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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Bell  Mar 1866Florida, USA I155864
2 (__), Catherine E.  May 1854Florida, USA I174156
3 (__), Elizabeth  Abt 1883Florida, USA I156403
4 (__), Elnar  Abt 1905Florida, USA I164626
5 (__), Etta C. \  Abt 1894Florida, USA I198446
6 (__), Eva P.  1900Florida, USA I85414
7 (__), Martha  Abt 1872Florida, USA I188698
8 (__), Mary  Abt 1835Florida, USA I46059
9 (__), Mary  1886Florida, USA I85445
10 (__), Permilia  Abt 1866Florida, USA I151165
11 (__), Reva  Abt 1890Florida, USA I189897
12 (__), Sarah  1886Florida, USA I85426
13 Barclay, Minnie Lee  Jan 25, 1897Florida, USA I85493
14 Baxter, Vernice Mae  Mar 29, 1915Florida, USA I164734
15 Bostick, James Harrison "Jim"  Dec 26, 1843Florida, USA I48708
16 Bragg, Henry Malcom "Mack"  May 23, 1858Florida, USA I46364
17 Branning, William C.C.  1848Florida, USA I113442
18 Brown, Nellie Ruth  Dec 19, 1903Florida, USA I174283
19 Broxton, Jesse Murphy  Oct 24, 1929Florida, USA I73045
20 Burns, Emily  1859Florida, USA I77070
21 Burns, Nancy Caroline "Callie"  Aug 31, 1868Florida, USA I77071
22 Byrd, William P.  Abt 1866Florida, USA I143207
23 Campbell, Joshua Edward  Apr 02, 1858Florida, USA I131871
24 Canady \ Kennedy, Catherine  Aug 15, 1833Florida, USA I47314
25 Capps, Cecil  Abt 1917Florida, USA I164152
26 Capps, Christell  Abt 1916Florida, USA I164151
27 Capps, Eugene  Abt 1923Florida, USA I164155
28 Capps, Harvey  Abt 1920Florida, USA I164154
29 Capps, Lester R.  Jun 14, 1909Florida, USA I164149
30 Capps, Stella  Abt 1926Florida, USA I164156
31 Capps, Vester  Jan 11, 1911Florida, USA I164150
32 Capps, Wilson  Abt 1919Florida, USA I164153
33 Carroll, Major Oscar Francis  Feb 08, 1905Florida, USA I188700
34 Chancey, Mary Virginia  Jan 31, 1917Florida, USA I188683
35 Cloud, ?Warwick? Leslie  Abt 1911Florida, USA I202864
36 Cloud, Alace  Sep 1886Florida, USA I188681
37 Cloud, Allie B.  Abt 1919Florida, USA I76659
38 Cloud, Althea  Sep 1886Florida, USA I188680
39 Cloud, Althea V.  Abt 1916Florida, USA I188673
40 Cloud, America  Jul 27, 1892Florida, USA I164147
41 Cloud, Bessie Louise  Sep 1898Florida, USA I72274
42 Cloud, Bill  Feb 1894Florida, USA I72269
43 Cloud, Bryant Erwin  Feb 19, 1914Florida, USA I76658
44 Cloud, Charlie  Abt 1868Florida, USA I207127
45 Cloud, Charlie David  Mar 09, 1913Florida, USA I76970
46 Cloud, Chester B.  Dec 29, 1915Florida, USA I76968
47 Cloud, Douglas E.  Jun 13, 1951Florida, USA I164623
48 Cloud, Ellis E.  Feb 22, 1918Florida, USA I76965
49 Cloud, Eugene Mervin Jr.  Jan 28, 1914Florida, USA I188672
50 Cloud, Georgia Ann  Feb 08, 1906Florida, USA I164708

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Vernell  Aug 1991Florida, USA I174262
2 Baker, Daisy Gladys  Oct 27, 1984Florida, USA I100850
3 Barnes, Bonnie Madeline  Florida, USA I177283
4 Baxter, Vernice Mae  May 19, 1990Florida, USA I164734
5 Bloxham, Willie Alma  Mar 07, 1999Florida, USA I57178
6 Broadaway, Mattie J.  Florida, USA I173236
7 Brown, Dorothy Margaret  Nov 15, 1962Florida, USA I141244
8 Caudill, Joseph E.  May 02, 1967Florida, USA I174945
9 Claridy, Charles Jr.  1975Florida, USA I91703
10 Cloud, Aaron  Feb 10, 1880Florida, USA I73723
11 Cloud, America  Apr 17, 1944Florida, USA I164147
12 Cloud, Douglas E.  Nov 23, 1989Florida, USA I164623
13 Cloud, Emerson Taylor "Emmor"  Jan 1969Florida, USA I65670
14 Cloud, Georgia Ann  Jun 12, 1994Florida, USA I164708
15 Cloud, Rev. Grover Cleveland  Jan 12, 1967Florida, USA I76656
16 Cloud, Hulda V.  Nov 19, 1924Florida, USA I164157
17 Cloud, Joseph Sherwood  Feb 10, 1914Florida, USA I77293
18 Cloud, Marion Rector  Apr 14, 1984Florida, USA I67971
19 Cloud, Marvin A.  Dec 20, 1912Florida, USA I164140
20 Cloud, Mary Belle  Jan 29, 1980Florida, USA I73448
21 Cloud, Namen Silas  Jan 29, 1966Florida, USA I127002
22 Cloud, Rhoda M.  Dec 1984Florida, USA I130060
23 Cloud, Robert William  Feb 1987Florida, USA I72135
24 Cloud, Wilbur Dunsmore  Apr 1971Florida, USA I148842
25 Coley, Margaret M.  Florida, USA I41771
26 Davenport, Wayne Lester  Sep 08, 2001Florida, USA I201336
27 Edler, Taylor W.  Oct 25, 1987Florida, USA I176358
28 Fargason, Allen Elliott "Ted"  Feb 07, 1977Florida, USA I137277
29 Faulk, Nancy Catherine  1960Florida, USA I146645
30 French, Gen. Samuel Gibbs  Apr 20, 1910Florida, USA I141677
31 Futch, William  May 09, 1849Florida, USA I8091
32 Gilbert, Meryle Adelaide  May 17, 1993Florida, USA I203599
33 Griffin, Alma Virginia  Mar 01, 2013Florida, USA I198025
34 Harris, Walter W.  1946Florida, USA I164709
35 Holmes, Polly  1846Florida, USA I135755
36 Howell, Jordan Lafayette  Aft 1900Florida, USA I199318
37 Jenkins, Julia Mabel  Florida, USA I148542
38 Jones, Mary  Florida, USA I148512
39 Jones, Orva Earl  Apr 1962Florida, USA I13681
40 Jones, Rennie P.  Oct 22, 1952Florida, USA I148511
41 Kieffer, Edward M.  Aug 14, 1998Florida, USA I205151
42 Kuerst, Hermann  Sep 1985Florida, USA I191287
43 Lewis, Belva  Sep 13, 1993Florida, USA I186889
44 Mayne, Joseph Quentin  Sep 07, 1978Florida, USA I26926
45 Morrow, James H.  Sep 1864Florida, USA I85503
46 Murch, Ida Twinkle  Jan 1981Florida, USA I68788
47 Newsome, James Monroe  1950Florida, USA I164710
48 Neyenesch, Harry Gerald  Apr 1987Florida, USA I129862
49 O'Brien, Gerald Clark  1972Florida, USA I200812
50 O'Brien, William Richard  Abt 1960Florida, USA I200799

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Collier, Thomas McGruder  Florida, USA I48603
2 Jones, Orva Earl  Florida, USA I13681


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Noah  Dec 1867Florida, USA I77074
2 Faulk, Nancy Catherine  May 20, 1891Florida, USA I146645
3 Hamilton, Frances J.  Jan 20, 1889Florida, USA I76657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hamilton, Frances J.  Apr 19, 1980Florida, USA I76657


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Gaines  Florida, USA F37227
2 Clemons / Faulk  Sep 09, 1915Florida, USA F48114
3 Croft / Croft)  Abt 1882Florida, USA F47718
4 Horne / Cash  Aug 19, 1908Florida, USA F28796
5 Hunter / Henry  Apr 21, 1897Florida, USA F47209
6 Vann / Greene  Dec 14, 1918Florida, USA F28755

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