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Karnes county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Harold Coke  Dec 08, 1906Karnes county, Texas, USA I71063
2 Cloud, John Frank  Dec 09, 1884Karnes county, Texas, USA I71113
3 Cloud, Lois Etta  Sep 01, 1891Karnes county, Texas, USA I71135
4 Cloud, Mary Lou  Abt 1922Karnes county, Texas, USA I71133
5 Cloud, Maurice Raymond  Sep 21, 1915Karnes county, Texas, USA I71067
6 Cloud, Richard Youngblood  Dec 08, 1906Karnes county, Texas, USA I71062
7 Cloud, Rollie Othela  Oct 16, 1886Karnes county, Texas, USA I71119
8 Cloud, Wilfred Eugene  Jan 05, 1909Karnes county, Texas, USA I71065
9 Forehand, Douglas  Abt 1904Karnes county, Texas, USA I131675
10 Forehand, Ella C.  Aug 1882Karnes county, Texas, USA I131688
11 Forehand, Lillie  Abt Oct 1909Karnes county, Texas, USA I131676
12 Forehand, Lula V.  Jan 1890Karnes county, Texas, USA I131692
13 Forehand, R. Lena  Sep 1887Karnes county, Texas, USA I131691
14 Newman, Anderson Knight  Sep 16, 1853Karnes county, Texas, USA I208040


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cravey, Alexander  Nov 28, 1942Karnes county, Texas, USA I40590
2 Forehand, Thomas Henry  Dec 25, 1917Karnes county, Texas, USA I131679
3 King, Ben L.  Jan 08, 1949Karnes county, Texas, USA I42563


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Benjamin Franklin  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I67592
2 Cloud, Cleo  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71066
3 Cloud, Dorothy Daisy  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71064
4 Cloud, Drew Drummond "Drum" "Drew Dee"  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I71130
5 Cloud, Earl Milton  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71068
6 Cloud, Floyd Weldon  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I71143
7 Cloud, Gladys B.  May 06, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I71060
8 Cloud, Gladys B.  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71060
9 Cloud, Harold Coke  May 06, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I71063
10 Cloud, Harold Coke  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71063
11 Cloud, John Boyd  May 06, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I71061
12 Cloud, John Boyd  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71061
13 Cloud, John Frank  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I71113
14 Cloud, Lois Etta  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I71135
15 Cloud, Maurice Raymond  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71067
16 Cloud, Richard Youngblood  May 06, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I71062
17 Cloud, Richard Youngblood  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71062
18 Cloud, Rollie Othela  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I71119
19 Cloud, Roy Crafford  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I71058
20 Cloud, Roy Crafford  May 06, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I71058
21 Cloud, Roy Crafford  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71058
22 Cloud, Roy Weldon "Pete"  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71069
23 Cloud, Tucker C. "T.C."  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I71140
24 Cloud, Wilfred Eugene  May 06, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I71065
25 Cloud, Wilfred Eugene  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71065
26 Forehand, Allen H.  Jun 26, 1880Karnes county, Texas, USA I131681
27 Forehand, Boyd C.  Apr 15, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I131669
28 Forehand, Douglas  Apr 15, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I131675
29 Forehand, Ella C.  Jul 09, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I131688
30 Forehand, James Hardamon  Jun 26, 1880Karnes county, Texas, USA I131683
31 Forehand, Lillie  Apr 15, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I131676
32 Forehand, Lula V.  Jul 09, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I131692
33 Forehand, Mary Susan  Jun 26, 1880Karnes county, Texas, USA I131682
34 Forehand, R. Lena  Jul 09, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I131691
35 Forehand, Thomas Henry  Jun 26, 1880Karnes county, Texas, USA I131679
36 Forehand, Thomas Henry  Jul 09, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I131679
37 Forehand, Thomas Randall  Jun 26, 1880Karnes county, Texas, USA I131684
38 Forehand, William Casper "Will"  Jun 26, 1880Karnes county, Texas, USA I131673
39 Forehand, William Casper "Will"  Jul 09, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I131673
40 Forehand, William Casper "Will"  Apr 15, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I131673
41 Forehand), Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Mrs. Will  Apr 15, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I131674
42 Stockton, Minnie Independence  May 06, 1910Karnes county, Texas, USA I71059
43 Stockton, Minnie Independence  Jan 02, 1920Karnes county, Texas, USA I71059
44 Taylor, Josephine E.  Jul 08, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I70011
45 Thomason, Martha Jane  Jun 26, 1880Karnes county, Texas, USA I131680
46 Thomason, Martha Jane  Jul 09, 1900Karnes county, Texas, USA I131680


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Forehand / Thomason  Jun 03, 1869Karnes county, Texas, USA F42833

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