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Travis county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Yows, Serena Evelyn  Nov 04, 1850Travis county, Texas, USA I143276
2 Wright, Lillian  Abt 1906Travis county, Texas, USA I126668
3 Woolston, William Dorn III  Aug 05, 1976Travis county, Texas, USA I145556
4 Waller, Gladys Ruth  Jun 25, 1908Travis county, Texas, USA I81280
5 Varner, Josie Alice  Dec 20, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I44841
6 Teasdale, Lillian Estelle  Jan 15, 1930Travis county, Texas, USA I147168
7 Teasdale, Buford Charles  Aug 11, 1921Travis county, Texas, USA I147170
8 Teasdale, Arthur Robert Jr.  Sep 03, 1919Travis county, Texas, USA I147169
9 Teasdale, Arthur Robert  Sep 23, 1893Travis county, Texas, USA I147167
10 Tabb, William Elvin  Sep 05, 1929Travis county, Texas, USA I166673
11 Tabb, Mary Edna  Oct 01, 1930Travis county, Texas, USA I166674
12 Tabb, Iva Ruth  May 09, 1928Travis county, Texas, USA I166672
13 Staples, Brenda Darlene  Nov 05, 1956Travis county, Texas, USA I209327
14 Shoults, Daisy Maurine  Aug 14, 1913Travis county, Texas, USA I119764
15 Shields, Sarah  1849Travis county, Texas, USA I54025
16 Ray, Mary Annie  Jun 17, 1902Travis county, Texas, USA I176863
17 Perry, Alice Ellen  Aug 11, 1875Travis county, Texas, USA I80432
18 Parker, James Howard  Jul 31, 1897Travis county, Texas, USA I119778
19 Parker, James Franklin  Aug 20, 1875Travis county, Texas, USA I119775
20 McCutcheon, Mary Jane  Jun 17, 1838Travis county, Texas, USA I87565
21 Knapp, Delbert O'dell  Mar 13, 1945Travis county, Texas, USA I174186
22 Hyde, Jennifer Gayle  Oct 08, 1948Travis county, Texas, USA I36000
23 Hildreth, Jane Renee  Jul 06, 1964Travis county, Texas, USA I163460
24 Henry, Will Ross  Oct 09, 1893Travis county, Texas, USA I44691
25 Henry, Wilburn  Jan 28, 1912Travis county, Texas, USA I44830
26 Henry, Raymond Hudson  Jan 02, 1902Travis county, Texas, USA I44685
27 Henry, Mittie  Jan 01, 1892Travis county, Texas, USA I44690
28 Henry, Lester Lafayette  May 15, 1915Travis county, Texas, USA I44832
29 Henry, Jewel  Dec 30, 1913Travis county, Texas, USA I44831
30 Henry, Florence Verna  May 10, 1898Travis county, Texas, USA I44692
31 Henry, Effie Elsie  Dec 09, 1902Travis county, Texas, USA I44919
32 Henry, Clara Belle  Jan 08, 1924Travis county, Texas, USA I44834
33 Henry, Charles Winfred "Rod"  Apr 18, 1921Travis county, Texas, USA I44833
34 Henry, Charles Lafayette "Fayette"  Jul 15, 1884Travis county, Texas, USA I44688
35 Henry, Arza Ozena  Apr 22, 1889Travis county, Texas, USA I44689
36 Day, Gloria Jan  Apr 07, 1956Travis county, Texas, USA I116244
37 Davis, Wilton Oakley Jr.  Mar 03, 1929Travis county, Texas, USA I119783
38 Cloud, Roy Leslie  Oct 15, 1903Travis county, Texas, USA I66347
39 Cloud, Robert Earl  Oct 02, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I66346
40 Cloud, Robert Cecil  Dec 03, 1910Travis county, Texas, USA I126670
41 Cloud, Margaret Moore "Maggie"  Feb 04, 1880Travis county, Texas, USA I65415
42 Cloud, Louise Ione  Sep 20, 1917Travis county, Texas, USA I126672
43 Cloud, Joseph Walker  Jun 13, 1866Travis county, Texas, USA I65409
44 Cloud, John Wurts  Apr 15, 1878Travis county, Texas, USA I65414
45 Cloud, James William  Dec 10, 1865Travis county, Texas, USA I56359
46 Cloud, Gary Alfred  Nov 04, 1946Travis county, Texas, USA I35997
47 Cloud, Florence  Abt 1914Travis county, Texas, USA I126671
48 Cloud, Erin Maude  Sep 1895Travis county, Texas, USA I66344
49 Cloud, Emma Chalfin Collins  Mar 09, 1876Travis county, Texas, USA I65413
50 Cloud, Dudley R.  Jan 05, 1895Travis county, Texas, USA I75983

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Woodward, Rachel Elizabeth  Dec 06, 1917Travis county, Texas, USA I119777
2 Wise, Daniel Richard "Dick"  Nov 18, 1945Travis county, Texas, USA I25680
3 Wilson, Grace Adelle  Dec 05, 1977Travis county, Texas, USA I197092
4 Waller, Leonard Alton  Jan 30, 1980Travis county, Texas, USA I81281
5 Stuber, Annie Maud  Mar 19, 1985Travis county, Texas, USA I58022
6 Stanley, Robert Milton  Dec 22, 1971Travis county, Texas, USA I102821
7 Spinks, Wilford  1998Travis county, Texas, USA I103305
8 Smith, Ralph Hubbard  Jul 26, 1993Travis county, Texas, USA I25236
9 Smith, Lilly Mae  Jun 15, 1977Travis county, Texas, USA I4335
10 Ricks, Lou Leona  Sep 12, 1960Travis county, Texas, USA I174196
11 Parker, James Howard  Feb 07, 1965Travis county, Texas, USA I119778
12 Parker, James Franklin  Aug 17, 1953Travis county, Texas, USA I119775
13 Parker, Daniel Wiggins  Feb 19, 1922Travis county, Texas, USA I119776
14 Paggi, Leonard "Collier"  Jul 04, 1971Travis county, Texas, USA I48674
15 Paggi, Henry C.  Jul 30, 1984Travis county, Texas, USA I48653
16 Moss, Sarah Ann  Mar 10, 1919Travis county, Texas, USA I125164
17 Lee, Willie Mae  Travis county, Texas, USA I15615
18 Knapp, Delbert  Aug 15, 1977Travis county, Texas, USA I174193
19 Kirchhoff, Georgia Marie  Nov 03, 1984Travis county, Texas, USA I17116
20 Keen, Marvin Spruce  Jul 19, 1993Travis county, Texas, USA I58341
21 Jones, John Pettis  Feb 01, 1924Travis county, Texas, USA I87532
22 Johnson, Charles  Jul 25, 1932Travis county, Texas, USA I93638
23 Hyde, Jennifer Gayle  Oct 06, 1991Travis county, Texas, USA I36000
24 Hicks, Donald Francis  Jul 02, 2001Travis county, Texas, USA I103303
25 Henry, Linnie Ethel  Mar 27, 1968Travis county, Texas, USA I44558
26 Head, James Manley  Aug 17, 1992Travis county, Texas, USA I56113
27 Harrison, Benjamin Marvin  Mar 15, 1996Travis county, Texas, USA I60974
28 Hardcastle, Ella  Sep 12, 1953Travis county, Texas, USA I25687
29 Evans, Minnie  Sep 12, 1943Travis county, Texas, USA I44503
30 Enger, Henry Arnold  Apr 29, 1981Travis county, Texas, USA I103304
31 Doyle, William Cicero Jr.  Jul 05, 1949Travis county, Texas, USA I193345
32 Diver, Frank  Jul 16, 1971Travis county, Texas, USA I153947
33 Cunningham, Martha Avril  Jun 01, 1954Travis county, Texas, USA I119779
34 Collier, Burrell \ Burdell Dee  Aug 16, 1991Travis county, Texas, USA I49095
35 Cloud, Roy Leslie  Jan 16, 1970Travis county, Texas, USA I66347
36 Cloud, Gay Gwen  Sep 28, 1990Travis county, Texas, USA I81014
37 Cloud, Frederick Grandin  Apr 30, 1930Travis county, Texas, USA I68749
38 Cloud, Alfred  Jan 28, 1997Travis county, Texas, USA I35978
39 Burleson, Rachel  1873Travis county, Texas, USA I208145
40 Buck, Thomas William  Jul 29, 1964Travis county, Texas, USA I200045
41 Ames, Catherine Alberta  Dec 26, 1987Travis county, Texas, USA I194172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hancock, Mary Sharp  Travis county, Texas, USA I87564


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Wright, Lillian  Feb 04, 1920Travis county, Texas, USA I126668
2 Wilson, Mildred  Jun 01, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I180251
3 Wilson, May  Jun 01, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I180250
4 Wilson, John Owen  Jun 01, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I180247
5 Wilson, John Morgan  Jun 01, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I180248
6 Van Arden, Merton Leroy  Jun 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I125169
7 Shoults, William R.  Feb 07, 1920Travis county, Texas, USA I119763
8 Shoults, Nollie Clyde  Feb 07, 1920Travis county, Texas, USA I119769
9 Shoults, Daisy Maurine  Feb 07, 1920Travis county, Texas, USA I119764
10 Rogers, Lillie  Jun 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I125165
11 Rogers, Jane "Janie"  Jun 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I125167
12 Rogers, James Litten  Jun 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I125166
13 Rogers, Edward Houston  Jun 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I125163
14 Peeples, Rebecca Jett  Feb 04, 1920Travis county, Texas, USA I76714
15 Norris, Ida  Jun 22, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I4310
16 Moss, Sarah Ann  Jun 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I125164
17 Morris, Lillian Gertrude  Jun 23, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I66305
18 Morris, John  Jun 23, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I147166
19 Morris, James M.  Jun 23, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I147164
20 Cloud, Robert Lee  Jun 23, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I66302
21 Cloud, Perry  Jun 22, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I4313
22 Cloud, Media  Feb 07, 1920Travis county, Texas, USA I119762
23 Cloud, Martha Washington  Jun 01, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I180249
24 Cloud, Lee  Jun 22, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I4311
25 Cloud, John Willie  Feb 04, 1920Travis county, Texas, USA I74859
26 Cloud, James Lee Taswell  Jun 23, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I66345
27 Cloud, Ethel  Jun 22, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I4312
28 Cloud, Erin Maude  Jun 23, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I66344
29 Cloud, Edgar Wesley  Jun 01, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I74686
30 Cloud, Andrew Jackson  Jun 22, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I1903
31 (__), Martha  Jun 23, 1900Travis county, Texas, USA I147165


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Vann / Glover  May 1848Travis county, Texas, USA F28830
2 Teasdale / Cloud  Feb 24, 1915Travis county, Texas, USA F48301
3 Rowe / Cloud  Nov 03, 1898Travis county, Texas, USA F22142
4 Rogers / Cloud  1897Travis county, Texas, USA F23464
5 Parker / Shoults  Abt 1896Travis county, Texas, USA F39151
6 Moore / Cloud  Sep 06, 1871Travis county, Texas, USA F22127
7 McCoy / Cloud  1901Travis county, Texas, USA F26125
8 Matthews / Cloud  Feb 13, 1903Travis county, Texas, USA F22536
9 Jones / McCutcheon  Jan 14, 1857Travis county, Texas, USA F29472
10 Johnson / Cloud  1951Travis county, Texas, USA F5535
11 Heiligman / Cloud  1883Travis county, Texas, USA F26068
12 Cloud / Legrove  1906Travis county, Texas, USA F26124
13 Carter / Cloud  1900Travis county, Texas, USA F22143
14 Barnhart / Smith  Jun 25, 1841Travis county, Texas, USA F9233


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Knapp / Hyde  Oct 18, 1968Travis county, Texas, USA F57737
2 Cloud / Schlab  Jun 11, 1970Travis county, Texas, USA F5539
3 Ashmore / Hyde  Oct 18, 1985Travis county, Texas, USA F57738


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Ashmore / Hyde  Mar 03, 1972Travis county, Texas, USA F57738


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnhart / Smith  Jun 25, 1841Travis county, Texas, USA F9233
2 Barnhart / Smith  Jun 21, 1841Travis county, Texas, USA F9233

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