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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Beatrice  Abt 1898Oregon, USA I188119
2 (__), Bettie C.  Abt 1919Oregon, USA I193645
3 (__), Frank  Abt 1870Oregon, USA I141824
4 (__), Lucy  Abt 1868Oregon, USA I141823
5 (__), Pauline  Jan 19, 1924Oregon, USA I174515
6 (__), Robert  Abt 1872Oregon, USA I141825
7 (__), Sarah  Abt 1866Oregon, USA I141822
8 Allen, Herbert B.  Aug 12, 1902Oregon, USA I174496
9 Anderson, Luther  Nov 1884Oregon, USA I158992
10 Anderson, Maude E.  Jun 1889Oregon, USA I158984
11 Babcock, Mary(?)  Oregon, USA I141799
12 Barnes, Orpha Setta  Aug 28, 1902Oregon, USA I188120
13 Bittrick (Rhinehart), James Allen  Sep 22, 1925Oregon, USA I142748
14 Briggs, Thelma  Mar 19, 1908Oregon, USA I161075
15 Brown, Clara A.  Abt 1888Oregon, USA I3443
16 Churchill, Leona M.  Sep 1877Oregon, USA I23005
17 Click, Harvey  Abt 1921Oregon, USA I207033
18 Cloud, Beryl N.  Abt 1919Oregon, USA I151674
19 Cloud, Charles F.  Abt 1873Oregon, USA I141826
20 Cloud, Elenor M.  Jun 1884Oregon, USA I65751
21 Cloud, Harlan A.  Jan 14, 1920Oregon, USA I151675
22 Cloud, Henry Harrison  Apr 06, 1875Oregon, USA I185701
23 Cloud, Libby  Abt 1874Oregon, USA I141827
24 Cloud, Rose Ellen  Feb 14, 1922Oregon, USA I75592
25 Cloud, Rosemarie M.  Abt 1931Oregon, USA I169535
26 Cloud, Vina Louise  Jun 29, 1901Oregon, USA I141796
27 Cole, Bonnie  Dec 1890Oregon, USA I136724
28 Cole, Gladys  Aug 1898Oregon, USA I136725
29 Cole, Julia D.  Oct 1887Oregon, USA I136723
30 Cole, Roy  Sep 1882Oregon, USA I136722
31 Congdon, Levi Youker "Lee" II  Nov 10, 1912Oregon, USA I592
32 Congdon, Marie E.  Abt 1916Oregon, USA I143141
33 Congdon, R. Howard  Abt 1922Oregon, USA I143142
34 Curtiss, Minnie J.  Apr 1865Oregon, USA I180105
35 Douglass, Della L.  Abt 1906Oregon, USA I23008
36 Douglass, Doretha V.  Abt 1901Oregon, USA I23007
37 Fortner, Edgar S.  Sep 08, 1919Oregon, USA I173607
38 Fulgham, Alberta F.  Abt Jan 1918Oregon, USA I165579
39 Fulgham, Averil Esperanza  Feb 20, 1917Oregon, USA I165584
40 Fulgham, Edmond Elias  Jul 16, 1917Oregon, USA I165622
41 Fulgham, Edmond Wright  Aug 02, 1926Oregon, USA I165582
42 Fulgham, Leo Francis  Aug 10, 1927Oregon, USA I165621
43 Fulgham, Lourene H.  Abt 1921Oregon, USA I165580
44 Fulgham, Russell W.  Abt 1925Oregon, USA I165581
45 Fulgham, Viola M.  Abt 1921Oregon, USA I165620
46 Goodman, Margaret Emmaline  Oct 1881Oregon, USA I71480
47 Graham, George K.  May 01, 1868Oregon, USA I187420
48 Graham, Guy R.  Feb 01, 1887Oregon, USA I187424
49 Graham, Hardin Wallace  Jun 29, 1884Oregon, USA I187423
50 Graham, Horton N.  Aug 02, 1875Oregon, USA I187421

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, John Patrick  May 22, 1946Oregon, USA I174485
2 Allen, Warren E.  Dec 1973Oregon, USA I174504
3 Ball, Rev. John  Jul 23, 1891Oregon, USA I14508
4 Barnes, Orpha Setta  Jan 24, 1998Oregon, USA I188120
5 Cloud, Carl Franklin  Oct 09, 1992Oregon, USA I35981
6 Cloud, Daniel E. Jr.  Dec 07, 1998Oregon, USA I119309
7 Cloud, Vera S.  Jul 1994Oregon, USA I74882
8 Dalton, Alice New  May 13, 1938Oregon, USA I18000
9 Fortner, Edgar S.  Feb 1965Oregon, USA I173606
10 Fulgham, Averil Esperanza  Feb 24, 1917Oregon, USA I165584
11 Fulgham, Edmond Elias  Jul 25, 1917Oregon, USA I165622
12 Gaines, Elmore Watson  1939Oregon, USA I113103
13 Gaines, James William  Dec 17, 1943Oregon, USA I113102
14 Hardesty, Charles  Oregon, USA I4357
15 Hardesty, Henderson Hungate  1886Oregon, USA I4356
16 Hayward, Irene Winifred  Oct 20, 1949Oregon, USA I195503
17 Hoffman, Frank Alexander  Oregon, USA I152355
18 Hunter, Charles Orville  Oct 05, 1912Oregon, USA I165597
19 LeBard, Allen Valentine  Dec 30, 1990Oregon, USA I124754
20 LeBard), Estella (Mrs. Allen  Sep 1986Oregon, USA I124766
21 Mitchell, Ara Jane  Sep 02, 1925Oregon, USA I88980
22 Morgan (Platte), William Riley  1976Oregon, USA I187870
23 Offenbacker, Jordon  1997Oregon, USA I16075
24 Patty, Alice Vernilia  Oregon, USA I89811
25 Pickens, John William  Jul 28, 1933Oregon, USA I194704
26 Potter, Harrison A.  Oregon, USA I107547
27 Sexton, Loudia  Oregon, USA I107680
28 Shults, Lonnie Raymond  Oregon, USA I13041
29 Stallsworth, Allen Harrison  May 21, 1954Oregon, USA I78957
30 Stallsworth, John Henry  Jan 10, 1959Oregon, USA I78961
31 Stallsworth, Mary Ellen  Mar 10, 1957Oregon, USA I78964
32 Stiner, Daisy Marie  Sep 1980Oregon, USA I67032
33 Stremme, Anna Elizabeth  Sep 13, 1947Oregon, USA I35949
34 Thompson, John Alma  May 12, 1963Oregon, USA I78098
35 Voorhees, Albert Nathaniel  Oct 15, 1963Oregon, USA I172406
36 Voorhees, Philip Edgar  Mar 31, 1978Oregon, USA I172374
37 Waggener, Benjamin Simeon Jr.  May 28, 1871Oregon, USA I88822
38 Waggener, Maud  Mar 24, 1913Oregon, USA I88823
39 Waggener, Oliver Green  Mar 09, 1874Oregon, USA I88820
40 Waggener, Virginia Elizabeth  Nov 16, 1959Oregon, USA I88824
41 Wassom, William  1905Oregon, USA I3286
42 Wise, Virginia Lenora  Aug 01, 1999Oregon, USA I127277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Reynolds, Orville Debbs  Oregon, USA I117477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Graves, Archie Lee  Aug 02, 1929Oregon, USA I159465


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Graham, James Knox  Feb 1865Oregon, USA I187419


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hunter / Fulgham  Jan 09, 1907Oregon, USA F54673
2 Hunter / Fulgham  Oct 20, 1907Oregon, USA F54680

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