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Brown county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Ezary Wade  Apr 05, 1918Brown county, Texas, USA I202533
2 Cates, Dorothy Charlene  Dec 31, 1931Brown county, Texas, USA I184146
3 Chambers, Hazel  Sep 06, 1907Brown county, Texas, USA I179890
4 Chambers, James  Aug 03, 1918Brown county, Texas, USA I179895
5 Chambers, John A.  Feb 15, 1921Brown county, Texas, USA I179900
6 Chambers, Lovella  Abt 1924Brown county, Texas, USA I179896
7 Chambers, Melton  Oct 31, 1913Brown county, Texas, USA I179893
8 Chambers, Newton  Nov 18, 1911Brown county, Texas, USA I179892
9 Chambers, Paul F.  Abt 1909Brown county, Texas, USA I179891
10 Chambers, Ruby M.  Abt 1916Brown county, Texas, USA I179894
11 Chambers, Thelma  Abt 1926Brown county, Texas, USA I179897
12 Chambers, Velma  Abt 1926Brown county, Texas, USA I179898
13 Chambers, William C.  Abt 1928Brown county, Texas, USA I179899
14 Cleveland, Grover Stuart  May 06, 1888Brown county, Texas, USA I197168
15 Cox, Emily Ann  Apr 06, 1872Brown county, Texas, USA I82799
16 Day, Billy Floyd  Sep 07, 1929Brown county, Texas, USA I119023
17 Day, George Allen  May 28, 1928Brown county, Texas, USA I119306
18 Day, Tommy Joe  May 04, 1938Brown county, Texas, USA I116247
19 Day, William Joseph  Sep 14, 1908Brown county, Texas, USA I119025
20 Dikes, Burton Eugene  Sep 01, 1897Brown county, Texas, USA I179948
21 Dikes, Clarence Mills  Sep 24, 1902Brown county, Texas, USA I179945
22 Dikes, Edgar Alvas  Oct 27, 1889Brown county, Texas, USA I179953
23 Dikes, Emma Lee  Sep 23, 1889Brown county, Texas, USA I179916
24 Dikes, Johnnie  Jul 22, 1891Brown county, Texas, USA I179901
25 Dikes, Laura L.  Mar 26, 1886Brown county, Texas, USA I179927
26 Dikes, Lea Ora  Mar 11, 1888Brown county, Texas, USA I179926
27 Dikes, Leatrice Alpha  Mar 27, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I179947
28 Dikes, Myrtle Eva  Nov 10, 1901Brown county, Texas, USA I179990
29 Dikes, Robert Norris  Abt 1892Brown county, Texas, USA I179952
30 Dudley, John Burrough  Nov 24, 1896Brown county, Texas, USA I117378
31 Gaines, Eddie  Jan 26, 1879Brown county, Texas, USA I113504
32 Gaines, Harry Pendleton  Jun 15, 1891Brown county, Texas, USA I113513
33 Gaines, Hattie Mae  Jan 15, 1902Brown county, Texas, USA I113526
34 Gaines, Henry Jeff  Nov 1882Brown county, Texas, USA I113507
35 Gaines, James Carey  Jan 10, 1906Brown county, Texas, USA I113527
36 Gaines, John Lewis  Feb 1884Brown county, Texas, USA I113508
37 Gaines, Lila Lee  Mar 31, 1890Brown county, Texas, USA I113512
38 Gaines, Lucy J.  Feb 15, 1886Brown county, Texas, USA I113509
39 Gaines, Mary L.  May 09, 1887Brown county, Texas, USA I113510
40 Gaines, Nancy Novella  Sep 02, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I113525
41 Gaines, Rebecca Frances  Feb 03, 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I113505
42 Gaines, Wade C.  Sep 04, 1889Brown county, Texas, USA I113511
43 Gaines, William Martin  May 03, 1881Brown county, Texas, USA I113506
44 Green, John Albert  Dec 08, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I179873
45 Green, Susan Emma  Aug 30, 1898Brown county, Texas, USA I179874
46 Green, William Henry  Mar 28, 1896Brown county, Texas, USA I179875
47 Henderson, Floyd Alton  Apr 19, 1917Brown county, Texas, USA I179907
48 Henderson, James Merrill  Dec 06, 1911Brown county, Texas, USA I179909
49 Henderson, Lois A.  Abt 1925Brown county, Texas, USA I179910
50 Henderson, Melvin Luther  Feb 22, 1922Brown county, Texas, USA I179904

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Ollie Beatrice  Aug 21, 1983Brown county, Texas, USA I113521
2 Baker, Allie Jane  Nov 12, 1983Brown county, Texas, USA I129557
3 Bell, Martha Jane  Nov 22, 1941Brown county, Texas, USA I179823
4 Bessent, Melvin Newton  May 21, 1988Brown county, Texas, USA I103301
5 Chambers, Brown Lee Russell  May 09, 1949Brown county, Texas, USA I179889
6 Chambers, Hazel  Apr 22, 1933Brown county, Texas, USA I179890
7 Connaway, Charlie Clemit  Apr 17, 1973Brown county, Texas, USA I113528
8 Day, Billy Floyd  Nov 06, 1990Brown county, Texas, USA I119023
9 Day, William Joseph  Jun 19, 1985Brown county, Texas, USA I119025
10 Dikes, Edgar Alvas  Jan 30, 1970Brown county, Texas, USA I179953
11 Dikes, Johnnie  Dec 16, 1971Brown county, Texas, USA I179901
12 Dikes, Miles Pinkney  Jun 12, 1942Brown county, Texas, USA I179809
13 Dikes, Robert Norris  Bef 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I179952
14 Gaines, Eddie  Jan 26, 1879Brown county, Texas, USA I113504
15 Gaines, George Buchanan  1943Brown county, Texas, USA I113537
16 Gaines, Harry Pendleton  Jun 03, 1964Brown county, Texas, USA I113513
17 Gaines, Lucy J.  Sep 23, 1889Brown county, Texas, USA I113509
18 Gaines, Mary L.  Jul 08, 1889Brown county, Texas, USA I113510
19 Gaines, William Martin  Dec 19, 1918Brown county, Texas, USA I113506
20 Green, Fannie Ida  Feb 10, 1931Brown county, Texas, USA I179888
21 Green, Susan Emma  Nov 19, 1903Brown county, Texas, USA I179874
22 Green, William Henry  Jul 16, 1906Brown county, Texas, USA I179875
23 Henderson, Luther Spurgeon  Aug 03, 1960Brown county, Texas, USA I179902
24 Henderson, T.L.  Oct 31, 2005Brown county, Texas, USA I179903
25 Lewis, Delila  Jun 30, 1891Brown county, Texas, USA I113503
26 Moore, Mary Jane  Jun 18, 1954Brown county, Texas, USA I113522
27 Newton, Roy  Nov 29, 1970Brown county, Texas, USA I114423
28 Newton, Sarah J.  Sep 10, 1936Brown county, Texas, USA I113543
29 Nichols, Julia Eddie  Oct 13, 1973Brown county, Texas, USA I113515
30 Patton, Ida May  Mar 13, 1980Brown county, Texas, USA I167315
31 Renfro, Sarah Adeline  Nov 18, 1957Brown county, Texas, USA I44557
32 Richardson, James R.  May 02, 1909Brown county, Texas, USA I54579
33 Tongate, Mark  Mar 24, 1917Brown county, Texas, USA I179845
34 Tongate, Willis Benjamin  Aug 20, 1948Brown county, Texas, USA I179832
35 Vann, William Jordan  Dec 27, 1909Brown county, Texas, USA I85620
36 Yongue, Tallie J.  Sep 23, 1994Brown county, Texas, USA I171531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Carter, Elbert  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I4772
2 Carter, Ida Bell  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I4572
3 Carter, Jessie T.  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I156770
4 Carter, Josie Elizabeth  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I156769
5 Carter, Lovie Dorcas  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I156771
6 Carter, Lucy Pryor  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I10236
7 Carter, Ola Jane  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I156767
8 Carter, Sarah Sallie  1880Brown county, Texas, USA I78
9 Carter, Wiley T.  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I156768
10 Cloud, Edna  Jun 25, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I139854
11 Cloud, Gus (??)  Jun 25, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I139853
12 Cloud, John Clark Jr.  1880Brown county, Texas, USA I77
13 Cloud, Joseph Newton "Jasper"  Jun 25, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I396
14 Hendricks, Isabelle Catherine  Jun 1880Brown county, Texas, USA I4779
15 Lee, Caroline  Jun 25, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I139844
16 Lee, Jessie Elizabeth  Jun 25, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I4319
17 McEntire, Audrey Alonzo  Jun 09, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I130022
18 McEntire, Bessie Lee  Jun 09, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I160364
19 McEntire, William A.  Jun 09, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I130021
20 Rogers, Allie Elba  Apr 16, 1930Brown county, Texas, USA I4575
21 Tinar, Alice Joan "Addie"  Jun 09, 1900Brown county, Texas, USA I129924
22 Williams, Coy B.  Apr 16, 1930Brown county, Texas, USA I167728
23 Williams, Eva Virginia  Apr 16, 1930Brown county, Texas, USA I167729
24 Williams, John Edward  Apr 16, 1930Brown county, Texas, USA I4579
25 Williams, Joy Lee  Apr 16, 1930Brown county, Texas, USA I167731
26 Williams, Neva Elizabeth  Apr 16, 1930Brown county, Texas, USA I167730


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Dikes  Nov 23, 1913Brown county, Texas, USA F59746
2 Chambers / Green  Oct 10, 1906Brown county, Texas, USA F59734
3 Conaway / Dikes  Jul 17, 1910Brown county, Texas, USA F59741
4 Connaway / Gaines  Jun 25, 1925Brown county, Texas, USA F37269
5 Day / Stuteville  Jan 18, 1928Brown county, Texas, USA F38674
6 Dikes / Baker  Mar 21, 1915Brown county, Texas, USA F59759
7 Dikes / Brown  Dec 21, 1903Brown county, Texas, USA F40879
8 Dikes / Doss  Feb 24, 1885Brown county, Texas, USA F59743
9 Fallon / Gaines  Oct 02, 1926Brown county, Texas, USA F37273
10 Gaines / Alexander  Sep 03, 1911Brown county, Texas, USA F37266
11 Gaines / Moore  Mar 20, 1895Brown county, Texas, USA F37261
12 Gaines / Newton  Feb 08, 1883Brown county, Texas, USA F37277
13 Gaines / Nichols  Sep 13, 1903Brown county, Texas, USA F37263
14 Gaines / Strickland  Jan 31, 1901Brown county, Texas, USA F37279
15 Murphree / Parson  Dec 05, 1920Brown county, Texas, USA F55478
16 Newton / Gaines  Apr 28, 1877Brown county, Texas, USA F37278
17 Parson / Green  Sep 05, 1909Brown county, Texas, USA F59733
18 Reid (Reed) / Gaines  Sep 04, 1898Brown county, Texas, USA F37262
19 Tongate / Dikes  Sep 08, 1889Brown county, Texas, USA F59719

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