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Angelina county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Billingsley, Robert Elmo  Jun 18, 1926Angelina county, Texas, USA I47695
2 Billingsley, Walter Alford  Nov 11, 1928Angelina county, Texas, USA I47696
3 Breazeale, Alma Ruth  Dec 17, 1903Angelina county, Texas, USA I43857
4 Breazeale, Kelly  Feb 08, 1898Angelina county, Texas, USA I181370
5 Breazeale, Newton Thomas  Abt 1869Angelina county, Texas, USA I43856
6 Carroll, Eli  May 1898Angelina county, Texas, USA I9991
7 Carroll, Paralee Arizona  Mar 02, 1872Angelina county, Texas, USA I9982
8 Cochran, Alma B.  Jun 28, 1877Angelina county, Texas, USA I10121
9 Cochran, Clara A.  Jun 28, 1877Angelina county, Texas, USA I10120
10 Cochran, Frances Elvira  8 Aug 1862 OR 1866Angelina county, Texas, USA I10114
11 Cochran, James D.  Nov 07, 1875Angelina county, Texas, USA I10118
12 Cochran, John Mitchell  Nov 07, 1875Angelina county, Texas, USA I10119
13 Cochran, Josua Simon  Apr 09, 1868Angelina county, Texas, USA I10115
14 Cochran, Lillie Alice  Feb 20, 1870Angelina county, Texas, USA I10116
15 Cochran, Paralee  30 Dec 1859 OR 1860Angelina county, Texas, USA I10112
16 Cochran, Susan Arizona  Jan 27, 1862Angelina county, Texas, USA I10113
17 Craven, Lewis Elmer  Aug 13, 1927Angelina county, Texas, USA I151440
18 Edens, Ernest A.  Jun 01, 1919Angelina county, Texas, USA I206758
19 Fuller, Austin Charles  Mar 04, 1920Angelina county, Texas, USA I151449
20 Green, Lizzie  Abt 1862Angelina county, Texas, USA I8800
21 Green, Rutha A.  May 15, 1850Angelina county, Texas, USA I8840
22 Green, Samuel R.  1856Angelina county, Texas, USA I8795
23 Henry, Duncan Clinton Smith "Dunk"  Feb 08, 1873Angelina county, Texas, USA I44619
24 Henry, Judith Cynthia  May 28, 1865Angelina county, Texas, USA I44599
25 Henry, Luella  Aug 21, 1868Angelina county, Texas, USA I44605
26 Henry, Patrick Miller  Jun 07, 1871Angelina county, Texas, USA I44610
27 Henry, Robert Lee "Bob"  Oct 09, 1866Angelina county, Texas, USA I44600
28 Hensarling, John Thomas  Sep 25, 1864Angelina county, Texas, USA I205400
29 Hensarling, Thomas Andrew  Jun 01, 1862Angelina county, Texas, USA I179325
30 Herrington, Catherine  Abt 1914Angelina county, Texas, USA I166630
31 Herrington, Chester B.  Abt 1915Angelina county, Texas, USA I166631
32 Herrington, Ford  Abt 1919Angelina county, Texas, USA I166632
33 Herrington, Joshua B.  Abt 1903Angelina county, Texas, USA I166625
34 Herrington, Lizzie  Abt 1901Angelina county, Texas, USA I166624
35 Herrington, Sam B.  Abt 1907Angelina county, Texas, USA I166626
36 Herrington, Walker  Abt 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166629
37 Iles, Mary Elizabeth  Oct 27, 1937Angelina county, Texas, USA I46464
38 McClendon, Annie Frances  Feb 13, 1902Angelina county, Texas, USA I10030
39 McClendon, Archie Lee  Nov 11, 1930Angelina county, Texas, USA I10072
40 McClendon, Ina Lee  Sep 10, 1905Angelina county, Texas, USA I10032
41 McClendon, Oscar Eli  1901Angelina county, Texas, USA I10029
42 McClendon, Richard Montgomery  Mar 18, 1872Angelina county, Texas, USA I9992
43 McClendon, Ruth Lullar  1904Angelina county, Texas, USA I10031
44 McClendon, Sevelia  Aug 24, 1911Angelina county, Texas, USA I10035
45 McClendon, William Thomas "Tommie"  Aug 19, 1898Angelina county, Texas, USA I10010
46 Millican, Audrey Fay  Aug 20, 1934Angelina county, Texas, USA I58362
47 Renfro, Ben  Mar 1870Angelina county, Texas, USA I9167
48 Renfro, Fannie  Abt 1869Angelina county, Texas, USA I9166
49 Renfro, James  Abt 1867Angelina county, Texas, USA I9165
50 Rogers, Dorlisa (Lisa)  Jul 23, 1951Angelina county, Texas, USA I126625

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Nancy Truman  May 06, 1997Angelina county, Texas, USA I1822
2 Bingham, John Lane "Johnny"  Oct 01, 1994Angelina county, Texas, USA I48512
3 Bond, Selma Iola  Sep 14, 1984Angelina county, Texas, USA I47685
4 Bonner, Thomas Jefferson Jr.  Jun 20, 1905Angelina county, Texas, USA I187882
5 Breazeale, David J.  Mar 17, 1926Angelina county, Texas, USA I181377
6 Breazeale, Kelly  Apr 15, 1935Angelina county, Texas, USA I181370
7 Carroll, Paralee Arizona  Sep 15, 1923Angelina county, Texas, USA I9982
8 Carroll, Thomas I.  Dec 09, 1917Angelina county, Texas, USA I9980
9 Carroll, Willie K. "Maggie"  1947Angelina county, Texas, USA I9986
10 Cochran, Clara A.  Jan 09, 1957Angelina county, Texas, USA I10120
11 Cochran, Elias Kennedy  Feb 06, 1878Angelina county, Texas, USA I10109
12 Cochran, Frances Elvira  Oct 29, 1901Angelina county, Texas, USA I10114
13 Cochran, Josua Simon  Dec 16, 1952Angelina county, Texas, USA I10115
14 Cochran, Paralee  Jan 04, 1924Angelina county, Texas, USA I10112
15 Cochran, Susan Arizona  Jul 22, 1892Angelina county, Texas, USA I10113
16 Cottingham, Elizabeth C.  Angelina county, Texas, USA I8839
17 Cottingham, Frances Ann  Aug 09, 1896Angelina county, Texas, USA I8825
18 Cottingham, Giles  Oct 1873Angelina county, Texas, USA I8798
19 Day, Rose A. "Rosie"  May 1985Angelina county, Texas, USA I35102
20 Enloe, George Calvin  Nov 25, 1974Angelina county, Texas, USA I49501
21 Ford, John David  Jun 20, 1927Angelina county, Texas, USA I49976
22 Ford, Sarah E. "Sally"  Jun 19, 1901Angelina county, Texas, USA I49988
23 Forse, Artice Edward  May 27, 1994Angelina county, Texas, USA I47798
24 Fortenberry, Isaac  Abt 1925Angelina county, Texas, USA I49299
25 Green, Rutha A.  Mar 04, 1890Angelina county, Texas, USA I8840
26 Green, William B.  Bef 1866Angelina county, Texas, USA I8793
27 Green, William G.  Angelina county, Texas, USA I10099
28 Herrin, Eliza  Sep 11, 1950Angelina county, Texas, USA I49996
29 Jordan, Clyde W.  Mar 30, 1987Angelina county, Texas, USA I46699
30 Jordan, Mollie "Aline"  Jan 14, 1998Angelina county, Texas, USA I50089
31 Kirkland, Noah Elzy  Dec 12, 1956Angelina county, Texas, USA I47342
32 Letney, William Jackson Jr.  Jun 05, 1968Angelina county, Texas, USA I40367
33 McClendon, Ina Lee  Jun 27, 1937Angelina county, Texas, USA I10032
34 Phelps, Bessie "Maude"  Mar 23, 1976Angelina county, Texas, USA I47863
35 Skinner, Oscar Ervin  Jun 03, 1967Angelina county, Texas, USA I49400
36 Stanaland, Eula Gay  Oct 10, 1991Angelina county, Texas, USA I10069
37 Sturrock, Arthur Franklin  Feb 06, 1982Angelina county, Texas, USA I34966
38 Sturrock, Avner Britton  Jun 26, 1996Angelina county, Texas, USA I16379
39 Sturrock, Bower Bernece  Dec 09, 1975Angelina county, Texas, USA I16377
40 Sturrock, Theron Forrest  Jan 18, 1986Angelina county, Texas, USA I16383
41 Sumrall, Sarah Margaret  Feb 01, 1902Angelina county, Texas, USA I49998
42 Trahan, Perry Willard "P.W."  Oct 13, 1970Angelina county, Texas, USA I10065
43 Weisinger, Homer S.  Mar 11, 1982Angelina county, Texas, USA I84865
44 Wiess, Roger Dale  Mar 30, 1981Angelina county, Texas, USA I15854
45 Willett, Bessie May  Mar 23, 1976Angelina county, Texas, USA I47807
46 Worthy, Dove Anna  Nov 29, 1972Angelina county, Texas, USA I47343


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Spurlock, Robert "Rob" Roy  Angelina county, Texas, USA I48889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Herrington, Joshua B.  Apr 18, 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166625
2 Herrington, Joshua Cochran  Apr 18, 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166621
3 Herrington, Josie M.  Apr 18, 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166581
4 Herrington, Lizzie  Apr 18, 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166624
5 Herrington, Maxie  Apr 18, 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166623
6 Herrington, Sam B.  Apr 18, 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166626
7 Walker, Birdie  Apr 18, 1910Angelina county, Texas, USA I166622


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blankenship / Carroll  Angelina county, Texas, USA F3568
2 Breazeale / Wright  Feb 14, 1889Angelina county, Texas, USA F15699
3 Carroll / Coker  Mar 04, 1906Angelina county, Texas, USA F3570
4 Carroll / Graham  Dec 15, 1907Angelina county, Texas, USA F3571
5 Carroll / Green  Jul 12, 1869Angelina county, Texas, USA F3089
6 Carroll / Richardson  Apr 29, 1897Angelina county, Texas, USA F3565
7 Cochran / Shofner  Nov 04, 1889Angelina county, Texas, USA F3625
8 Cochran / Smith  Apr 04, 1900Angelina county, Texas, USA F3623
9 Forrest / Carroll  Mar 15, 1903Angelina county, Texas, USA F3569
10 Goode / Cochran  Feb 13, 1903Angelina county, Texas, USA F3621
11 Granbery / Cochran  Jul 19, 1885Angelina county, Texas, USA F3626
12 Green / Cottingham  Feb 19, 1850Angelina county, Texas, USA F3074
13 Green / Selman  Dec 01, 1870Angelina county, Texas, USA F3618
14 Hensarling / Best  Dec 23, 1935Angelina county, Texas, USA F69357
15 Hooks / Frierson  Sep 11, 1975Angelina county, Texas, USA F69909
16 Maroney / Cochran  Jan 22, 1897Angelina county, Texas, USA F3628
17 McClendon / Gann  Abt 1918Angelina county, Texas, USA F3575
18 Moore / Cochran  Feb 22, 1882Angelina county, Texas, USA F3627
19 Parrish / Tekell  Jan 15, 1972Angelina county, Texas, USA F69474
20 Renfro / Cottingham  Jan 25, 1866Angelina county, Texas, USA F3094
21 Stegall / Cochran  Feb 17, 1886Angelina county, Texas, USA F3624
22 Vinson / Hooks  Jan 01, 1917Angelina county, Texas, USA F69904


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Forse / Barbe  Mar 15, 1957Angelina county, Texas, USA F17086

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