A collection of family histories and genealogies.

New Mexico, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Bernice  circa 1893New Mexico, USA I202671
2 Bear, Bea  Apr 03, 1911New Mexico, USA I162409
3 Blazer, Vida Myrtle  May 22, 1889New Mexico, USA I129501
4 Bolieu, George Warren  Jan 06, 1903New Mexico, USA I51859
5 Cloud, Dorothy Carolyn  Nov 15, 1933New Mexico, USA I167620
6 Cloud, Frank  circa 1908New Mexico, USA I136262
7 Cloud, Hazel  circa 1906New Mexico, USA I136261
8 Cloud, Joe C.  circa 1924New Mexico, USA I202672
9 Cloud, Lee  Jul 1897New Mexico, USA I125930
10 Cloud, Lola  Aug 1896New Mexico, USA I125929
11 Cloud, Ralph  circa 1901New Mexico, USA I136260
12 Cloud, Richard Donald  Feb 11, 1931New Mexico, USA I207576
13 Crozier, Angella Corinne  May 27, 1895New Mexico, USA I43171
14 Crozier, Charles Whitcher "Charlie"  Mar 1897New Mexico, USA I43172
15 Crozier, Edward Ramsey  Nov 10, 1904New Mexico, USA I43179
16 Crozier, John Swan  Nov 28, 1908New Mexico, USA I43181
17 Crozier, Mary Helen  circa 1908New Mexico, USA I43175
18 Crozier, Robert Edward  circa 1902New Mexico, USA I43174
19 Crozier, Roy William  Nov 01, 1906New Mexico, USA I43180
20 Deadwiley, George Wilton  circa 1909New Mexico, USA I199148
21 Deadwiley, Joe N.  circa 1912New Mexico, USA I199149
22 French, Jess LeRoy  circa Jan 1910New Mexico, USA I130288
23 Fullen, Calvin G.  Jan 1890New Mexico, USA I166613
24 Fullen, Estella M.  Jun 1896New Mexico, USA I166615
25 Fullen, Laura E.  May 1894New Mexico, USA I166614
26 Fullen, Smith E.  May 1892New Mexico, USA I166609
27 Grandon, Hazel H.  Aug 12, 1910New Mexico, USA I183317
28 Grandon, Wayne  circa 1913New Mexico, USA I183348
29 Harrison, Jack Douglas  Feb 14, 1922New Mexico, USA I209831
30 Henderson, Jean  Feb 1880New Mexico, USA I130187
31 Henderson, S???  Apr 1882New Mexico, USA I130189
32 Lowder, Betty  circa 1925New Mexico, USA I170245
33 McCartney, Ora Matilda  Nov 12, 1897New Mexico, USA I82880
34 McCartney, Robert L."Robbi"  Nov 23, 1899New Mexico, USA I82834
35 McCartney, Sadie May  Apr 17, 1896New Mexico, USA I82803
36 Nance, Berl  May 01, 1910New Mexico, USA I132122
37 Nance, Bessie Pearl  May 01, 1910New Mexico, USA I132123
38 Pope, Walter Cadesman III  circa Mar 1926New Mexico, USA I161721
39 Reeves, Laura Laverne  Oct 12, 1931New Mexico, USA I81091
40 Root, Paul Ashton  Feb 04, 1914New Mexico, USA I196814
41 Shaffer, Louis B.  circa 1897New Mexico, USA I182010
42 Slack, Jesse W.  May 1889New Mexico, USA I166607
43 Townsend, Julia  Dec 12, 1897New Mexico, USA I82811
44 Townsend, William Henry  Apr 11, 1893New Mexico, USA I82893
45 Whitehurst, John Thomas "Tom"  Nov 11, 1903New Mexico, USA I57169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Minerva Ella  Dec 09, 1961New Mexico, USA I81277
2 Davis, Bryant Perry  Dec 05, 1963New Mexico, USA I80056
3 Freeman, Sampson Grady  Feb 17, 1985New Mexico, USA I176469
4 Harris, Gussie Gertrude  New Mexico, USA I162080
5 Hendon, Minnie Lee  Jan 28, 1950New Mexico, USA I36578
6 King, Tecumseh "Nick"  Aug 1945New Mexico, USA I42562
7 Miles, Ross  1897New Mexico, USA I42545
8 Miles, Simpson Holstein  1896New Mexico, USA I42544
9 Miller, George Edwin  New Mexico, USA I132241
10 Moody, Joseph A.  New Mexico, USA I169239
11 Qualls, Lillian Nellie  Mar 13, 1988New Mexico, USA I174543
12 Seybold, Adelbert E. Jr.  May 1984New Mexico, USA I196297
13 Whitehurst, Harold Lloyd  Mar 02, 1982New Mexico, USA I57280
14 Word, Grace Lillian  Sep 18, 2000New Mexico, USA I81323


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Richard Donald  New Mexico, USA I207576


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cloud / Cloud)  circa 1895New Mexico, USA F40811
2 Cloud / Green  Dec 08, 1906New Mexico, USA F23495
3 DeLuche / McCartney  Mar 12, 1915New Mexico, USA F27924
4 Hays / Faure  circa 1915New Mexico, USA F27922
5 Ingram / Price  AFT 1930New Mexico, USA F40920
6 McCartney / Brown  1924New Mexico, USA F27936
7 McCartney / Nichols  Nov 26, 1920New Mexico, USA F27901
8 Owens / Townsend  Aug 17, 1913New Mexico, USA F27907
9 Sharp / McCartney  Sep 07, 1928New Mexico, USA F27902
10 Townsend / Love  Sep 24, 1916New Mexico, USA F27923
11 Turney / McCartney  Aug 1921New Mexico, USA F27926
12 Wendhausen / Cloud  Aug 06, 1951New Mexico, USA F69970