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Denton county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bothwell, Richard Lee  Jan 23, 1956Denton county, Texas, USA I171833
2 Cloud, Alvy Orian  Aug 20, 1898Denton county, Texas, USA I74249
3 Cloud, Inez Yvonne "Bobbie"  Feb 16, 1932Denton county, Texas, USA I55818
4 Cloud, William Bryant  Dec 11, 1950Denton county, Texas, USA I55919
5 Cocke, Banna Mae  Dec 08, 1897Denton county, Texas, USA I190372
6 Foster, Samuel  Nov 14, 1877Denton county, Texas, USA I159450
7 Graham, Allen  Feb 11, 1869Denton county, Texas, USA I77834
8 Jones, Avis Fay  Dec 01, 1902Denton county, Texas, USA I74565
9 Jones, Bobbie  Sep 1899Denton county, Texas, USA I181479
10 Jones, David Lee  Dec 21, 1863Denton county, Texas, USA I74556
11 Jones, Eshera  Abt 1856Denton county, Texas, USA I181480
12 Jones, Esther Belle  Apr 13, 1896Denton county, Texas, USA I74562
13 Jones, Fannie  May 1897Denton county, Texas, USA I181478
14 Jones, Grady Riley  Sep 28, 1892Denton county, Texas, USA I74561
15 Jones, Hollie Golden  Oct 06, 1899Denton county, Texas, USA I74564
16 Jones, Homer  Feb 1896Denton county, Texas, USA I181477
17 Jones, John  Abt 1860Denton county, Texas, USA I181481
18 Jones, Kate Elmira  Oct 05, 1890Denton county, Texas, USA I74560
19 Jones, Maggie May  Mar 26, 1883Denton county, Texas, USA I74557
20 Jones, Mattie Ann  Jan 15, 1885Denton county, Texas, USA I74558
21 Jones, Nugent  Sep 1892Denton county, Texas, USA I181476
22 Jones, Oliver Frederick  Oct 01, 1887Denton county, Texas, USA I74559
23 Jones, Thomas Roy  Jun 03, 1897Denton county, Texas, USA I74563
24 Lasater, Barney Allen  Abt 1901Denton county, Texas, USA I76424
25 Lasater, Lee  Feb 02, 1899Denton county, Texas, USA I197561
26 Lisenbee, John Montgomery  Mar 28, 1867Denton county, Texas, USA I117222
27 Lisenbee, William Frederick  Oct 11, 1873Denton county, Texas, USA I117227
28 McCall, Genie Frances  Nov 13, 1901Denton county, Texas, USA I129347
29 Millan, Kimberly Sybil  Dec 04, 1967Denton county, Texas, USA I15508
30 Reynolds, George Quincy  Jun 21, 1877Denton county, Texas, USA I117468
31 Smothermon, Martha Lou  Aug 18, 1931Denton county, Texas, USA I84844
32 Walker, Grace M.  Feb 1889Denton county, Texas, USA I78000
33 Walker, Ivy S.  Mar 1891Denton county, Texas, USA I78002
34 Walker, Mrytle Ann  Mar 1883Denton county, Texas, USA I77997
35 Walker, Thomas L.  Aug 1885Denton county, Texas, USA I77999


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Alvy Orian  Oct 10, 1898Denton county, Texas, USA I74249
2 Cloud, Claybion Foster Jr.  Jul 21, 2008Denton county, Texas, USA I126099
3 Cloud, John Worth  Apr 16, 1990Denton county, Texas, USA I76915
4 Cloud, Robert Susan  Mar 31, 1941Denton county, Texas, USA I74531
5 Couch, Rosa Lee  Dec 10, 1901Denton county, Texas, USA I129242
6 Jones, David Lee  Oct 09, 1934Denton county, Texas, USA I74556
7 Jones, Esther Belle  Jul 05, 1896Denton county, Texas, USA I74562
8 Jones, Grady Riley  Nov 04, 1893Denton county, Texas, USA I74561
9 Jones, Kate Elmira  Mar 21, 1891Denton county, Texas, USA I74560
10 Keith, Oliver Wendell Jr.  Apr 19, 1962Denton county, Texas, USA I55028
11 Simpson, Nancy Ann  Jan 31, 1906Denton county, Texas, USA I52247
12 Whittington, Floyd Lee  Feb 1967Denton county, Texas, USA I16918
13 Whittington), Julia (Mrs. Floyd  Mar 19, 1990Denton county, Texas, USA I126168


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (__), Frances C.  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163235
2 Cloud, Genie Merrell  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I129718
3 Cloud, Robert Susan  Jun 15, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I74531
4 Jones, David Lee  Jun 15, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I74556
5 Jones, Oliver Frederick  Jun 15, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I74559
6 Jones, Thomas Roy  Jun 15, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I74563
7 Oakley, C.A.  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163236
8 Oakley, F.N.  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163238
9 Oakley, Hugh Ellis  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163237
10 Oakley, J.W.  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163239
11 Oakley, Joe Warner  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163240
12 Oakley, Mary  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163241
13 Oakley, Mattie  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163233
14 Oakley, William T.  Jun 08, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I163234
15 Simpson, Nancy Ann  Jun 15, 1900Denton county, Texas, USA I52247


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Darnell / Collins  Dec 29, 1902Denton county, Texas, USA F70983
2 Gaines / Short  Feb 21, 1875Denton county, Texas, USA F37276
3 Jones / Robison  Oct 1908Denton county, Texas, USA F25444
4 Walker / Cloud  Mar 08, 1877Denton county, Texas, USA F24445
5 Wilson / Murray  Sep 06, 1883Denton county, Texas, USA F62654

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