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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Boyd  youth I152579
2 Bailey, Clyde M.  youth I152578
3 Baker, infant  youth I2611
4 Blasingame, Owen Warren  youth I171186
5 Born, Noah Pentecost  youth I142313
6 Bumstead, Birdie Mae  Bef 1920youth I15663
7 Bumstead, Cora  Bef Apr 25, 1910youth I17621
8 Case, Alton  youth I33907
9 Case, Clyde  youth I33880
10 Cloud, Abbie K.  youth I132416
11 Cloud, Adaline  youth I65300
12 Cloud, Ann  youth I67820
13 Cloud, Barnard  youth I173122
14 Cloud, Charles Wesley  youth I65299
15 Cloud, Elizabeth "Betty"  youth I66958
16 Cloud, Grady  youth I116098
17 Cloud, Howard  youth I116109
18 Cloud, John Mathew  youth I133957
19 Cloud, Lillian B.  youth I197835
20 Cloud, Louise  Jun 1935youth I149785
21 Cloud, Lucielle  Sep 1938youth I149786
22 Cloud, Mary  youth I67819
23 Cloud, Winston  youth I173121
24 Cravey, Samuel  youth I55240
25 Davis, Shelton  youth I32331
26 Dever, Lindsey  youth I25955
27 Dupler, Ruby Frances  youth I105198
28 England, Blanche of  youth I20161
29 Etheridge, Annie Lea  youth I34312
30 Etheridge, Vernon O.  youth I196760
31 Etheridge, Willard  youth I34313
32 Fraser, John  youth I130745
33 Gibbons, John Mordecai  youth I144401
34 Grimball, Thomas  Sep 21, 1757youth I16118
35 Hampton, James  youth I164294
36 Hardin, Nancy  youth I26003
37 Hardin, Sarah  youth I26006
38 Hardin, Susanah  youth I26012
39 Harrison, George W.  youth I9059
40 Harrison, John  youth I9057
41 Holsapple, Harvey N.  youth I166533
42 Hooks, Lillian  youth I5119
43 Hopkins, Charlie  youth I142552
44 Hopkins, Violet  youth I142514
45 Jackson, Barbara Ann  youth I34560
46 Johnson, Ellen  youth I32447
47 Johnson, Mark McDuffey  youth I32448
48 Johnson, Mary  youth I32445
49 Jones, Lizzie  Bef 1890youth I148508
50 Kincaid, James  youth I157710

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