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Brazos county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benbow, Evan Thomas  Dec 24, 1888Brazos county, Texas, USA I187658
2 Benbow, Marie  Jun 04, 1912Brazos county, Texas, USA I187662
3 Berry, B. Satira  Sep 1879Brazos county, Texas, USA I103467
4 Berry, John F.  Jul 1872Brazos county, Texas, USA I103465
5 Berry, Sam Houston  1876Brazos county, Texas, USA I103466
6 Bierschwale, Juliana  Jan 08, 1926Brazos county, Texas, USA I132191
7 Brundidge, Timothy Wayne  Mar 27, 1957Brazos county, Texas, USA I174400
8 Bullock, Columbus Franklin  May 10, 1890Brazos county, Texas, USA I182700
9 Cloud, Caroline "Carrie"  Feb 18, 1878Brazos county, Texas, USA I57419
10 Cloud, Cecil Wayne  Aug 27, 1929Brazos county, Texas, USA I101939
11 Cloud, Clara Elizabeth  Aug 09, 1918Brazos county, Texas, USA I101934
12 Cloud, Cora  Aug 11, 1894Brazos county, Texas, USA I101294
13 Cloud, Elizabeth Anne  Jul 15, 1925Brazos county, Texas, USA I100933
14 Cloud, Ira Clarence  Jun 18, 1908Brazos county, Texas, USA I81025
15 Cloud, James Claude  Oct 11, 1897Brazos county, Texas, USA I101093
16 Cloud, James Edwin  Sep 01, 1923Brazos county, Texas, USA I101040
17 Cloud, James Monroe  Mar 02, 1874Brazos county, Texas, USA I101262
18 Cloud, Joe Robert  Apr 30, 1921Brazos county, Texas, USA I101936
19 Cloud, John T. Jr.  Mar 17, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I101935
20 Cloud, Josephine Ellen  Aug 31, 1943Brazos county, Texas, USA I101085
21 Cloud, Mildred  Oct 02, 1909Brazos county, Texas, USA I81008
22 Cloud, Wanda Louise  Jan 12, 1923Brazos county, Texas, USA I101937
23 Cloud, William Griffith  Jul 16, 1945Brazos county, Texas, USA I101066
24 Cloud, William Webster  Dec 16, 1903Brazos county, Texas, USA I81024
25 Dashiell, Marilyn Ann  Apr 18, 1939Brazos county, Texas, USA I151302
26 Easters, Albert Ross  Jan 18, 1892Brazos county, Texas, USA I166692
27 Easters, Cora Dell  Aug 15, 1896Brazos county, Texas, USA I166694
28 Easters, Helen Corinne  Mar 28, 1914Brazos county, Texas, USA I166715
29 Easters, Johnnie Malcolm  Mar 29, 1919Brazos county, Texas, USA I166714
30 Easters, Lena Ruth  Dec 17, 1916Brazos county, Texas, USA I166713
31 Easters, Margaret M.  Nov 21, 1898Brazos county, Texas, USA I101068
32 Easters, Ora Bell  Aug 15, 1896Brazos county, Texas, USA I166693
33 Easters, Ripley Malcolm  Nov 13, 1890Brazos county, Texas, USA I166691
34 Eden, Joel Curtis  May 27, 1937Brazos county, Texas, USA I166720
35 Eden, Tobie Elaine  Feb 17, 1939Brazos county, Texas, USA I166721
36 Edge, George Pickett  Jan 01, 1874Brazos county, Texas, USA I100433
37 Edge, Pearl Irene  Mar 22, 1896Brazos county, Texas, USA I208334
38 Edge, Vivian Rosetta  Sep 02, 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I208349
39 Edge, Walter Lee  1894Brazos county, Texas, USA I208333
40 Fountain, Megan Kay  Apr 06, 1982Brazos county, Texas, USA I103575
41 Hammond, Clara B.  Aug 21, 1878Brazos county, Texas, USA I103353
42 Hearn, John Henry Franklin  Sep 14, 1860Brazos county, Texas, USA I187623
43 Hensarling, Emma E.  Feb 1890Brazos county, Texas, USA I179328
44 Hensarling, Evander A.  Nov 1892Brazos county, Texas, USA I179329
45 Hensarling, Jesse Ernest  Jan 11, 1888Brazos county, Texas, USA I81027
46 Hensarling, Lottie I.  Jul 1895Brazos county, Texas, USA I179330
47 Hensarling, Minnie M.  Sep 1886Brazos county, Texas, USA I179327
48 Hensarling, Theron A.  Feb 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I179332
49 Hensarling, Velma L.  Nov 1897Brazos county, Texas, USA I179331
50 Holligan, James Luther  Jan 15, 1885Brazos county, Texas, USA I187642

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beck, Mattie Maria  Mar 16, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I105105
2 Byars, Willie Henry  Nov 04, 1968Brazos county, Texas, USA I166805
3 Cameron, Frances Adele  Jan 08, 2000Brazos county, Texas, USA I184030
4 Camp, Mary Catherine  Jun 05, 1881Brazos county, Texas, USA I101749
5 Cloud, Anna  Oct 29, 1883Brazos county, Texas, USA I94892
6 Cloud, Archibald William  Nov 05, 1918Brazos county, Texas, USA I101261
7 Cloud, Caroline "Carrie"  Aug 30, 1962Brazos county, Texas, USA I57419
8 Cloud, Cora  Oct 19, 1971Brazos county, Texas, USA I101294
9 Cloud, Erma Jane  Nov 29, 1984Brazos county, Texas, USA I56326
10 Cloud, Frances Ellen  Jul 26, 1980Brazos county, Texas, USA I68756
11 Cloud, Josephine Ellen  Jun 13, 1948Brazos county, Texas, USA I101085
12 Cloud, Mildred  Dec 12, 1988Brazos county, Texas, USA I81008
13 Cloud, Robert Clinton  Jan 16, 1988Brazos county, Texas, USA I101106
14 Cloud, Thomas Alexander  May 30, 1953Brazos county, Texas, USA I85729
15 Cloud, William Elisha  Nov 23, 1938Brazos county, Texas, USA I56291
16 Draper, Maxwell M.  Dec 25, 1962Brazos county, Texas, USA I471
17 Easters, Albert Ross  Jun 26, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I166692
18 Easters, Cora Dell  Dec 19, 1981Brazos county, Texas, USA I166694
19 Easters, Margaret M.  Nov 13, 1995Brazos county, Texas, USA I101068
20 Edge, Pearl Irene  Sep 04, 1988Brazos county, Texas, USA I208334
21 English, Robert H.  Between 1877 and 1880Brazos county, Texas, USA I101779
22 Goodson, Elizabeth  Jan 25, 1948Brazos county, Texas, USA I105149
23 Herrington, Vashti  Sep 1899Brazos county, Texas, USA I187606
24 Jones, Paralee  Jun 29, 1966Brazos county, Texas, USA I81022
25 Kelley, William T.  Jan 20, 1981Brazos county, Texas, USA I166695
26 Lang, Elva Verle  Nov 08, 1916Brazos county, Texas, USA I166700
27 Lloyd, Bolen F.  Nov 19, 1953Brazos county, Texas, USA I166696
28 Lloyd, Donald Earl  Jan 1974Brazos county, Texas, USA I166697
29 Neville, Sarah Ann  Bef 1860Brazos county, Texas, USA I94825
30 Sager, Betty Marie  Dec 25, 1962Brazos county, Texas, USA I468
31 Seale, Elizabeth  Abt 1846Brazos county, Texas, USA I171449
32 Seale, Joseph Arnold  Dec 16, 1889Brazos county, Texas, USA I103482
33 Smith, James Robert  Jun 24, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I101751
34 Smith, John Clark  Feb 16, 1890Brazos county, Texas, USA I56313
35 Smith, Susan Elizabeth  Jun 06, 1917Brazos county, Texas, USA I56307
36 Tobias, Ada Iola  Nov 29, 1931Brazos county, Texas, USA I105121
37 Tobias, David Guy  Nov 27, 1998Brazos county, Texas, USA I105138
38 Tobias, Laura Bell  Apr 26, 1905Brazos county, Texas, USA I105119
39 Tobias, William B.  Aug 18, 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105111
40 Todd, Matilda  Nov 03, 1988Brazos county, Texas, USA I101083
41 Wiess, Charlie Clyde  Jan 11, 1984Brazos county, Texas, USA I1485
42 Winters, Candance Kay  Jan 17, 1957Brazos county, Texas, USA I146375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Beck, Mattie Maria  Jun 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105105
2 Brown, Mary Catherine  Jun 05, 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105116
3 Cloud, Frances Elizabeth "Fannie"  Apr 26, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I57417
4 Cloud, Frances Elizabeth "Fannie"  Jan 28, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I57417
5 Cloud, Frances Elizabeth "Fannie"  Apr 02, 1930Brazos county, Texas, USA I57417
6 Cloud, John Thaddeus  Apr 12, 1930Brazos county, Texas, USA I81031
7 Lawless, Artie Catherine  Jan 28, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I105142
8 Lawless, Artie Catherine  Apr 02, 1930Brazos county, Texas, USA I105142
9 Lawless, Lona Idella  Apr 28, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I105127
10 Parker, Martha May  Apr 12, 1930Brazos county, Texas, USA I81032
11 Phipps, Savilla Ann  Jun 05, 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105117
12 Tobias, Cazy Leonidus  Jun 01, 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105106
13 Tobias, Charles Lorenzo  Jun 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105104
14 Tobias, David Guy  Apr 26, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I105138
15 Tobias, David Guy  Jan 28, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I105138
16 Tobias, James "Jim"  Apr 26, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I104496
17 Tobias, James "Jim"  Jan 28, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I104496
18 Tobias, James "Jim"  Apr 02, 1930Brazos county, Texas, USA I104496
19 Tobias, James Aubrey  Jan 28, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I105110
20 Tobias, James Aubrey  Apr 02, 1930Brazos county, Texas, USA I105110
21 Tobias, Tallie L.  Apr 28, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I105124
22 Tobias, Tallie L.  Jan 16, 1920Brazos county, Texas, USA I105124
23 Tobias, Tobie Artie  May 02, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I105123
24 Tobias, Whitley Benjamin  Apr 19, 1930Brazos county, Texas, USA I105137
25 Tobias, William Robert  Jun 05, 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105115
26 Tobias), Jane B?O (Mrs. Cazzy  Jun 01, 1900Brazos county, Texas, USA I105107
27 Tobias), Mamie K. (Mrs. Tobie  May 02, 1910Brazos county, Texas, USA I105125


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berry / Cloud  Aug 18, 1867Brazos county, Texas, USA F19897
2 Byars / Holland  Jul 13, 1913Brazos county, Texas, USA F55114
3 Cloud / Crosby  Mar 14, 1874Brazos county, Texas, USA F19903
4 Crosby / Neville  Jun 22, 1854Brazos county, Texas, USA F31790
5 Easters / Cloud  Dec 25, 1889Brazos county, Texas, USA F27288
6 Easters / Stewart  Feb 04, 1912Brazos county, Texas, USA F55085
7 Ercanbrack / Phipps  Abt 1906Brazos county, Texas, USA F55163
8 Hammond / Lloyd  Oct 20, 1884Brazos county, Texas, USA F34519
9 Hammond / Neville  Sep 13, 1877Brazos county, Texas, USA F33668
10 Hill / Neville  Feb 20, 1848Brazos county, Texas, USA F34575
11 Isbell / Clements  Jan 04, 1891Brazos county, Texas, USA F54136
12 Lloyd / Bowen  Dec 13, 1894Brazos county, Texas, USA F33368
13 Lloyd / Hood?  Dec 06, 1860Brazos county, Texas, USA F33367
14 Lloyd / McMurry  Jan 01, 1885Brazos county, Texas, USA F34518
15 Martin / Adams  1891Brazos county, Texas, USA F70895
16 Moss / Parrish  Aug 28, 1890Brazos county, Texas, USA F62567
17 Neville / Edge  Jul 20, 1879Brazos county, Texas, USA F31777
18 Neville / Massey  Feb 07, 1884Brazos county, Texas, USA F31778
19 Neville / Young  Sep 19, 1847Brazos county, Texas, USA F31781
20 Smith / Cloud  Dec 19, 1873Brazos county, Texas, USA F19904
21 Tobias / Cook  Abt 1925Brazos county, Texas, USA F34872
22 Tobias / Lawless  Abt 1907Brazos county, Texas, USA F34865
23 Zimmerman / Neville  Nov 27, 1867Brazos county, Texas, USA F31779


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Wiess / Bailey  Jan 20, 1982Brazos county, Texas, USA F5959


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cloud / Griffith  Jan 03, 1895Brazos county, Texas, USA F19893
2 Jones / Cloud  Dec 12, 1868Brazos county, Texas, USA F19901

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