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Orange county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bland, Jefferson Davis  Jun 30, 1861Orange county, Texas, USA I108175
2 Bumstead, Robert Morad  Oct 08, 1932Orange county, Texas, USA I1790
3 Burch, Bobby Carol  Jan 01, 1935Orange county, Texas, USA I36117
4 Burch, George Dennis  Nov 16, 1942Orange county, Texas, USA I36112
5 Burch, Winnie Lee  Jun 23, 1937Orange county, Texas, USA I36111
6 Burrell, Frederick Walter  Apr 27, 1841Orange county, Texas, USA I108157
7 Burrell, Marion David  Oct 09, 1915Orange county, Texas, USA I108237
8 Cole, Emily "Emma"  Feb 27, 1871Orange county, Texas, USA I108186
9 Cole, Ider A.  Nov 26, 1884Orange county, Texas, USA I108196
10 Day, Robert Henry  Abt 1833Orange county, Texas, USA I136477
11 Flowers, Gerald Thomas  Jul 06, 1944Orange county, Texas, USA I55346
12 Francis, Clint Windell  Jul 23, 1907Orange county, Texas, USA I45290
13 Francis, James Aubrey  May 24, 1901Orange county, Texas, USA I44955
14 Frenzel, Wilton Carrol  Oct 06, 1926Orange county, Texas, USA I132986
15 Futch, Maldried  Abt 1899Orange county, Texas, USA I22587
16 Haynes, Erastus E.  May 1870Orange county, Texas, USA I136480
17 Haynes, Lennie  Dec 1875Orange county, Texas, USA I136482
18 Haynes, Mabel Eugenia  May 28, 1873Orange county, Texas, USA I136481
19 Haynes, Sena Andrew  Abt 1868Orange county, Texas, USA I136479
20 Haynes, Wirt Bascom  Oct 10, 1880Orange county, Texas, USA I136483
21 Hazlewood, Richard Walter  Dec 07, 1960Orange county, Texas, USA I151558
22 LeBlanc, Bettie Joyce  Sep 04, 1937Orange county, Texas, USA I187313
23 LeBlanc, Wilson John  Aug 21, 1939Orange county, Texas, USA I187311
24 Manning, Walter  Apr 1896Orange county, Texas, USA I168569
25 McCoy, Willis Wise Jr.  Dec 03, 1938Orange county, Texas, USA I36677
26 McKeown, Frank Lawrence  Sep 09, 1945Orange county, Texas, USA I58029
27 Myers, Emiline  Nov 25, 1867Orange county, Texas, USA I108168
28 Myers, Emily  Nov 25, 1867Orange county, Texas, USA I108167
29 Myers, Emily Hester  Nov 02, 1865Orange county, Texas, USA I108187
30 Myers, LouVina  Dec 25, 1865Orange county, Texas, USA I108166
31 Myers, Mary  1859Orange county, Texas, USA I108165
32 Myers, Robert Charles  Mar 07, 1836Orange county, Texas, USA I108188
33 Myers, Walter  1857Orange county, Texas, USA I108164
34 O'Banion, Clifton M. Jr.  Abt 1925Orange county, Texas, USA I154042
35 O'Banion, John H.  Abt 1926Orange county, Texas, USA I154043
36 O'Banion, Mary Ellen  Abt 1920Orange county, Texas, USA I154040
37 O'Banion, Richard Wayne  Jun 29, 1928Orange county, Texas, USA I154039
38 O'Banion, Ruth Evelyn  Abt 1923Orange county, Texas, USA I154041
39 Patillo, Martha Ann  Jan 30, 1855Orange county, Texas, USA I108170
40 Patillo, Rachel  Sep 14, 1843Orange county, Texas, USA I108189
41 Poindexter, Tina Louise  Mar 29, 1967Orange county, Texas, USA I151544
42 Prejean, Clara  Jan 06, 1926Orange county, Texas, USA I57759
43 Prejean, Ravenna  Nov 13, 1933Orange county, Texas, USA I57763
44 Rumsey, Arnold  Jul 11, 1921Orange county, Texas, USA I168582
45 Rumsey, Betty Jean  Apr 09, 1933Orange county, Texas, USA I168575
46 Rumsey, Calvin Lee  Mar 11, 1919Orange county, Texas, USA I168581
47 Rumsey, Howard Noel  Dec 09, 1929Orange county, Texas, USA I168584
48 Rumsey, Kenneth Muriel  Oct 21, 1923Orange county, Texas, USA I168583
49 Rumsey, Mary Elaine  Jul 02, 1927Orange county, Texas, USA I168574
50 Sanders, Arthur Sholars  Oct 10, 1897Orange county, Texas, USA I186923

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary Elizabeth  Nov 04, 1862Orange county, Texas, USA I108191
2 Andress, Edwin Robert  May 14, 1993Orange county, Texas, USA I187282
3 Andress, Ernest Holt  Nov 12, 1993Orange county, Texas, USA I187281
4 Atwood, Marvin James  Aug 30, 1981Orange county, Texas, USA I46899
5 Bland, Jefferson Davis  Dec 07, 1913Orange county, Texas, USA I108175
6 Brack, Mary Lula  Mar 11, 1936Orange county, Texas, USA I108437
7 Chenault, Steven  Orange county, Texas, USA I142413
8 Clark, Elizabeth Comstock  Apr 24, 1864Orange county, Texas, USA I108194
9 Cloud, Lucina "Sinie"  Dec 17, 1984Orange county, Texas, USA I111495
10 Cole, Ider A.  Dec 06, 1886Orange county, Texas, USA I108196
11 Cole, Jonathan  Apr 20, 1875Orange county, Texas, USA I108226
12 Deshotel, Dorsena  Jul 25, 1978Orange county, Texas, USA I187410
13 Dorman, Dr. James M.D.  Nov 16, 1890Orange county, Texas, USA I108195
14 Edgin, George C.  1989Orange county, Texas, USA I201656
15 Freeman, Otha \ Othor "Gordon"  Jul 06, 1974Orange county, Texas, USA I48054
16 Greene, Christa Lynn  Apr 15, 1994Orange county, Texas, USA I205348
17 Harmon, Hester Ann  Nov 12, 1865Orange county, Texas, USA I108193
18 Harmon, John A.  Feb 22, 1871Orange county, Texas, USA I37035
19 Haynes, Joseph Cullen  May 20, 1975Orange county, Texas, USA I57531
20 Lee, Nancy  Jun 25, 1849Orange county, Texas, USA I60786
21 Mayo, Alfred David  Dec 30, 1960Orange county, Texas, USA I185006
22 McCoy, Willis Wise  Sep 30, 1969Orange county, Texas, USA I36678
23 McKeown, Frank Lawrence  May 01, 1946Orange county, Texas, USA I58029
24 McKeown, Lillian Ruth  Sep 13, 2001Orange county, Texas, USA I58027
25 McKeown, William Green"Willie"  Jul 21, 1987Orange county, Texas, USA I58019
26 Myers, Emily Hester  Dec 31, 1935Orange county, Texas, USA I108187
27 Myers, Robert Charles  Mar 01, 1903Orange county, Texas, USA I108188
28 Patillo, Rachel  Jun 15, 1909Orange county, Texas, USA I108189
29 Sanders, Blewett M.  Dec 22, 1942Orange county, Texas, USA I186921
30 Sanders, Clarence  Mar 03, 1912Orange county, Texas, USA I186928
31 Steger, Mary Ethel  Nov 12, 1928Orange county, Texas, USA I58025
32 Stephenson, Alvin Irving  Apr 12, 1930Orange county, Texas, USA I108178
33 Stephenson, George Marshall  May 09, 1956Orange county, Texas, USA I108199
34 Sturrock, Minnie Lee  Jan 09, 1966Orange county, Texas, USA I57526
35 Trahan, Eugene  Jul 13, 1978Orange county, Texas, USA I187307
36 Votaw, Edward Bruce  Apr 29, 1974Orange county, Texas, USA I189242
37 White, Nancy Ann  Orange county, Texas, USA I36904


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andress / Trahan  Feb 20, 1969Orange county, Texas, USA F62454
2 Austin / Ballentyne  Orange county, Texas, USA F37484
3 Bilbo / Burrell  Sep 20, 1888Orange county, Texas, USA F35732
4 Bland / Myers  1883Orange county, Texas, USA F35716
5 Blewett / Jenkins  Abt 1925Orange county, Texas, USA F19114
6 Burrell / Mitchell  Sep 02, 1914Orange county, Texas, USA F35746
7 Burrell / Rollins  Sep 29, 1911Orange county, Texas, USA F35738
8 Burrell / Whitmire  Jan 10, 1910Orange county, Texas, USA F35737
9 Cole / Burrell  Oct 04, 1855Orange county, Texas, USA F35720
10 Cole / Burrell  Oct 14, 1914Orange county, Texas, USA F35743
11 Cole / Myers  Jan 30, 1884Orange county, Texas, USA F35721
12 Day / Williams  Mar 27, 1860Orange county, Texas, USA F44614
13 Dismukes / Collier  Sep 10, 1901Orange county, Texas, USA F17306
14 Dorman / Myers  Apr 02, 1878Orange county, Texas, USA F35726
15 Eaves / Burrell  Mar 25, 1904Orange county, Texas, USA F35742
16 Francis / Manuel  Aug 23, 1919Orange county, Texas, USA F21419
17 Harveson / Whittington  Dec 30, 1888Orange county, Texas, USA F2066
18 Haynes / Williams  Dec 26, 1867Orange county, Texas, USA F44615
19 Jones / Francis  Oct 12, 1913Orange county, Texas, USA F21417
20 Myers / Francis  Jul 30, 1913Orange county, Texas, USA F21418
21 Myers / Patillo  Jan 26, 1858Orange county, Texas, USA F35722
22 Myers / Patillo  Apr 10, 1873Orange county, Texas, USA F35713
23 Sandefer / McKeown  May 05, 1950Orange county, Texas, USA F20496
24 Saxon / Swearingen  Oct 16, 1862Orange county, Texas, USA F42870
25 Scott / Myers  May 12, 1890Orange county, Texas, USA F35718
26 Shutter / Moffitt  Oct 09, 1901Orange county, Texas, USA F12082
27 Steele / McKeown  Jan 03, 1948Orange county, Texas, USA F20490
28 Stephenson / Myers  Aug 22, 1883Orange county, Texas, USA F35719

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