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Burnet county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Willie Ann  Jan 22, 1854Burnet county, Texas, USA I204237
2 Ayers, Leta Dell  Sep 21, 1933Burnet county, Texas, USA I189550
3 Birdwell, James Arthur  Sep 11, 1896Burnet county, Texas, USA I202694
4 Cloud, Charles Kelse  Oct 15, 1933Burnet county, Texas, USA I54520
5 Cloud, Eva Armstrong  Jun 02, 1901Burnet county, Texas, USA I4279
6 Cloud, Inez Gladys  Mar 11, 1906Burnet county, Texas, USA I4281
7 Cloud, Lena Elizabeth  Dec 11, 1891Burnet county, Texas, USA I1125
8 Cloud, Lillian Kathryn  Oct 04, 1938Burnet county, Texas, USA I54521
9 Cloud, Mimi Ruth  Dec 02, 1925Burnet county, Texas, USA I54519
10 Cloud, Myrtle Beatrice  Mar 08, 1903Burnet county, Texas, USA I4280
11 Cloud, Nelda  Abt 1924Burnet county, Texas, USA I54518
12 Corker, Eliza Mary  Mar 15, 1890Burnet county, Texas, USA I126512
13 Cunningham, Martha Avril  May 02, 1900Burnet county, Texas, USA I119779
14 Evans, Minnie  Jun 05, 1866Burnet county, Texas, USA I44503
15 Farris, Archie Teleafous  Jun 26, 1892Burnet county, Texas, USA I150072
16 Farris, Hallie Fae  May 08, 1896Burnet county, Texas, USA I150074
17 Farris, Ruth Isabell  Feb 06, 1894Burnet county, Texas, USA I150073
18 Glimp, Belva Inez  Mar 01, 1891Burnet county, Texas, USA I105072
19 Grizzle, Martha Jo  Nov 24, 1931Burnet county, Texas, USA I193404
20 Hammond, Elza Hardin  Apr 28, 1890Burnet county, Texas, USA I104574
21 Hammond, George B.  Mar 05, 1898Burnet county, Texas, USA I99467
22 Hammond, Ida May  Nov 19, 1881Burnet county, Texas, USA I104568
23 Hammond, infant  Jan 31, 1930Burnet county, Texas, USA I104578
24 Hammond, Joseph  Oct 24, 1880Burnet county, Texas, USA I104572
25 Hammond, Wade Hamilton  Sep 15, 1893Burnet county, Texas, USA I104575
26 Hammond, Walter  Jan 1885Burnet county, Texas, USA I104573
27 Henry, Emma Ophelia  Apr 22, 1883Burnet county, Texas, USA I45313
28 Henry, Lorene  Nov 04, 1920Burnet county, Texas, USA I44842
29 Henry, Will Ray  Oct 16, 1921Burnet county, Texas, USA I44843
30 Ivey, Earl Oscar  Aug 16, 1888Burnet county, Texas, USA I103490
31 Ivey, Homer Edgar  Dec 19, 1901Burnet county, Texas, USA I103489
32 Jackson, Iva Louise  Nov 27, 1903Burnet county, Texas, USA I44686
33 Jackson, J. Raymond  Aug 09, 1890Burnet county, Texas, USA I44840
34 Jackson, Mary M.  Abt 1861Burnet county, Texas, USA I44501
35 Jones, Orrelia FeDora  Jan 17, 1879Burnet county, Texas, USA I44765
36 Keneson, James William II  Dec 28, 1885Burnet county, Texas, USA I104531
37 King, Ben L.  Mar 20, 1880Burnet county, Texas, USA I42563
38 King, Clarabel  Jul 04, 1888Burnet county, Texas, USA I42566
39 King, Delilah "Lila"  Jul 25, 1883Burnet county, Texas, USA I42564
40 King, Grace  Nov 06, 1890Burnet county, Texas, USA I42567
41 King, Lillie Rose "Lil"  Jan 04, 1886Burnet county, Texas, USA I42565
42 King, Tecumseh "Nick"  Dec 13, 1879Burnet county, Texas, USA I42562
43 King, Watkins  Feb 04, 1878Burnet county, Texas, USA I42561
44 Lacy, Adelia T.  1908Burnet county, Texas, USA I104425
45 Lacy, Arter  1872Burnet county, Texas, USA I104491
46 Lacy, Flora Sunshine  Sep 23, 1895Burnet county, Texas, USA I104423
47 Lacy, Frank M.  May 1890Burnet county, Texas, USA I104416
48 Lacy, James Hampton  Mar 07, 1893Burnet county, Texas, USA I104555
49 Lacy, Jennie  1865Burnet county, Texas, USA I104403
50 Lacy, John E.  1876Burnet county, Texas, USA I104487

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), A.  Aug 03, 1907Burnet county, Texas, USA I104580
2 (__), Elizabeth A.  May 12, 1861Burnet county, Texas, USA I104482
3 Alexander, Charles Albert Jr.  Jun 10, 1950Burnet county, Texas, USA I196871
4 Andrews, James A.  Jan 05, 1895Burnet county, Texas, USA I103266
5 Boyce, Albert G.  Jun 05, 1871Burnet county, Texas, USA I105064
6 Boyce, Henry W.  Nov 22, 1906Burnet county, Texas, USA I105063
7 Boyce, James Orville  Jun 06, 1906Burnet county, Texas, USA I105061
8 Boyce, Malinda G.  Aug 03, 1879Burnet county, Texas, USA I105060
9 Cloud, Albert Robert  Oct 13, 1998Burnet county, Texas, USA I48
10 Cloud, Erin Maude  Dec 06, 1977Burnet county, Texas, USA I66344
11 Cloud, George Augustus  Apr 03, 1937Burnet county, Texas, USA I56778
12 Cloud, infant dau  Mar 04, 1893Burnet county, Texas, USA I81313
13 Cloud, Laura Ethel  Jun 12, 1898Burnet county, Texas, USA I81279
14 Collins, Willmer Johnny  Feb 09, 1993Burnet county, Texas, USA I80871
15 Farquhar, Mary Ann  Nov 22, 1911Burnet county, Texas, USA I203841
16 Faulkner, Ruby Earline  Sep 19, 2002Burnet county, Texas, USA I172697
17 Gage, Ola Floy  Nov 23, 1994Burnet county, Texas, USA I80872
18 Hammond, Clarence J.  Nov 04, 1914Burnet county, Texas, USA I104567
19 Hammond, George B.  Jun 21, 1960Burnet county, Texas, USA I99467
20 Hammond, infant  Jan 31, 1930Burnet county, Texas, USA I104578
21 Hammond, Solon James  Jul 18, 1919Burnet county, Texas, USA I104571
22 Hammond, Wade Hamilton  May 24, 1931Burnet county, Texas, USA I104575
23 Henry, Aurelia FeDora  Dec 06, 1890Burnet county, Texas, USA I44474
24 King, Clarabel  Oct 26, 1952Burnet county, Texas, USA I42566
25 King, Eva  Nov 06, 1952Burnet county, Texas, USA I42560
26 Lacy, Robert Lee  Mar 16, 1935Burnet county, Texas, USA I104407
27 Lee, Armor Iona  Jun 24, 1955Burnet county, Texas, USA I202698
28 Locklear, Sidney Saling  Aft 1900Burnet county, Texas, USA I146308
29 McDade, Thomas Bouldin III  Jul 06, 1998Burnet county, Texas, USA I171013
30 Miles, Susan Matilda "Susie"  Apr 01, 1918Burnet county, Texas, USA I42558
31 Neville, Minerva Elizor  Apr 10, 1899Burnet county, Texas, USA I94872
32 Newton, Asa Bishop  Feb 14, 1898Burnet county, Texas, USA I203840
33 Newton, Grace Elizabeth  Oct 15, 1950Burnet county, Texas, USA I104576
34 Norfleet, David  1868Burnet county, Texas, USA I157183
35 Perkins, Lemuel Pruitt Jr.  Jan 14, 1960Burnet county, Texas, USA I1129
36 Seale, Eva Lena  Feb 18, 1930Burnet county, Texas, USA I103474
37 Smithart, Mirah A. A.  Apr 16, 1904Burnet county, Texas, USA I146317
38 Whitman, Lucinda  May 05, 1884Burnet county, Texas, USA I102451
39 Zimmerman, Winfred Lee  Jan 19, 1969Burnet county, Texas, USA I150165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Sarah Elizabeth  Burnet county, Texas, USA I56295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Henry, Joseph Francis "Joe"  1880Burnet county, Texas, USA I44476
2 Lewis, Henry Edward  Mar 05, 1920Burnet county, Texas, USA I146326
3 Lewis, Henry Washington  Mar 05, 1920Burnet county, Texas, USA I126743
4 Lewis, Louise Elizabeth  Mar 05, 1920Burnet county, Texas, USA I146324
5 Martin, Mary Alice  Mar 05, 1920Burnet county, Texas, USA I126744


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hammond / O'Hair  Apr 14, 1923Burnet county, Texas, USA F34096
2 Henry / Brownrigg  Sep 03, 1884Burnet county, Texas, USA F15930
3 Henry / Evans  Nov 01, 1883Burnet county, Texas, USA F15955
4 Henry / Jackson  Aug 06, 1876Burnet county, Texas, USA F15953
5 Henry / Jackson  Jul 03, 1925Burnet county, Texas, USA F16030
6 Henry / Stinnet  Dec 23, 1888Burnet county, Texas, USA F15956
7 Lacy / Daugherty  Nov 27, 1895Burnet county, Texas, USA F34736
8 Lacy / Noble  Jun 05, 1892Burnet county, Texas, USA F34730
9 Lacy / Swoape  Jun 26, 1889Burnet county, Texas, USA F34632
10 Lacy / Tate  Feb 27, 1866Burnet county, Texas, USA F33763
11 Lewis / Queen  Dec 25, 1884Burnet county, Texas, USA F48021
12 Lewis / Smithart  Feb 12, 1863Burnet county, Texas, USA F48023
13 Norfleet / Thomas  Abt 1858Burnet county, Texas, USA F51698
14 Prentis / Boyce  1873Burnet county, Texas, USA F34852
15 Reed / King  Nov 15, 1903Burnet county, Texas, USA F15203
16 Solomon / Lacy  Jul 19, 1877Burnet county, Texas, USA F34751
17 Stinnet / Henry  Oct 10, 1888Burnet county, Texas, USA F15957


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Henry / Stinnet  Oct 23, 1888Burnet county, Texas, USA F15956

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