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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__)  New Jersey, USA I188688
2 (__), Caroline  Abt 1881New Jersey, USA I205244
3 (__), Carry H.  Sep 1861New Jersey, USA I164227
4 (__), Erma  Mar 1845New Jersey, USA I197803
5 (__), Grace  Abt 1891New Jersey, USA I160132
6 (__), Hester  Abt 1847New Jersey, USA I158744
7 (__), Margaret  Abt 1908New Jersey, USA I204682
8 (__), Martha H.  Abt 1914New Jersey, USA I194319
9 (__), Mary E.  Apr 25, 1897New Jersey, USA I149248
10 (__), Mildred  Jan 03, 1922New Jersey, USA I196612
11 (__), Ruth  1742New Jersey, USA I128221
12 (__), [dau]  Abt 1763New Jersey, USA I17422
13 Allen, Daniel  Oct 22, 1764New Jersey, USA I17443
14 Allen, Grace  Feb 1897New Jersey, USA I134808
15 Allen, Stephen D.  Jun 1855New Jersey, USA I134807
16 Allen, Stephen Oney  Sep 17, 1758New Jersey, USA I17436
17 Arkwell, Charles  Nov 1876New Jersey, USA I134932
18 Arlington, George W.  Abt 1877New Jersey, USA I203945
19 Ayers, Mary Jane  Abt 1824New Jersey, USA I198115
20 Bacon, Annie E.  Abt 1851New Jersey, USA I141611
21 Bailey, Alfred  Mar 1893New Jersey, USA I134930
22 Bailey, Bertha  Feb 1881New Jersey, USA I134928
23 Bailey, John W.  Nov 20, 1854New Jersey, USA I134862
24 Bailey, Linda  Aug 1886New Jersey, USA I134929
25 Bailey, Samuel  Abt 1880New Jersey, USA I134927
26 Baldwin, Linus  Abt 1760New Jersey, USA I15222
27 Barker, Caroline  Abt 1832New Jersey, USA I158715
28 Barker, Joseph  Sep 08, 1762New Jersey, USA I17438
29 Barker, Mary Emma  Abt 1838New Jersey, USA I158716
30 Barker, Samuel E.  Abt 1840New Jersey, USA I158717
31 Barker, Sarah  Abt 1830New Jersey, USA I158714
32 Barker, William  Abt 1790New Jersey, USA I158712
33 Bates, William  1771New Jersey, USA I17593
34 Beedle, Jacob  1785New Jersey, USA I52023
35 Benson, Arthur F.  Feb 07, 1895New Jersey, USA I193330
36 Benson, Rosalie B.  Sep 1889New Jersey, USA I185867
37 Besore, Helen Cloud  Nov 26, 1917New Jersey, USA I142925
38 Birdsall, Elizabeth  Abt 1759New Jersey, USA I115921
39 Boaz, Charles Harrison  Mar 07, 1893New Jersey, USA I154686
40 Bumstead, Elizabeth Caroline  Nov 26, 1814New Jersey, USA I1434
41 Burkett, Jacob M.  Jun 10, 1821New Jersey, USA I195098
42 Carey, Mary  Abt 1797New Jersey, USA I158713
43 Carty, Clara E.  Abt 1875New Jersey, USA I68762
44 Cattell, Anna Virginia  Abt 1880New Jersey, USA I196349
45 Cattell, Deborah S.  Abt 1875New Jersey, USA I196350
46 Cattell, Ellie B.  Jul 31, 1863New Jersey, USA I141583
47 Cattell, George W.  Jul 1841New Jersey, USA I196347
48 Cattell, John B.  Mar 1867New Jersey, USA I196354
49 Cattell, Theodore Blaker  Sep 13, 1864New Jersey, USA I196353
50 Cloud  New Jersey, USA I188687

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blaker, Rachel  Mar 06, 1930New Jersey, USA I196348
2 Cattell, George W.  Jun 15, 1904New Jersey, USA I196347
3 Cloud, Adon or Adam  Oct 12, 1803New Jersey, USA I141558
4 Cloud, Benjamin Watkins  Jun 03, 1920New Jersey, USA I134949
5 Cloud, Charles  Aug 11, 1897New Jersey, USA I134802
6 Cloud, Charles R.  Dec 10, 1843New Jersey, USA I141560
7 Cloud, Dr. Charles Reeves M.D.  Dec 07, 1876New Jersey, USA I141610
8 Cloud, Elva M.  Jul 11, 2006New Jersey, USA I167827
9 Cloud, Harper J.  Mar 01, 1896New Jersey, USA I141627
10 Cloud, Howard Reed  1928New Jersey, USA I134952
11 Cloud, Irwin Packer  May 31, 1960New Jersey, USA I134800
12 Cloud, Lydia M.  Jan 14, 1954New Jersey, USA I134829
13 Cloud, Lydia R.  Jul 18, 1878New Jersey, USA I141559
14 Cloud, Sibylla Ewen  Aug 20, 1953New Jersey, USA I134803
15 Cloud, Thomas Henry  Dec 16, 1996New Jersey, USA I75210
16 Cloud, William W.  Jan 1967New Jersey, USA I68120
17 Cloud), Priscilla R. (Mrs. Daniel  Dec 1912New Jersey, USA I134809
18 Clunn, William Floyd  Nov 1963New Jersey, USA I134763
19 Conyn, Dirck  Abt 1725New Jersey, USA I108678
20 Crane, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Sep 29, 1829New Jersey, USA I14674
21 Crane, Julia  Mar 1858New Jersey, USA I15242
22 Crane, Matthias  Sep 14, 1786New Jersey, USA I15278
23 Denelsbeck, Maria Elizabeth  Jun 03, 1839New Jersey, USA I85915
24 Dodd, Elizabeth  Abt 1761New Jersey, USA I15289
25 Dodd, John  Nov 13, 1795New Jersey, USA I15286
26 Glover, Mary Thorne  Jul 05, 1913New Jersey, USA I134864
27 Harmstead, Anna  Mar 1981New Jersey, USA I147492
28 Harmstead, Raymond  Aug 1981New Jersey, USA I147494
29 Hazenbien, Adam  Feb 1970New Jersey, USA I147493
30 Holman, Robert  Jun 1709New Jersey, USA I128096
31 Jessup, West C.  Jul 29, 1925New Jersey, USA I141706
32 Jones, Barney Alvin  Mar 25, 1964New Jersey, USA I124270
33 Kugler, Mary A.  Aug 17, 1892New Jersey, USA I149253
34 Lampson, Elizabeth  1791New Jersey, USA I15284
35 Matson, Daniel  Bef 1758New Jersey, USA I91132
36 Mills, Joseph Howard  Jun 27, 1944New Jersey, USA I120719
37 Newkirk, Lillian Wilson  Oct 24, 1934New Jersey, USA I141575
38 Oliphant, Margaret  Apr 06, 1723New Jersey, USA I128273
39 Richards, John  16 Mar 1747/48New Jersey, USA I14409
40 Sanderson, Elizabeth Ann  May 15, 1954New Jersey, USA I65508
41 Smith, Charles Barclay  Jun 08, 1938New Jersey, USA I141584
42 Watkins, Lavinia  Apr 04, 1896New Jersey, USA I141600
43 Wills, Sarah  Apr 24, 1844New Jersey, USA I141557
44 Wolverton, Daniel  1786New Jersey, USA I51097
45 Wolverton, Isaac  Between 1770 and 1773New Jersey, USA I51425
46 Zank, Michael  Mar 28, 1945New Jersey, USA I86143
47 Zindell, Louis W.  Oct 1977New Jersey, USA I134921


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Charles  Feb 29, 1860New Jersey, USA I134802
2 Cloud, Hannah  Abt 1807New Jersey, USA I134731
3 Cloud, Naomi S.  Sep 1894New Jersey, USA I134811
4 Conine, Dirck Richard  Abt 1725New Jersey, USA I108679
5 Conyn, Andries  Abt 1714New Jersey, USA I108675
6 Conyn, Dirck  Abt 1723New Jersey, USA I108678
7 Conyn, Seitje Sarah  Abt 1720New Jersey, USA I108677
8 Woolverton, John  Abt 1770New Jersey, USA I51101
9 Woolverton, Lewis  Abt 1763New Jersey, USA I51062


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Benjamin H. Jr.  Nov 21, 1872New Jersey, USA I134713


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bumstead / Bumstead)  Abt 1920New Jersey, USA F47872
2 Carter / Hitchner  Oct 15, 1814New Jersey, USA F28879
3 Cloud / (__)  Abt 1922New Jersey, USA F61347
4 Cloud / Johnson  Abt 1876New Jersey, USA F44012
5 Cloud / Martin  Abt 1917New Jersey, USA F52186
6 Cloud / Marts  Abt 1880New Jersey, USA F44017
7 Crane / Crane  Abt 1765New Jersey, USA F5411
8 DeGarmo / (__)  Abt 1765New Jersey, USA F4841
9 Gravatt / Fenton  1777New Jersey, USA F41490
10 Hitchner / Denelsbeck  1779New Jersey, USA F28920
11 McDermott / Bumstead  New Jersey, USA F538
12 Ogden / Baldwin  New Jersey, USA F51819
13 Shivers / Dell  Abt 1903New Jersey, USA F44008
14 Terry / (__)  1761New Jersey, USA F41562
15 Williams / Dodd  Jun 27, 1787New Jersey, USA F6212
16 Wolverton / Chamberlin \ Chamberlain  Abt 1760New Jersey, USA F18046
17 Wolverton / Pettit  1733New Jersey, USA F18156
18 Yerkes / Yerkes)  Abt 1926New Jersey, USA F44103

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