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Vermont, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Angeline F.  Jun 1846Vermont, USA I181955
2 (__), Jane  Vermont, USA I121915
3 (__), Mary A.  circa 1827Vermont, USA I180540
4 (__), Silence  Aug 22, 1813Vermont, USA I208576
5 Allen, Hulda H.  circa 1809Vermont, USA I180504
6 Allen, Lemuel  circa 1806Vermont, USA I180506
7 Bahman, George A.  Jul 1856Vermont, USA I75523
8 Bahman, Hazel B.  Jun 1897Vermont, USA I119809
9 Balch, Doris Lorraine  Aug 09, 1914Vermont, USA I167313
10 Bly, Hannah Jane  circa 1849Vermont, USA I119724
11 Bly, Moses  circa 1807Vermont, USA I181953
12 Cay, Frances  circa 1815Vermont, USA I119754
13 Cloud, Andrew  circa 1817Vermont, USA I119703
14 Cloud, Barbara M.  circa 1905Vermont, USA I73576
15 Cloud, Dana Bayard  Jul 06, 1880Vermont, USA I52799
16 Cloud, Daniel  circa 1835Vermont, USA I72233
17 Cloud, Edie Amanda  Jun 1887Vermont, USA I119534
18 Cloud, Edna  circa 1845Vermont, USA I119733
19 Cloud, Eli  circa 1813Vermont, USA I119753
20 Cloud, Elijah  circa 1809Vermont, USA I119731
21 Cloud, Eva O.  1877Vermont, USA I119725
22 Cloud, Frank  circa 1836Vermont, USA I72236
23 Cloud, George W.  circa 1812Vermont, USA I119708
24 Cloud, George W.  Sep 1864Vermont, USA I119702
25 Cloud, H.H.  circa 1808Vermont, USA I119745
26 Cloud, Harley L.  Jan 31, 1918Vermont, USA I78235
27 Cloud, Harriet H.  circa 1835Vermont, USA I119749
28 Cloud, Harry  Apr 1872Vermont, USA I119737
29 Cloud, Harry J.  circa 1859Vermont, USA I119810
30 Cloud, J. Gordon  circa Jun 1909Vermont, USA I73578
31 Cloud, James Norman  Dec 06, 1845Vermont, USA I67441
32 Cloud, John  Jun 1857Vermont, USA I119738
33 Cloud, John A.  circa 1858Vermont, USA I119713
34 Cloud, John M.  circa 1832Vermont, USA I72231
35 Cloud, L. Nadine  circa May 1916Vermont, USA I78234
36 Cloud, Mary  circa 1843Vermont, USA I72232
37 Cloud, Mary  circa 1852Vermont, USA I119788
38 Cloud, Mary H.  circa 1846Vermont, USA I119720
39 Cloud, Mary H.  circa 1853Vermont, USA I119712
40 Cloud, Maude E.  Apr 03, 1878Vermont, USA I52797
41 Cloud, Otis E.  Sep 21, 1910Vermont, USA I73579
42 Cloud, Samuel  circa 1810Vermont, USA I119757
43 Cloud, Samuel L.  May 1880Vermont, USA I119726
44 Cloud, Samuel P.  1811Vermont, USA I208575
45 Cloud, Viller E.  May 1893Vermont, USA I119808
46 Cloud, William H.  circa 1827Vermont, USA I72229
47 Cloud, William W.  Apr 1823Vermont, USA I119739
48 Cloud), Fanary (?) (Mrs. Elijah  circa 1807Vermont, USA I119732
49 Cloud), Florence S. "Flora" (Mrs. George  Jun 1864Vermont, USA I119705
50 Cloud), Huldah H. (Mrs. H.H.  circa 1809Vermont, USA I119746

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Dana Bayard  Apr 1967Vermont, USA I52799
2 Cloud, Ernest G.  Oct 1968Vermont, USA I78230
3 Cloud, Harley L.  Sep 1976Vermont, USA I78235
4 Cloud, Norman D.  Jun 1980Vermont, USA I73581
5 Kinney, Jean  Dec 1984Vermont, USA I43567
6 Wood, Alma P.  Feb 1968Vermont, USA I66778
7 Wright, Ruby  Feb 02, 1837Vermont, USA I52554


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Daniel  Vermont, USA I72233
2 Cloud, Frank  Vermont, USA I72236
3 Cloud, Mary  Vermont, USA I72232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Wright, Ruby  Mar 03, 1837Vermont, USA I52554


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bahman / Cloud  circa 1896Vermont, USA F24709
2 Cloud / Cay  circa 1840Vermont, USA F39146
3 Cloud / Colburn  circa 1889Vermont, USA F18576
4 Cloud / Wood  Jun 23, 1903Vermont, USA F22678