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West Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Annie E.  Feb 1845West Virginia, USA I152998
2 (__), Betty  Jun 1863West Virginia, USA I175258
3 (__), Civilla C.  Sep 1844West Virginia, USA I201953
4 (__), Della M.  Mar 29, 1908West Virginia, USA I163595
5 (__), Elizabeth W.  Apr 1829West Virginia, USA I165944
6 (__), Elvira M.  Abt 1906West Virginia, USA I152999
7 (__), Mary A.  Sep 1838West Virginia, USA I175338
8 (__), Rose N.  Abt 1878West Virginia, USA I202315
9 (__), Sallie  Abt 1896West Virginia, USA I148815
10 (__), Sylvia  Abt 1880West Virginia, USA I185206
11 (__), Ursula N.  Abt 1901West Virginia, USA I200800
12 Altman, Virginia Ann  Jan 05, 1896West Virginia, USA I194082
13 Arthur, Mittie  Abt 1893West Virginia, USA I182608
14 Arthur, Violet  Abt 1901West Virginia, USA I194105
15 Ashton, Jennings L.  Abt 1904West Virginia, USA I163594
16 Ashton, Jennings L.  Apr 05, 1925West Virginia, USA I163596
17 Ayers, Elbert Lee  May 10, 1911West Virginia, USA I197605
18 Baisden, Francis Anna "Fannie"  Abt 1832West Virginia, USA I140302
19 Ballard, Frank L.  Mar 23, 1905West Virginia, USA I199479
20 Blake, Ella Brook  Aug 28, 1938West Virginia, USA I166975
21 Blake, Mitzie Lee  May 12, 1934West Virginia, USA I166974
22 Blake, Mona Lisa  Aug 25, 1930West Virginia, USA I166973
23 Bowles, Nettie Lou  Aug 31, 1885West Virginia, USA I204246
24 Brand, Charles Irving  Mar 1861West Virginia, USA I181658
25 Browning, Nancy Mae  Oct 27, 1932West Virginia, USA I28375
26 Bunch, Howard J.  Feb 01, 1922West Virginia, USA I166970
27 Bunch, Lorene  Abt Aug 1919West Virginia, USA I166969
28 Bunch, Vernon F.  Nov 17, 1915West Virginia, USA I166968
29 Calhoun, Phebe Catherine  Abt 1850West Virginia, USA I192966
30 Caudill, Clyde  Abt 1911West Virginia, USA I175079
31 Caudill, Oval(?)  Abt 1913West Virginia, USA I175080
32 Christian, Nancy  May 1814West Virginia, USA I181449
33 Cloud, Alex  Jul 1896West Virginia, USA I127131
34 Cloud, Andrew Jackson  May 22, 1865West Virginia, USA I111578
35 Cloud, Charles Bushrod \ ?Bozrah(?)  Sep 03, 1875West Virginia, USA I111526
36 Cloud, Charles J.  Abt 1925West Virginia, USA I153000
37 Cloud, Charles L.  Jun 09, 1904West Virginia, USA I127124
38 Cloud, Chris  Oct 08, 1951West Virginia, USA I184624
39 Cloud, Clara  Abt 1901West Virginia, USA I127133
40 Cloud, Deborah  Dec 24, 1949West Virginia, USA I152981
41 Cloud, Donna Jean  Aug 03, 1953West Virginia, USA I152973
42 Cloud, Earl F.  Abt 1922West Virginia, USA I152996
43 Cloud, Edna Evelyn  Oct 09, 1908West Virginia, USA I127150
44 Cloud, Elmer  Sep 26, 1918West Virginia, USA I152863
45 Cloud, Ethel  Abt 1916West Virginia, USA I152862
46 Cloud, Frank Pierce III  Feb 09, 1943West Virginia, USA I127042
47 Cloud, George  Aug 28, 1903West Virginia, USA I127134
48 Cloud, Goldie Mariah  Mar 27, 1905West Virginia, USA I152925
49 Cloud, Harold  Abt 1925West Virginia, USA I152928
50 Cloud, Hazel P.  Abt 1916West Virginia, USA I152855

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Frank L.  May 06, 1980West Virginia, USA I199479
2 Browning, Pamela Kay  Dec 30, 1989West Virginia, USA I113188
3 Chandler, Frederick C. Jr.  Dec 04, 2002West Virginia, USA I194104
4 Christian, Nancy  Abt 1901West Virginia, USA I181449
5 Cloud, Charles Bushrod \ ?Bozrah(?)  1914West Virginia, USA I111526
6 Cloud, Doris Link  Abt 1988West Virginia, USA I152947
7 Cloud, Franklin Pierce  Oct 29, 1928West Virginia, USA I67375
8 Cloud, Gustava Lena  Oct 1977West Virginia, USA I67482
9 Cloud, Mason Claude  Dec 1978West Virginia, USA I67472
10 Cloud, Uriah  1888West Virginia, USA I111541
11 Clyburn, Mary  Sep 24, 1923West Virginia, USA I199467
12 Clyburn, Stella M.  Aug 14, 1913West Virginia, USA I199473
13 Clyburn, William Thomas  Oct 08, 1948West Virginia, USA I199466
14 Cole, Pauline Dotsey  Feb 23, 1971West Virginia, USA I199454
15 Criss, Dora  Bef 1897West Virginia, USA I175254
16 Cullers, Mary Susan  May 28, 1938West Virginia, USA I95205
17 Dalton, Charles Foster  Oct 02, 1969West Virginia, USA I199537
18 Dalton, Chesterfield  Aug 25, 1941West Virginia, USA I199424
19 Farmer, Herman Garner  Feb 18, 1988West Virginia, USA I181447
20 Farmer, James Preston  Dec 09, 1975West Virginia, USA I181445
21 Farmer, John  Jan 29, 1901West Virginia, USA I156222
22 Hawks, Dortha Gillie  Abt 1945West Virginia, USA I124558
23 Hawks, William Riley  Aug 09, 1955West Virginia, USA I124561
24 Hopewell, Daniel Cloud  Sep 03, 1854West Virginia, USA I197243
25 Johnson, Elizabeth T.  Nov 07, 1930West Virginia, USA I197261
26 Karnes, Chester Noland  Dec 18, 1951West Virginia, USA I199478
27 Karnes, Lillian  Mar 24, 1990West Virginia, USA I199477
28 Kinsey, George L.  Jun 1964West Virginia, USA I67492
29 Layton, Rosemary  Aug 1980West Virginia, USA I194100
30 Lilly, Cyril Lewis  Mar 03, 1996West Virginia, USA I199456
31 Martin, William  Jul 01, 1846West Virginia, USA I174625
32 McKeown, C. Emmett  Sep 17, 1939West Virginia, USA I198392
33 McKinney, Rose Etta  Apr 12, 1979West Virginia, USA I199459
34 Mitchell, Stella  Sep 1979West Virginia, USA I162226
35 Walker, Andrew Lewis  Jul 21, 1906West Virginia, USA I154798
36 Walker, Cora Lee  Jun 07, 1967West Virginia, USA I199451
37 Walker, Wanda Lucille  Sep 28, 1953West Virginia, USA I199442
38 Wilson, Tabitha  Bef 1821West Virginia, USA I63501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashton, Leona Kettering  Abt 1905West Virginia, USA I152927
2 Cloud, Mary "Mollie"  Jul 1875West Virginia, USA I111584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Goldie Mariah  1915West Virginia, USA I152925


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ballard / Karnes  Dec 01, 1957West Virginia, USA F67078
2 Blake / Bunch  1929West Virginia, USA F55180
3 Cloud / Kearns  Mar 14, 1904West Virginia, USA F41224
4 Clyburn / Walker  Apr 13, 1903West Virginia, USA F67073
5 Cole / McKinney  Jul 28, 1934West Virginia, USA F67070
6 Dewees / Cole  Sep 13, 1936West Virginia, USA F67068
7 Dove / Cullers  West Virginia, USA F32037
8 Fink / Fink)  Abt 1880West Virginia, USA F36663
9 Fink / Fink)  Abt 1882West Virginia, USA F36661
10 Folk / Weller  Abt 1894West Virginia, USA F50276
11 Karnes / Walker  Feb 02, 1900West Virginia, USA F67076
12 Martin / Rogers  Mar 02, 1797West Virginia, USA F57890
13 Maynor / Cole  Jun 01, 1928West Virginia, USA F67071
14 Rothwell / Cross  Abt 1886West Virginia, USA F41803
15 Rothwell / Rothwell)  Abt 1918West Virginia, USA F41807
16 Walker / Blevins  Jun 06, 1942West Virginia, USA F67062
17 Walker / Shrewsbury  May 20, 1913West Virginia, USA F67066
18 Weller / Cloud  Abt 1894West Virginia, USA F36616
19 Weller / Cloud  Abt 1913West Virginia, USA F50279

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