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Waller county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chambers, Willis Meredith  Oct 1852Waller county, Texas, USA I171038
2 Clark, Mary A.  Jan 11, 1860Waller county, Texas, USA I171151
3 Cloud, Stewart Liken  May 25, 1884Waller county, Texas, USA I65407
4 Cloyd, Perry Ryle  Dec 1860Waller county, Texas, USA I24479
5 Cuny, Lowndes  Aug 02, 1852Waller county, Texas, USA I170764
6 Cuny, Thomas Bacon Jr.  Aug 04, 1919Waller county, Texas, USA I170755
7 Curtis, George Walker  Feb 09, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I192075
8 Frey, Bernice  Nov 17, 1930Waller county, Texas, USA I24510
9 Harris, Sallie Dunham  Sep 16, 1871Waller county, Texas, USA I171168
10 Holmes, Jewel Katherine  Aug 02, 1936Waller county, Texas, USA I156450
11 Jackson, Hallie Nancy  Nov 16, 1883Waller county, Texas, USA I47352
12 McCown, Morgan Moore  Mar 21, 1877Waller county, Texas, USA I171173
13 McDade, Hazel  Jun 09, 1893Waller county, Texas, USA I171175
14 McDade, John Frederick  Feb 17, 1882Waller county, Texas, USA I171174
15 McDade, Katherine Christina  Dec 1878Waller county, Texas, USA I171172
16 McDade, Robert  Nov 19, 1869Waller county, Texas, USA I170779
17 McDade, Robert Rivers Jr.  Apr 16, 1872Waller county, Texas, USA I171169
18 McDade, Wright Crawford  Dec 25, 1876Waller county, Texas, USA I171170
19 Sarria, Richard Malcolm  Feb 28, 1940Waller county, Texas, USA I171372


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, James  Oct 16, 1859Waller county, Texas, USA I24658
2 Blasingame, Joseph Marshall Jr.  Nov 13, 1937Waller county, Texas, USA I171092
3 Cloud, Elizabeth Cassey  May 08, 1894Waller county, Texas, USA I397
4 Curtis, John Blundell  1875Waller county, Texas, USA I191966
5 Farr, Napoleon B.  May 04, 1888Waller county, Texas, USA I153638
6 Grimes, Margaret C.  Waller county, Texas, USA I24561
7 Maxwell, William  1889Waller county, Texas, USA I25840
8 McDade, John Frederick  Nov 23, 1929Waller county, Texas, USA I171174
9 McDade, Keet  Aug 23, 1934Waller county, Texas, USA I170780
10 McDade, Robert  Mar 03, 1932Waller county, Texas, USA I170779
11 McDade, Robert Rivers Jr.  Jan 05, 1914Waller county, Texas, USA I171169
12 Smith, Arthur James II  Jul 06, 1987Waller county, Texas, USA I24473
13 Spurlock, Adaline  Feb 04, 1904Waller county, Texas, USA I170763
14 Stephenson, Civility Honor Ann Grace  1899Waller county, Texas, USA I25841
15 Stephenson, Florence Elizabeth  Jun 16, 1916Waller county, Texas, USA I25847
16 Taylor, Ernest M.  Feb 17, 1936Waller county, Texas, USA I171098
17 Washam, William Bradley  Apr 01, 1899Waller county, Texas, USA I44957


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (__), Carrie Amanda  Jun 05, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I171097
2 (__), Carrie Amanda  Jun 04, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171097
3 (__), Carrie Amanda  May 03, 1910Waller county, Texas, USA I171097
4 (__), Carrie Amanda  Jun 08, 1920Waller county, Texas, USA I171097
5 Allchin, Stephen W.  Jun 05, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I171096
6 Blasingame, Joseph Marshall Jr.  Jun 04, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171092
7 Blasingame, Joseph Marshall Jr.  May 03, 1910Waller county, Texas, USA I171092
8 Blasingame, Joseph Marshall Jr.  Jun 08, 1920Waller county, Texas, USA I171092
9 Blasingame, Mabel Carrie  Jun 04, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171094
10 Blasingame, Mabel Carrie  May 03, 1910Waller county, Texas, USA I171094
11 Blasingame, Mabel Carrie  Jun 08, 1920Waller county, Texas, USA I171094
12 Blasingame, Mabel Carrie  Apr 03, 1930Waller county, Texas, USA I171094
13 Blasingame, Willie Paul  Jun 04, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171095
14 Blasingame, Willie Paul  May 03, 1910Waller county, Texas, USA I171095
15 Bouldin, Margaret J. "Maggie"  Jun 02, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I55701
16 Burt, Laura Frances  Jun 10, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I684
17 Chambers, Anna Blanche  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171041
18 Chambers, Calvin R.  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171314
19 Chambers, McDade  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171045
20 Chambers, Willis Meredith  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171038
21 Cloud, Hattie Lou  Jun 10, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I693
22 Cloud, Henry George Washington "H.G.W." "Wash"  Jun 10, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I1165
23 Cloud, James W.J.  Jun 10, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I389
24 Cloud, Sarah Texanna  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I73
25 Cloud, Willie W.  Jun 10, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I694
26 Cuny, Dixon Spurlock Jr.  Jun 02, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I170760
27 Cuny, Dixon Spurlock  Jun 02, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I170758
28 Cuny, Thomas Bacon  Jun 02, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I170756
29 Duck, Savanah  Jun 05, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA I171093
30 Duck, Savanah  Jun 04, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171093
31 Farr, Essa (?)  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I153642
32 Farr, Irene Frances  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I153631
33 McDade, Annie Cooper  Jun 05, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I171037
34 McDade, Keet  Jun 02, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I170780
35 McDade, Pearl M.  Jun 02, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I170759
36 McDade, Robert  Jun 02, 1900Waller county, Texas, USA I170779
37 Taylor, Ernest M.  Jun 08, 1920Waller county, Texas, USA I171098
38 Taylor, Ernest M.  Apr 03, 1930Waller county, Texas, USA I171098


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allchin / (__)  Jun 21, 1876Waller county, Texas, USA F56663
2 Cloud / Kelton  Dec 08, 1874Waller county, Texas, USA F247
3 Cloud / Snell  Mar 06, 1877Waller county, Texas, USA F285
4 Cloyd / Gothard  Sep 06, 1968Waller county, Texas, USA F56659
5 Duer / McDade  May 17, 1877Waller county, Texas, USA F56639
6 Farr / Cloud  Sep 10, 1879Waller county, Texas, USA F56357
7 LeGrand / Blasingame  Dec 15, 1880Waller county, Texas, USA F56700

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