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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Helga  Jan 1884Michigan, USA I150680
2 (__), Lula Miller  Abt 1890Michigan, USA I178633
3 (__), Lyla G.  Abt 1898Michigan, USA I197374
4 (__), Mary K. (American Indian)  Jun 1836Michigan, USA I183448
5 (__), Nellie  Abt 1884Michigan, USA I180149
6 (__), Pearl  Abt 1892Michigan, USA I196665
7 Agard, Henry Nelson  Apr 22, 1882Michigan, USA I189469
8 Akin, Sadie Belle  Feb 09, 1886Michigan, USA I134148
9 Arkin, Lillian Ruth  Apr 18, 1902Michigan, USA I164212
10 Aspinwall, Elda B.  Jul 14, 1890Michigan, USA I172027
11 Bahusky, Anthony W.  Oct 22, 1905Michigan, USA I119555
12 Banks, Herbert Ray  Abt 1876Michigan, USA I160280
13 Baughman, George M.  1889Michigan, USA I153147
14 Beasinger, Bernice  1930Michigan, USA I164312
15 Beasinger, Oscar  Apr 17, 1905Michigan, USA I164311
16 Beasinger, Robert Allen  Jun 06, 1940Michigan, USA I164255
17 Boughton, George A.  Abt 1845Michigan, USA I139912
18 Boughton, Mertie  Abt 1871Michigan, USA I137063
19 Bowers, Stella T.  Abt 1881Michigan, USA I144240
20 Brancheau, George Anthony  Nov 12, 1891Michigan, USA I164501
21 Brancheau, Marie Agnes  Mar 13, 1920Michigan, USA I164520
22 Cameron, Herbert  1901Michigan, USA I172013
23 Cloud, Agnes (American Indian)  Abt 1872Michigan, USA I183453
24 Cloud, Bertha Myrtle  Jun 1885Michigan, USA I133971
25 Cloud, Clifford W.  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I76990
26 Cloud, Cora May  Dec 14, 1880Michigan, USA I77270
27 Cloud, Daniel Malpass (American Indian)  Aug 23, 1870Michigan, USA I183452
28 Cloud, David (American Indian)  Abt 1859Michigan, USA I183450
29 Cloud, Dean R.  Aug 17, 1930Michigan, USA I197870
30 Cloud, Edith Merlene  Jul 1898Michigan, USA I78174
31 Cloud, Edna  Abt 1877Michigan, USA I161430
32 Cloud, Eliza (American Indian)  Abt 1861Michigan, USA I183451
33 Cloud, Ethel V.  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I76989
34 Cloud, Floyd C.  Jul 01, 1910Michigan, USA I76352
35 Cloud, Gladys Florence  Jan 22, 1900Michigan, USA I133972
36 Cloud, Grace L.  Mar 1885Michigan, USA I66509
37 Cloud, Gregory Stephen  Aug 29, 1952Michigan, USA I129993
38 Cloud, Ira Archibald (American Indian)  Aug 20, 1897Michigan, USA I152888
39 Cloud, Isaiah  1876Michigan, USA I68307
40 Cloud, Iva  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I141385
41 Cloud, Rev. James (American Indian)  Oct 1831Michigan, USA I183447
42 Cloud, James (American Indian)  Abt 1879Michigan, USA I183454
43 Cloud, James Charles  Sep 1881Michigan, USA I161431
44 Cloud, Joseph B. Jr.  Apr 13, 1868Michigan, USA I133976
45 Cloud, Keith W.  Jun 16, 1913Michigan, USA I75227
46 Cloud, Kenneth Melvin  Aug 05, 1914Michigan, USA I75228
47 Cloud, Laverna Ladene  Feb 20, 1933Michigan, USA I77265
48 Cloud, Lena Devere  Apr 12, 1902Michigan, USA I134149
49 Cloud, Leonard C.  Abt 1924Michigan, USA I134191
50 Cloud, Lloyd Wesley  Sep 05, 1926Michigan, USA I134192

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Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alonzo (? Holtz ?), Sarah C.  Mar 15, 1941Michigan, USA I133981
2 Baker, Marvin  Jun 01, 1993Michigan, USA I201356
3 Chiddister, Ethel Marie  May 17, 1981Michigan, USA I134190
4 Cloud, Arthur Franklin  Jun 20, 1966Michigan, USA I143547
5 Cloud, Clarie Alice  Nov 10, 1915Michigan, USA I133980
6 Cloud, Dallas  Jun 15, 1966Michigan, USA I77268
7 Cloud, Delmer H.  Jun 1967Michigan, USA I76349
8 Cloud, Earl H.  May 16, 1974Michigan, USA I134141
9 Cloud, Floyd C.  Oct 1972Michigan, USA I76352
10 Cloud, Greenberry  Nov 22, 1960Michigan, USA I69890
11 Cloud, Harold Bertram  Jun 01, 2010Michigan, USA I78640
12 Cloud, Jeremiah M.  Jul 18, 1938Michigan, USA I133978
13 Cloud, John  Nov 12, 1929Michigan, USA I133977
14 Cloud, John M.  Bef 1920Michigan, USA I72231
15 Cloud, Josephine  Jan 27, 1945Michigan, USA I77269
16 Cloud, Leonard C.  Feb 11, 1995Michigan, USA I134191
17 Cloud, Lloyd Wesley  Jan 21, 2004Michigan, USA I134192
18 Cloud, Marie Edna  May 1988Michigan, USA I77275
19 Cloud, Niley James  Sep 24, 1919Michigan, USA I77271
20 Cloud, Pearl  Dec 08, 1943Michigan, USA I153146
21 Cloud, Robert V.  Oct 10, 2011Michigan, USA I78641
22 Cloud, Vernon Ray "Vern Ray"  Feb 03, 1961Michigan, USA I133961
23 Cummer, Rachel  Dec 1972Michigan, USA I119817
24 Emmel, Mabel Charlotte  Oct 28, 1975Michigan, USA I164310
25 Fogle, Sarah Pamelia  Oct 28, 1914Michigan, USA I189472
26 Gabbard, Thomas A.  Dec 21, 1988Michigan, USA I195031
27 Grabinski, Gary  Aug 16, 2010Michigan, USA I199953
28 Graham, Lucille Margarett  Dec 25, 1975Michigan, USA I198614
29 Hardesty, Grover  Sep 02, 2002Michigan, USA I195630
30 Kepler, Vera  Dec 08, 1990Michigan, USA I68329
31 Kratzer, Catherine Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Mar 11, 1935Michigan, USA I133979
32 Kurtz, Charlotte Fern  Jul 31, 1967Michigan, USA I178167
33 Marsus, Christina  1969Michigan, USA I189470
34 Mason, Stanley N.  Feb 1974Michigan, USA I119818
35 McCollister, Charles  Michigan, USA I53553
36 Moan, Gladys  1979Michigan, USA I207312
37 Moan, William Henry  May 18, 1924Michigan, USA I189473
38 Pressley, Bertha  Oct 30, 1993Michigan, USA I75198
39 Rohr, Chris  Jul 27, 1995Michigan, USA I164256
40 Rote, Tobin Cornelius  Jun 27, 2000Michigan, USA I126485
41 Shults, Edna Orleana  Dec 23, 1981Michigan, USA I13102
42 Smith, Julia E.  Jun 18, 1938Michigan, USA I133970
43 Streeter, Nell Lee  Jul 27, 2003Michigan, USA I207876
44 Waller, Jessie Leon  Jan 07, 1976Michigan, USA I81282
45 Whittington, Jeremiah Collins  Sep 15, 1997Michigan, USA I173028
46 Wyatt, Mary  Jun 29, 1980Michigan, USA I195029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Edna  Abt 1879Michigan, USA I161430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cloud, David C.  1900Michigan, USA I65065
2 Cloud, John Faulkner  1900Michigan, USA I65133


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beck / Jones  Jun 30, 1920Michigan, USA F67659
2 Brancheau / Wickman  Abt 1918Michigan, USA F54297
3 Cloud / Akin  Nov 24, 1900Michigan, USA F43728
4 Cloud / Maue  Dec 27, 1948Michigan, USA F40439
5 Cloud / Smith  Abt 1880Michigan, USA F43669
6 Cullers / Blickenstaff  Michigan, USA F32127
7 Cummer / Cloud  Abt 1890Michigan, USA F39167
8 Maue / Hartnet  Abt 1857Michigan, USA F54301
9 O'Neill / Mahar  Jul 27, 1937Michigan, USA F68957

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