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Dallas county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ansley, Sarah Jo  Nov 03, 1926Dallas county, Texas, USA I135065
2 Avery, Laurel Rhea  Dec 06, 1969Dallas county, Texas, USA I66319
3 Barnett, Juanita Elaine  Jun 08, 1965Dallas county, Texas, USA I178842
4 Bloom, Charles Lynn  Sep 28, 1940Dallas county, Texas, USA I174365
5 Bloom, James Arthur Jr.  Jun 16, 1932Dallas county, Texas, USA I174362
6 Bloom, Miles Lloyd  Mar 20, 1935Dallas county, Texas, USA I174367
7 Bradley, Glenna Kaye  Mar 11, 1960Dallas county, Texas, USA I162626
8 Brawner, Ima Lee  Jul 09, 1917Dallas county, Texas, USA I40138
9 Brawner, Robert Clifton  Nov 09, 1909Dallas county, Texas, USA I40172
10 Brown, Ira Cleatus  Dec 21, 1910Dallas county, Texas, USA I23866
11 Cloud, Bennie A.  1867Dallas county, Texas, USA I67230
12 Cloud, Cloyse Edwin  Sep 18, 1933Dallas county, Texas, USA I73744
13 Cloud, Elwatha Baxter  Jul 24, 1947Dallas county, Texas, USA I167343
14 Cloud, Helen Eugenia "Nellie"  May 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67235
15 Cloud, John  1875Dallas county, Texas, USA I67233
16 Cloud, Marsha Ann  Feb 21, 1958Dallas county, Texas, USA I77541
17 Cloud, Munroe Daniel  Jan 20, 1970Dallas county, Texas, USA I155868
18 Cloud, Robert Lee Jr.  Mar 10, 1943Dallas county, Texas, USA I55926
19 Cloud, Timothy Jonathan  Nov 22, 1966Dallas county, Texas, USA I129821
20 Corbin, James Kirkwood  Sep 17, 1942Dallas county, Texas, USA I180861
21 Corbin, Oscar Marvin  Feb 23, 1918Dallas county, Texas, USA I180860
22 Cox, Issac Howard  Sep 09, 1882Dallas county, Texas, USA I173642
23 Crow, Jeremiah Pierce  Mar 1850Dallas county, Texas, USA I136107
24 Crumpton, John David  Nov 20, 1966Dallas county, Texas, USA I153832
25 Crumpton, Kevin Brian  Jan 11, 1972Dallas county, Texas, USA I153824
26 Crumpton, Randall Brent  Dec 31, 1955Dallas county, Texas, USA I153826
27 Day, George Royce  Jul 12, 1935Dallas county, Texas, USA I81194
28 Day, Melvin Douglas  Jun 13, 1940Dallas county, Texas, USA I81195
29 Day, Richard Michael  Feb 15, 1942Dallas county, Texas, USA I172442
30 Duncan, Harold Andrew  Jul 14, 1968Dallas county, Texas, USA I184097
31 Durham, Frances Diane  27 NovDallas county, Texas, USA I32933
32 Futch, Freddie Ray  Jun 14, 1934Dallas county, Texas, USA I22831
33 Harry, Jessie Williams  Dec 08, 1892Dallas county, Texas, USA I173652
34 Hendricks, Mamie Elizabeth  Sep 03, 1891Dallas county, Texas, USA I160285
35 Hogg, Eva Ruth  Abt 1918Dallas county, Texas, USA I173651
36 Ingram, Patricia Ann  Jul 21, 1935Dallas county, Texas, USA I181850
37 Keith, Donald McDade  Jun 13, 1929Dallas county, Texas, USA I170966
38 Lane, Edgar T.  May 1899Dallas county, Texas, USA I133059
39 Lisenbee, Joe Orwell  Jan 01, 1934Dallas county, Texas, USA I117459
40 Maxey, Janet Lee  Oct 30, 1958Dallas county, Texas, USA I183524
41 McAlister, Doris Maurine  May 22, 1915Dallas county, Texas, USA I160287
42 McCain, Cynthia Lynn  Oct 23, 1953Dallas county, Texas, USA I155462
43 McDade, Martha Clara  Sep 05, 1918Dallas county, Texas, USA I171012
44 McFarland, Carolyn Faye  Jan 02, 1945Dallas county, Texas, USA I56380
45 Nabors, Karen Kay  Dec 11, 1960Dallas county, Texas, USA I167485
46 Paschall, Diwana Kaye  Aug 09, 1939Dallas county, Texas, USA I162624
47 Posey, John Manford Jr.  Aug 26, 1925Dallas county, Texas, USA I174130
48 Pouncey, Temple Cone Jr.  Jun 30, 1943Dallas county, Texas, USA I135740
49 Pratt, Shirley Ann  Mar 20, 1940Dallas county, Texas, USA I32797
50 Ridley, Marie P.  Abt Jun 1919Dallas county, Texas, USA I184765

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Allie D.  Jun 05, 1925Dallas county, Texas, USA I196005
2 Bertrand, Larue Louise  Nov 16, 1990Dallas county, Texas, USA I184166
3 Bloom, James Arthur  Apr 09, 1961Dallas county, Texas, USA I174361
4 Brawner, Robert Clifton  Abt 1910Dallas county, Texas, USA I40172
5 Brewer, Eleanora Feriba  Dec 06, 1930Dallas county, Texas, USA I173632
6 Bright, Willie Wayde  Mar 06, 1992Dallas county, Texas, USA I73743
7 Brunner, Oliver Dale  Mar 18, 1958Dallas county, Texas, USA I206855
8 Chasteen, Matilda  Nov 30, 1881Dallas county, Texas, USA I173596
9 Cloud, Cloyse Edwin "Jelly"  Nov 11, 1972Dallas county, Texas, USA I73740
10 Cloud, Henry Mosely  Jan 09, 1994Dallas county, Texas, USA I76167
11 Cloud, June Evelyn  May 12, 1996Dallas county, Texas, USA I76926
12 Cloud, Nila Louise  Dec 28, 1888Dallas county, Texas, USA I128563
13 Couch, Mary May  Apr 04, 1936Dallas county, Texas, USA I195880
14 Crumpton, John Pershing  Mar 03, 1992Dallas county, Texas, USA I153820
15 Davis, Ola Isabella  Dec 30, 1948Dallas county, Texas, USA I186670
16 Day, Cedric Hoten  Feb 03, 1991Dallas county, Texas, USA I200883
17 Edwards, Fern Juanita  Oct 29, 1944Dallas county, Texas, USA I173658
18 Futch, Isham L. "Ike"  Sep 24, 1954Dallas county, Texas, USA I22774
19 Harbin, Roy Taft  Nov 28, 1967Dallas county, Texas, USA I117276
20 Hargraves, Johnny Mayo  Jan 11, 1997Dallas county, Texas, USA I56666
21 Harry, James Martin  Aug 28, 1903Dallas county, Texas, USA I173598
22 Harry, Jessie Williams  Jul 08, 1963Dallas county, Texas, USA I173652
23 Harry, John David  Nov 19, 1887Dallas county, Texas, USA I173624
24 Hooks, Colon Lem  Jan 30, 1990Dallas county, Texas, USA I5117
25 Jett, Bessie May "Bess"  Jan 02, 1982Dallas county, Texas, USA I48584
26 Knight, George Ellis  Nov 20, 1966Dallas county, Texas, USA I125496
27 Lankford, Buna  Jan 01, 1971Dallas county, Texas, USA I166039
28 Lees, Ellen  Apr 29, 1986Dallas county, Texas, USA I174327
29 Locke, Eugene Murphy  Apr 28, 1972Dallas county, Texas, USA I128557
30 McCain, James Kenneth  Feb 04, 1994Dallas county, Texas, USA I155505
31 McCarley, Julia A.  Jan 28, 1931Dallas county, Texas, USA I184759
32 McFarland, Niz Bernell  Oct 02, 1988Dallas county, Texas, USA I50609
33 McGugan, Carl Eugene  Jun 24, 1961Dallas county, Texas, USA I194668
34 McIntosh, John Edward  Sep 20, 1944Dallas county, Texas, USA I184899
35 Murphree, Kirkpatrick P.  Mar 07, 1943Dallas county, Texas, USA I199320
36 Nelson, Henry Wilson "Teddie"  Aug 07, 1971Dallas county, Texas, USA I131790
37 Odom, Lyel Belle  Mar 29, 1973Dallas county, Texas, USA I150013
38 Osborne, Robert Ashley  1959Dallas county, Texas, USA I160323
39 Paschall, Olen Roger  Apr 06, 1960Dallas county, Texas, USA I162623
40 Perry, James Herbert  May 29, 1990Dallas county, Texas, USA I80151
41 Ruprecht, Gladden Maryland  Jun 11, 1986Dallas county, Texas, USA I163982
42 Santry, Israel Wootan Jr.  Dec 17, 1997Dallas county, Texas, USA I209099
43 Shannon, Travis Donald  Aug 16, 1993Dallas county, Texas, USA I24953
44 Sides, Gordon Elmo (Staggs)  Jun 04, 1994Dallas county, Texas, USA I81186
45 Sirkel, Alfred Lee Jr.  May 1980Dallas county, Texas, USA I155419
46 Sorrells, William Thomas  Aug 28, 1943Dallas county, Texas, USA I195883
47 Thompson, Mary Elizabeth  Jul 24, 1951Dallas county, Texas, USA I173631
48 Trotti, Bernis Charles  Jan 01, 1966Dallas county, Texas, USA I26357
49 Waite, John F.  Sep 22, 1998Dallas county, Texas, USA I172440
50 Wick, Margaret (Sarah) Louise  Nov 26, 1991Dallas county, Texas, USA I31875

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 Lathrop, Edward Leighton (Sweat)  Abt 1945Dallas county, Texas, USA I179577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Dr. Benjamin Franklin  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67221
2 Cloud, Bennie A.  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67230
3 Cloud, Charles George  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I73380
4 Cloud, Helen Eugenia "Nellie"  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67235
5 Cloud, John  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67233
6 Cloud, Olivia  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67232
7 Cloud, William Lee "Will"  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67234
8 Elliott, Furney Zac  1910Dallas county, Texas, USA I171246
9 Hendricks, Leander Y.  Jun 02, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I160284
10 Johnson, Ruth  Jan 31, 1920Dallas county, Texas, USA I174336
11 Lane, Edgar T.  Jun 15, 1900Dallas county, Texas, USA I133059
12 Lane, Luther Baxter "L.B."  Jun 15, 1900Dallas county, Texas, USA I129541
13 Lees, George  Jan 31, 1920Dallas county, Texas, USA I174334
14 Manning, Nannie Lee  1910Dallas county, Texas, USA I171212
15 McGaffey, Alvin  Apr 22, 1930Dallas county, Texas, USA I125748
16 McGaffey, C.J.(?)  Apr 22, 1930Dallas county, Texas, USA I125750
17 McGaffey, Howard  Apr 22, 1930Dallas county, Texas, USA I125749
18 McGaffey, Increase Tillman  Apr 22, 1930Dallas county, Texas, USA I57909
19 McGaffey, Raymond  Apr 18, 1930Dallas county, Texas, USA I125719
20 McGaffey), Lola (Mrs. Alvin  Apr 22, 1930Dallas county, Texas, USA I125751
21 Mewshaw, Mary M.  Jun 29, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I67227
22 Self, Isaac  Aug 08, 1870Dallas county, Texas, USA I169354
23 Self, Margaret P.  Aug 08, 1870Dallas county, Texas, USA I169361
24 Smith, Elizabeth  Jun 02, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA I162641
25 Whittington, Lula Belle  Jun 15, 1900Dallas county, Texas, USA I129536


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cloud / (__)  Jul 23, 1880Dallas county, Texas, USA F60899
2 Cloud / McCleskey  1900Dallas county, Texas, USA F25137
3 Cloud / Mewshaw  Sep 04, 1879Dallas county, Texas, USA F22874
4 Cook / Sorrels  Apr 30, 1921Dallas county, Texas, USA F49313
5 Cox / Kemp  Jun 21, 1866Dallas county, Texas, USA F70910
6 Hawkins / Cloud  Sep 03, 1976Dallas county, Texas, USA F19763
7 Hendricks / Smith  Jul 30, 1879Dallas county, Texas, USA F52703
8 Hobbs / Cloud  Aug 18, 1874Dallas county, Texas, USA F22876
9 Jones / Collins  Jun 08, 1951Dallas county, Texas, USA F3645
10 Taylor / Smart  Jun 06, 1987Dallas county, Texas, USA F66328
11 Whittington / King  Abt 1895Dallas county, Texas, USA F42072
12 York / Whittington  May 01, 1971Dallas county, Texas, USA F28569


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Boyd / Morris  Feb 10, 1977Dallas county, Texas, USA F12993

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