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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Eudene  Abt 1909Washington, USA I191118
2 (__), Louise  Abt 1919Washington, USA I191123
3 (__), Margaret W.  Abt 1907Washington, USA I150690
4 Albin, Harrison Elmer  Jul 30, 1890Washington, USA I156967
5 Anderson, Ester Mavis  Apr 05, 1912Washington, USA I165575
6 Benston, Barney  Abt 1918Washington, USA I191109
7 Benston, Cathlene  Abt 1919Washington, USA I191110
8 Benston, Dorothy Edrice  Oct 29, 1910Washington, USA I191114
9 Benston, Harry  Abt 1915Washington, USA I191108
10 Benston, Homer D.  Abt 1914Washington, USA I191107
11 Benston, Jack  Abt 1912Washington, USA I191106
12 Benston, Lorrine  Abt 1921Washington, USA I191111
13 Bittrick (Rhinehart), Marie Lunette  Abt 1924Washington, USA I142747
14 Brighton, Betty M.  Abt 1926Washington, USA I165565
15 Brighton, Everett D.  Abt 1921Washington, USA I165563
16 Brighton, Jacob Coss  Jun 25, 1890Washington, USA I165495
17 Brighton, Robert E.  Abt 1925Washington, USA I165564
18 Carlson, Jack Arlan  Nov 24, 1929Washington, USA I198004
19 Carlson, Sandra Lee  Jul 15, 1941Washington, USA I197990
20 Carman, Annie Elizabeth  1901Washington, USA I70574
21 Chichester, Vivian  Oct 15, 1898Washington, USA I165472
22 Cloud, Alice Pearl  Abt 1935Washington, USA I70584
23 Cloud, Barbara H.  Abt 1923Washington, USA I181774
24 Cloud, Benjamin H.  Abt 1923Washington, USA I150687
25 Cloud, Bessie  Mar 12, 1897Washington, USA I180306
26 Cloud, Carolyn  Abt 1934Washington, USA I169536
27 Cloud, Charles Marlin  Jul 21, 1925Washington, USA I161785
28 Cloud, Donald C.  Abt 1925Washington, USA I70579
29 Cloud, Elsie M.  Abt 1923Washington, USA I70576
30 Cloud, Eveline Eunice  Jun 09, 1907Washington, USA I187431
31 Cloud, Harry C.  Abt 1918Washington, USA I191088
32 Cloud, Helen  Abt 1918Washington, USA I150685
33 Cloud, Irma  Abt 1937Washington, USA I169537
34 Cloud, Lawrence W.  Dec 09, 1931Washington, USA I208829
35 Cloud, Mary E.  Abt 1920Washington, USA I191089
36 Cloud, Oakley Francis  Mar 13, 1903Washington, USA I65264
37 Cloud, Patricia  Abt May 1917Washington, USA I76177
38 Cloud, Pearl  Abt 1908Washington, USA I150683
39 Cloud, Ronald  Abt 1915Washington, USA I150684
40 Cloud, Ruth  Abt 1911Washington, USA I191096
41 Cloud, Thomas Arthur  Jul 13, 1953Washington, USA I180126
42 Cloud, Vernon Dean  Aug 08, 1928Washington, USA I191098
43 Cloud, William Dale  Dec 09, 1924Washington, USA I202852
44 Cloud, William E.R.  Abt 1922Washington, USA I150686
45 Cloud, William Riley  Dec 26, 1907Washington, USA I70629
46 Davis, Frances Marie  Jun 25, 1922Washington, USA I142841
47 Dowell, Archie Garnett  Dec 1892Washington, USA I23668
48 Dowling, Elinore Burchill  Jul 09, 1920Washington, USA I197989
49 Engstrom, Maxine Margaret  Aug 13, 1919Washington, USA I78102
50 Furnish, Dora P.  Feb 1886Washington, USA I23013

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Joyce I.  Dec 26, 2001Washington, USA I181642
2 Bassett, Charles  Washington, USA I99052
3 Bolieu, William Edward  Nov 08, 1989Washington, USA I51858
4 Bowden, Ruby D.  Feb 14, 2000Washington, USA I69811
5 Brechner, Darwin L.  Dec 17, 1993Washington, USA I77793
6 Brennan, Sarah E.  Jun 06, 1952Washington, USA I181610
7 Bulmer, Catherine E.  1953Washington, USA I201076
8 Carman, Annie Elizabeth  1928Washington, USA I70574
9 Carman, Israel Benoni  Dec 19, 1928Washington, USA I201075
10 Carman, Thomas B.  May 11, 2003Washington, USA I201079
11 Chichester, George Harry  Dec 17, 1924Washington, USA I165471
12 Cloud, Edwin Collen  Jun 13, 1951Washington, USA I181550
13 Cloud, Lois  Mar 1972Washington, USA I67080
14 Cloud, Lola May  Oct 18, 1996Washington, USA I68876
15 Cloud, Ray Verner  Apr 1974Washington, USA I68810
16 Dow, Kenneth Bryant  Jun 16, 1952Washington, USA I196718
17 Frank, Alber Davenport  Jun 12, 1918Washington, USA I142912
18 Gillas, Peter James  Oct 02, 1959Washington, USA I179447
19 James, Araminta "Minn"  Mar 1947Washington, USA I140315
20 James, Maranda "May "  Washington, USA I140316
21 Lalonde, James Roland  Jul 14, 2001Washington, USA I165646
22 McCullum, Fanny  Aug 1976Washington, USA I68811
23 Miller, Eleanor Rosella  Apr 03, 2002Washington, USA I89253
24 Ostle, Ruth  Jul 1980Washington, USA I174622
25 Ottenheimer, Nancy  1989Washington, USA I83120
26 Roselle, Norman  May 15, 2004Washington, USA I89091
27 Seybold, Stanley A.  Nov 1981Washington, USA I4049
28 Spurlock, Marguerite  Apr 14, 1965Washington, USA I48923
29 Strickland, Mary Elizabeth  1930Washington, USA I156955
30 Vail, Myrtle Inez  Feb 29, 1992Washington, USA I194707
31 Voorhees, Charles R.  Jun 08, 1954Washington, USA I172373
32 Worley, Charles Thomas  Mar 10, 1972Washington, USA I206940


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Barnes  Apr 22, 1889Washington, USA F58747
2 Bowman / Elsner  Mar 03, 1945Washington, USA F58955
3 Brighton / Machin  Dec 29, 1919Washington, USA F54652
4 Carlson / Dowling  Apr 25, 1939Washington, USA F66514
5 Cloud / Duncan  Abt 1914Washington, USA F49493
6 Cloud / McCullum  Dec 10, 1914Washington, USA F23476
7 Cloud / Wyllys  Mar 1878Washington, USA F22276
8 Hagan / Gillas  Jul 23, 1938Washington, USA F59569
9 Hardy / Miller  Sep 1932Washington, USA F30085
10 Lalonde / Clements  Oct 12, 1976Washington, USA F54705
11 O'Harra / Hodgkinson  Sep 09, 1957Washington, USA F59581
12 O'Harra / Kjolsing  Apr 22, 1950Washington, USA F59579
13 Shade / Cloud  Abt 1926Washington, USA F49857
14 Voorhees / Heineck  Mar 15, 1916Washington, USA F57125
15 Wassom / Barnes  Dec 06, 1945Washington, USA F62751

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