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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Alice M.  Abt 1878Colorado, USA I192393
2 (__), Charline  Abt 1898Colorado, USA I181961
3 (__), Harriet Anna  Oct 19, 1922Colorado, USA I43602
4 Banta, Robert Anderson  Dec 31, 1913Colorado, USA I202499
5 Bartley, Marjorie Eleanor  Nov 11, 1921Colorado, USA I196811
6 Bartley, Virginia L.  Sep 13, 1914Colorado, USA I196813
7 Beason, Augustine Loraine  Jan 01, 1875Colorado, USA I174169
8 Beason, Charlene  Abt 1932Colorado, USA I200302
9 Beason, Fannie  Aug 1872Colorado, USA I174176
10 Beason, George Marion  Feb 27, 1939Colorado, USA I200305
11 Beason, Patricia Maxine  Jul 20, 1935Colorado, USA I200306
12 Bell, John Laurence  Jul 05, 1900Colorado, USA I49360
13 Benson, Edward Christian  Jul 27, 1882Colorado, USA I193329
14 Berndt, Sherman Nicholas Jr.  Nov 15, 1940Colorado, USA I869
15 Boardman, Blake H.  Dec 04, 1912Colorado, USA I184997
16 Brand, Thomas H.  Abt 1903Colorado, USA I181680
17 Brunk, Vivian Jane  Mar 21, 1909Colorado, USA I164414
18 Buck, Molly T.  Jul 11, 1911Colorado, USA I182138
19 Bumstead, B. Dale  May 18, 1899Colorado, USA I130047
20 Bumstead, Grace E.  Aug 1891Colorado, USA I145620
21 Bumstead, Lucius A.  Nov 22, 1898Colorado, USA I145622
22 Bumstead, Marie E.  Feb 1895Colorado, USA I145621
23 Caporale, Vincent Gennie  Apr 30, 1915Colorado, USA I188141
24 Click, Earl  Abt 1926Colorado, USA I207035
25 Cloud, Alberta Bernice  Sep 01, 1907Colorado, USA I196587
26 Cloud, Dorris Jeanne  Abt Jun 1918Colorado, USA I159054
27 Cloud, Eleanor Frances  Aug 22, 1924Colorado, USA I159005
28 Cloud, Frances W.  Oct 02, 1894Colorado, USA I134867
29 Cloud, Gladys Oneida "Tiny"  Dec 26, 1926Colorado, USA I136763
30 Cloud, James Homer  Jun 20, 1920Colorado, USA I136253
31 Cloud, Joseph R.  Nov 22, 1915Colorado, USA I78271
32 Cloud, Julius Elliot  Dec 13, 1938Colorado, USA I182136
33 Cloud, Julius Nash  May 30, 1895Colorado, USA I182137
34 Cloud, Kenneth Glen  Abt 1918Colorado, USA I136268
35 Cloud, Lucille Murray  Jan 12, 1918Colorado, USA I78272
36 Cloud, Pricilla M.  Abt 1918Colorado, USA I159004
37 Cloud, Rene  Colorado, USA I182143
38 Cloud, Walter Carl  Feb 17, 1908Colorado, USA I68874
39 Coler, E. Roberta  Oct 30, 1907Colorado, USA I155788
40 Davis, Donald Spencer  Mar 17, 1929Colorado, USA I206883
41 Davis, Duffield D.  Apr 04, 1925Colorado, USA I206882
42 Forest, Maynard  Abt 1902Colorado, USA I143098
43 Fulgham, Claude Roscoe  Jul 07, 1893Colorado, USA I165617
44 Fulgham, Lola May  Aug 31, 1899Colorado, USA I165627
45 Fulgham, Mary Francis  May 30, 1901Colorado, USA I165629
46 Galletly, Katherine Piper  Abt 1909Colorado, USA I194717
47 Gowan, Jean Bayne  Oct 04, 1904Colorado, USA I153028
48 Harris, Melva Lola  Nov 01, 1902Colorado, USA I182027
49 Isaacs, Avis Lee  Abt 1920Colorado, USA I136269
50 Johnson, Dorothy Laymon  Abt 1912Colorado, USA I72762

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Diann J.  May 29, 2012Colorado, USA I196578
2 Barger, Elzada L.  1968Colorado, USA I181408
3 Bumstead, Rev. Mary G.  Mar 24, 1898Colorado, USA I198615
4 Carnes, Frederick Thomas Jr.  Sep 29, 1988Colorado, USA I202389
5 Cassady, Minnie Belle  Mar 26, 1946Colorado, USA I79255
6 Cloud, Caroline E.  1950Colorado, USA I196799
7 Cloud, Edward Booth  Sep 1976Colorado, USA I136703
8 Cloud, Edwin A.  May 1983Colorado, USA I160594
9 Cloud, Isma Troth  Aug 1939Colorado, USA I68946
10 Cloud, James Lewis  Mar 18, 1982Colorado, USA I199822
11 Cloud, Kenneth Powell  Oct 1961Colorado, USA I72880
12 Cloud, Margo  Mar 01, 1991Colorado, USA I196614
13 Cloud, Ralph Marcellus  Jul 06, 1957Colorado, USA I153074
14 Cloud, Ray Lee  Apr 01, 2005Colorado, USA I196608
15 Cloud, Thomas Burette  Jul 02, 1998Colorado, USA I14113
16 Cloud), Mahula L. (Mrs. Robert W.  1907Colorado, USA I68668
17 Cloud), Polly (Mrs. Polly  Oct 1950Colorado, USA I196572
18 Coates, Forbes Holton  Apr 13, 1944Colorado, USA I198618
19 Cornelius, Albert Terrell  1887Colorado, USA I198217
20 Cornelius, Anna Eliza  1884Colorado, USA I198216
21 Davis, Verlie Levella  Jul 01, 1977Colorado, USA I206873
22 Garretson, Laurence Ernest  May 19, 1992Colorado, USA I140838
23 Granado, Clemente  Mar 1973Colorado, USA I196606
24 Hagen, Donald Durward  May 1980Colorado, USA I12803
25 Hill, Annie Buck  Jan 1972Colorado, USA I199568
26 Hopkins, Beatrice Irene  Dec 01, 2000Colorado, USA I142535
27 Koch, Frederick Edward  Mar 19, 1950Colorado, USA I205924
28 Lamphere, Albin Floyd  Feb 1974Colorado, USA I142603
29 Mitchell, James Calloway "Bud"  Colorado, USA I89943
30 Schulze, Patrick Franklin  Aug 13, 1985Colorado, USA I82980
31 Unland, Ruth Alberta  Oct 27, 1997Colorado, USA I14114
32 Woodyard, Olin  Jul 1975Colorado, USA I199191


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Plitt, Cathrine Mae "Katy"  Colorado, USA I6049


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alford / Gum  May 19, 1940Colorado, USA F27903
2 Bush / Beedle  1904Colorado, USA F14833
3 Cappello / Terrell  May 16, 1944Colorado, USA F58909
4 Hamilton / Mick  Sep 24, 1902Colorado, USA F70738
5 McKnight / Mulherrin  Abt 1897Colorado, USA F52459
6 Powers / Gaines  Colorado, USA F37609
7 Townsend / Dunham  Abt 1917Colorado, USA F27905
8 Tyrrell / Sullivan  1930Colorado, USA F19164
9 Wamsley / (__)  Abt 1878Colorado, USA F61601

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