston county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Alma  Abt 1915Houston county, Texas, USA I148359
2 Atkinson, Effie T.  Abt 1904Houston county, Texas, USA I148358
3 Atkinson, Elgin Lionel  Dec 28, 1932Houston county, Texas, USA I148346
4 Atkinson, Elza Raymond  Dec 28, 1908Houston county, Texas, USA I148248
5 Atkinson, Julius Lloyd  Abt 1908Houston county, Texas, USA I148247
6 Atkinson, Olivia Oma  Abt 1903Houston county, Texas, USA I148357
7 Atkinson, Versie Mae  Mar 26, 1911Houston county, Texas, USA I148249
8 Caraway, Roana Marilla  Apr 23, 1860Houston county, Texas, USA I209219
9 Cloud, Addie Lee  Jun 06, 1902Houston county, Texas, USA I68562
10 Cloud, Fannie Myrle  Nov 03, 1907Houston county, Texas, USA I68565
11 Cloud, Lillie B.  Jun 06, 1902Houston county, Texas, USA I68563
12 Cumming, Earline Christen  May 16, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I207493
13 Graham, Dreda Wynnell  Mar 19, 1928Houston county, Texas, USA I32940
14 Harrelson, Ora Bernice  Apr 09, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I148345
15 Hazlett, Gertrude Blanche  Nov 17, 1882Houston county, Texas, USA I98663
16 Johnson, Elmer Neil  Nov 17, 1931Houston county, Texas, USA I126102
17 Matthews, Brit Smith  Oct 26, 1895Houston county, Texas, USA I176031
18 Meriwether, Willie Gertrude  Dec 09, 1857Houston county, Texas, USA I136788
19 Rhoden, Charles Lloyd  May 25, 1937Houston county, Texas, USA I148251
20 Rhoden, Donald Gene  Jul 20, 1941Houston county, Texas, USA I148252
21 Rhoden, Mary Francis  Feb 25, 1945Houston county, Texas, USA I148253
22 Thomas, Caledonia  Abt 1860Houston county, Texas, USA I191987
23 Thomas, Jesse Bradford  Jan 22, 1872Houston county, Texas, USA I191993
24 Thomas, John  Abt 1864Houston county, Texas, USA I191990
25 Thomas, Louisiana  Jun 15, 1856Houston county, Texas, USA I192005
26 Thomas, Melissa  Abt 1866Houston county, Texas, USA I191991
27 Thomas, Minnie  Abt 1878Houston county, Texas, USA I191994
28 Thomas, Nancy  Abt 1868Houston county, Texas, USA I191992
29 Thomas, William  Abt 1858Houston county, Texas, USA I191986
30 Tyer, William Arthur  Aug 22, 1877Houston county, Texas, USA I191997
31 Varnon, Beven Wilburn  Oct 05, 1922Houston county, Texas, USA I163875
32 Whitaker, Amanda Ella  Oct 27, 1881Houston county, Texas, USA I199886
33 Whitaker, Iris Iona  May 23, 1894Houston county, Texas, USA I192008
34 Whitaker, Thomas Meredith  Sep 05, 1859Houston county, Texas, USA I192007


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Vallie Georgia  Feb 11, 1929Houston county, Texas, USA I75671
2 Dunlap, Ethalinda  Dec 18, 1876Houston county, Texas, USA I136792
3 Ener, Ima D.  Nov 22, 1976Houston county, Texas, USA I46625
4 Fuller, Cora Brown  May 27, 1940Houston county, Texas, USA I81333
5 Jolly, Mary Annie  Jul 10, 1904Houston county, Texas, USA I81331
6 Kleckley, James Clyde  Aug 14, 1949Houston county, Texas, USA I81332
7 Moore, Amanda Louisa  Jan 1905Houston county, Texas, USA I191978
8 Parker, Carrie Elizabeth  Apr 21, 1971Houston county, Texas, USA I192000
9 Sanders, Ollie Belva  Dec 04, 1982Houston county, Texas, USA I68208
10 Thomas, Georgiana  Apr 13, 1934Houston county, Texas, USA I191988
11 Thomas, John Edward  1891Houston county, Texas, USA I191977
12 Whitaker, Dan  Apr 07, 1932Houston county, Texas, USA I199881


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Alma  Jan 20, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I148359
2 Atkinson, Alma  Apr 09, 1930Houston county, Texas, USA I148359
3 Atkinson, Effie T.  Jan 20, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I148358
4 Atkinson, Elza Raymond  Jan 20, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I148248
5 Atkinson, Olivia Oma  Jan 20, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I148357
6 Atkinson, Versie Mae  Jan 20, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I148249
7 Atkinson, Versie Mae  Apr 09, 1930Houston county, Texas, USA I148249
8 Atkinson, William Lloyd  Jan 20, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I148246
9 Cloud, Addie Lee  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I68562
10 Cloud, Addie Lee  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68562
11 Cloud, Aline "Allie"  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68567
12 Cloud, Clay Collins  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I68558
13 Cloud, Clay Collins  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68558
14 Cloud, Claybion Foster  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68568
15 Cloud, Emery Earl  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I126091
16 Cloud, Emery Earl  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I126091
17 Cloud, Fannie Myrle  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I68565
18 Cloud, Fannie Myrle  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68565
19 Cloud, Lillie B.  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I68563
20 Cloud, Mary Sue  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I68564
21 Cloud, Mary Sue  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68564
22 Cloud, Robert L.  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68569
23 Cloud, William Robert "Will"  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I68557
24 Cloud, William Robert "Will"  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68557
25 Cox, Elizabeth Vianna  Apr 09, 1930Houston county, Texas, USA I148245
26 King, Lessie C.  May 10, 1910Houston county, Texas, USA I68561
27 King, Lessie C.  Jan 12, 1920Houston county, Texas, USA I68561
28 Varnon, Beven Wilburn  Apr 09, 1930Houston county, Texas, USA I163875
29 Varnon, Charlie B.  Apr 09, 1930Houston county, Texas, USA I163874
30 Varnon, Nathan P.  Apr 09, 1930Houston county, Texas, USA I163876


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cloud / Sanders  Apr 08, 1917Houston county, Texas, USA F23262

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