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Williamson county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackwell, James Elisha  Apr 19, 1889Williamson county, Texas, USA I208072
2 Carter, Wiley T.  Aug 01, 1875Williamson county, Texas, USA I156768
3 Cervenka, Edward Joseph  Oct 12, 1890Williamson county, Texas, USA I206235
4 Cloud, Alfred  Mar 05, 1943Williamson county, Texas, USA I35978
5 Cloud, Debbin  Mar 09, 1927Williamson county, Texas, USA I12522
6 Cloud, Ebbin  Mar 09, 1927Williamson county, Texas, USA I12521
7 Cloud, Eliza Bell  Dec 02, 1875Williamson county, Texas, USA I56829
8 Cloud, Eliza Catherine  Oct 15, 1852Williamson county, Texas, USA I56819
9 Cloud, George Augustus  Nov 29, 1854Williamson county, Texas, USA I56778
10 Cloud, George Washington  Feb 01, 1874Williamson county, Texas, USA I56848
11 Cloud, Grace A.  Dec 23, 1871Williamson county, Texas, USA I56824
12 Cloud, Isaac Franklin  Mar 29, 1870Williamson county, Texas, USA I56823
13 Cloud, Isaac Kennedy  Aug 15, 1860Williamson county, Texas, USA I56929
14 Cloud, James Wesley  Feb 28, 1932Williamson county, Texas, USA I35989
15 Cloud, John Oliver  May 30, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56828
16 Cloud, Martha Ann  Nov 29, 1860Williamson county, Texas, USA I56933
17 Cloud, Martha Ann "Mattie"  Jan 02, 1905Williamson county, Texas, USA I57091
18 Cloud, Nancy Josephine  Apr 10, 1863Williamson county, Texas, USA I56932
19 Cloud, Rebecca E.  Mar 18, 1867Williamson county, Texas, USA I56821
20 Cloud, Sarah Alice  Aug 24, 1871Williamson county, Texas, USA I56846
21 Cloud, Vivian  Mar 20, 1925Williamson county, Texas, USA I12525
22 Cloud, [son]  Sep 11, 1878Williamson county, Texas, USA I56830
23 Davis, Augustus Kennedy "Gus"  Mar 26, 1871Williamson county, Texas, USA I56787
24 Davis, Evander Anderson "Ebb"  Aug 15, 1869Williamson county, Texas, USA I56785
25 Davis, Franklin R.  Mar 29, 1873Williamson county, Texas, USA I56966
26 Davis, Harley Joe  Jan 18, 1914Williamson county, Texas, USA I57103
27 Dyches, Alexander B.  Apr 11, 1848Williamson county, Texas, USA I149082
28 Dyches, Felix  Mar 31, 1852Williamson county, Texas, USA I149084
29 Dyches, Lemuel D.  Abt 1850Williamson county, Texas, USA I149083
30 Dyches, Philip  Abt 1853Williamson county, Texas, USA I149085
31 Dyches, William  Abt 1858Williamson county, Texas, USA I149086
32 Henry, Aneda Mae  Mar 27, 1920Williamson county, Texas, USA I45452
33 Henry, Annie Geneva  Abt 1917Williamson county, Texas, USA I45451
34 Henry, William Chester  Jul 27, 1909Williamson county, Texas, USA I44727
35 Hodges, Alfred  Oct 1877Williamson county, Texas, USA I55135
36 Hodges, Charley  Oct 1886Williamson county, Texas, USA I55136
37 Hodges, Eldridge W.  Abt 1871Williamson county, Texas, USA I142845
38 Hodges, Emily L.  Williamson county, Texas, USA I55142
39 Hodges, James E.  Abt 1875Williamson county, Texas, USA I142846
40 Hodges, Marvin Carothers  Jun 01, 1888Williamson county, Texas, USA I55137
41 Hodges, Mary N.  Williamson county, Texas, USA I55140
42 Hodges, Wiess  Oct 27, 1882Williamson county, Texas, USA I55139
43 Hodges, William  Williamson county, Texas, USA I55141
44 Kelley, Elmer E.  Jul 04, 1908Williamson county, Texas, USA I31644
45 Lewis, Sybil Beatrice  Nov 14, 1921Williamson county, Texas, USA I57105
46 McFaddin, Alice  1863Williamson county, Texas, USA I149106
47 McFaddin, Auma Jon  Abt 1874Williamson county, Texas, USA I149113
48 McFaddin, Ella  Abt 1872Williamson county, Texas, USA I149110
49 McFaddin, Nena  Abt 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I149114
50 McFaddin, Ora J.  1869Williamson county, Texas, USA I149109

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Moses  Oct 01, 1865Williamson county, Texas, USA I136504
2 Beckman, Lenora Emma  Feb 06, 1969Williamson county, Texas, USA I57201
3 Bilberry, Katherine Mathilida Jane Thosane  Feb 25, 1949Williamson county, Texas, USA I77314
4 Boden, Donald Blair  Mar 02, 1998Williamson county, Texas, USA I55719
5 Bonnet, Lena  Jul 24, 1964Williamson county, Texas, USA I45450
6 Carothers, Samuel Dinsmore "S.D."  Dec 31, 1877Williamson county, Texas, USA I52059
7 Cloud, Eliza Bell  Dec 28, 1875Williamson county, Texas, USA I56829
8 Cloud, Grace A.  Jan 13, 1909Williamson county, Texas, USA I56824
9 Cloud, Isaac Franklin  Feb 21, 1923Williamson county, Texas, USA I56823
10 Cloud, Joel Jett "Kayo"  Dec 06, 1993Williamson county, Texas, USA I76473
11 Cloud, John Franklin  Nov 08, 1895Williamson county, Texas, USA I56826
12 Cloud, John Oliver  Jun 26, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56828
13 Cloud, Rebecca E.  Jul 09, 1898Williamson county, Texas, USA I56821
14 Cloud, [son]  Sep 11, 1878Williamson county, Texas, USA I56830
15 Crowson, Mary Jane  Feb 1878Williamson county, Texas, USA I106924
16 Davis, Amzy A.  Feb 06, 1877Williamson county, Texas, USA I56962
17 Davis, Augustus Kennedy "Gus"  Sep 19, 1939Williamson county, Texas, USA I56787
18 Davis, Evander Anderson "Ebb"  Mar 12, 1931Williamson county, Texas, USA I56785
19 Davis, Franklin R.  Jul 07, 1920Williamson county, Texas, USA I56966
20 Davis, William B.  Nov 23, 1870Williamson county, Texas, USA I56784
21 Dyches, Joseph Josiah  Dec 1883Williamson county, Texas, USA I149076
22 Dyches, Nancy Ann  Abt 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I149098
23 Gayle, Willie  Aug 29, 1983Williamson county, Texas, USA I130825
24 Henry, Ezekiel Clinton  Jan 02, 1920Williamson county, Texas, USA I44473
25 Hodges, Wiess  Jan 19, 1890Williamson county, Texas, USA I55139
26 Low, Joel L.  Dec 23, 1859Williamson county, Texas, USA I46559
27 McFaddin, ZeVan  1874Williamson county, Texas, USA I149111
28 Montgomery, Edwin  Mar 03, 1963Williamson county, Texas, USA I16887
29 Oxley, Mary Martha  Abt 1865Williamson county, Texas, USA I91691
30 Perry, Harriet Newell  Feb 25, 1902Williamson county, Texas, USA I52062
31 Stearns, Calvin  Abt 1865Williamson county, Texas, USA I91690
32 Swearingen, R.V.  Mar 19, 1991Williamson county, Texas, USA I131739
33 Talliaferro, Lucinda  Aft 1860Williamson county, Texas, USA I149072
34 Webster, William Martin  Aug 05, 1912Williamson county, Texas, USA I204963
35 Weir, Thomas J.  Apr 05, 1930Williamson county, Texas, USA I147254
36 Wilson, Langdon T. II  Sep 07, 1914Williamson county, Texas, USA I56934
37 Woolsey, Barbara Maude  Dec 15, 1879Williamson county, Texas, USA I56976
38 Woolsey, Minnie Alerta  Jan 10, 1881Williamson county, Texas, USA I56975
39 Woolsey, Samuel Meschach  Mar 12, 1902Williamson county, Texas, USA I56972
40 Yows, Sarah Ann  Jun 10, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56766


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Rosa Lee Valentine  Williamson county, Texas, USA I57102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Joseph Evander "Joe"  Sep 25, 1869Williamson county, Texas, USA I56844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Barbara Emily  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56928
2 Cloud, George Augustus  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56778
3 Cloud, Grace A.  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56824
4 Cloud, Isaac Franklin  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56823
5 Cloud, Isaac Kennedy  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56929
6 Cloud, James Daniel  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56822
7 Cloud, John Franklin  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56826
8 Cloud, Kennedy H.  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56825
9 Cloud, Lucius Albert  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56827
10 Cloud, Rebecca E.  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56821
11 Cloud, Talley Clark  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56970
12 Cloud, Thomas Jefferson  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56818
13 Cloud, William Edward  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56971
14 Davis, Jardena  Jun 12, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I143596
15 Davis, Joseph Beckton (or Bacon)  Jun 12, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56887
16 Davis, Lulia  Jun 12, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56888
17 Davis, William Swenson  Jun 12, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I143598
18 Dyer, Jeanette "Jennie"  Jun 12, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56875
19 Faulks, Penelope Ann  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56820
20 Grimes, Julia Florence  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132645
21 Grimes, William Preston  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I1135
22 Hayes, Samuel Bert  Jun 26, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I5806
23 Kennedy, Elizabeth Grace  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I53040
24 Mitchell, George  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56817
25 Shanks, Emmett A.  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132649
26 Shanks, George W. "G.W."  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132646
27 Shanks, Henry W.  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132656
28 Shanks, Jessie  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132655
29 Shanks, Mattie M.  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132654
30 Shanks, Maud  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132650
31 Shanks, Ruble  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132647
32 Shanks, Virlie  Jun 06, 1900Williamson county, Texas, USA I132648
33 Walker, Lula Jane  Jun 09, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA I56969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adams, Martha Rachel Molina  Jun 09, 1940Williamson county, Texas, USA I57098


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Allen  Aug 16, 1865Williamson county, Texas, USA F48001
2 Andrews / Newton  1869Williamson county, Texas, USA F33888
3 Ashmore / Hyde  Oct 25, 1968Williamson county, Texas, USA F57738
4 Blackwell / Griggs  Oct 24, 1909Williamson county, Texas, USA F70475
5 Carothers / Perry  Mar 07, 1850Williamson county, Texas, USA F18373
6 Cloud / Doyle  Sep 03, 1941Williamson county, Texas, USA F2761
7 Cloud / Faulks  Jun 07, 1866Williamson county, Texas, USA F20079
8 Cloud / Houston  Sep 17, 1885Williamson county, Texas, USA F20118
9 Cloud / Hyland  Dec 29, 1859Williamson county, Texas, USA F20113
10 Cloud / Yows  Jun 15, 1864Williamson county, Texas, USA F19922
11 Coffin / Dyer  Apr 14, 1890Williamson county, Texas, USA F19417
12 Dyches / Henry  Sep 10, 1863Williamson county, Texas, USA F48985
13 Hamilton / Cloud  Nov 20, 1946Williamson county, Texas, USA F5529
14 Hodges / Hodges)  Abt 1910Williamson county, Texas, USA F46865
15 Hough / Cloud  Oct 30, 1942Williamson county, Texas, USA F4497
16 McFaddin / Sherman  Oct 20, 1861Williamson county, Texas, USA F48992
17 Weir / Ward  Jun 23, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA F48335
18 Wiess / Carothers  Mar 11, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA F565
19 Wilson / Cloud  Jan 11, 1880Williamson county, Texas, USA F20120

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