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Massachusetts, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (__), Elmina H.  circa 1828Massachusetts, USA I178811
2 (__), Harriet  circa 1812Massachusetts, USA I195445
3 (__), Maud M.  circa 1870Massachusetts, USA I207519
4 (__), Ruth  circa 1899Massachusetts, USA I164240
5 (__), Susannah  1775Massachusetts, USA I128219
6 Arnold, Abigail  Jul 1882Massachusetts, USA I136967
7 Arnold, Judy C.  Oct 1888Massachusetts, USA I136975
8 Bacon, Ralph L.  May 26, 1842Massachusetts, USA I197773
9 Beebe, Laurena \ Louisa  circa 1819Massachusetts, USA I119719
10 Blankenship, Melora Monson  Jul 14, 1826Massachusetts, USA I136973
11 Boynton, Charles H. \ E.  Oct 1870Massachusetts, USA I7636
12 Bradley, Quin Czar  Nov 12, 1814Massachusetts, USA I68734
13 Brayman, Ellen Maria  Jun 1847Massachusetts, USA I179104
14 Brooks, James  circa 1794Massachusetts, USA I15272
15 Bumstead, Arnold  Jan 25, 1823Massachusetts, USA I178810
16 Bumstead, Carrie L.  Jun 1858Massachusetts, USA I198627
17 Bumstead, George  Sep 28, 1802Massachusetts, USA I145785
18 Bumstead, Hiram B.  circa 1818Massachusetts, USA I178819
19 Bumstead, Josiah  Dec 31, 1770Massachusetts, USA I145726
20 Bumstead, Merrill Arnold  Jul 1851Massachusetts, USA I178805
21 Bumstead, Rosella Jane  circa 1855Massachusetts, USA I178812
22 Bumstead, Sarah Ann  Mar 23, 1824Massachusetts, USA I145794
23 Bumstead, Dr. Sereno Edward Dwight M.D.  Mar 1823Massachusetts, USA I198638
24 Bumstead, Willis  Sep 28, 1921Massachusetts, USA I145880
25 Caldarelli, James J.  Jan 23, 1945Massachusetts, USA I207919
26 Carpenter, Dexter  Feb 27, 1790Massachusetts, USA I76400
27 Chaffee), Jennie (Mrs.  circa 1838Massachusetts, USA I144202
28 Clark, Caroline  circa 1827Massachusetts, USA I198622
29 Clark, Ellen B.  circa 1849Massachusetts, USA I198623
30 Clark, Isaac  circa 1794Massachusetts, USA I198619
31 Clark, Isaac P.  circa 1822Massachusetts, USA I198621
32 Clark, Samuel  circa 1826Massachusetts, USA I198624
33 Cloud, Bathsheba  circa 1846Massachusetts, USA I176880
34 Cloud, Charles W.  Aug 1847Massachusetts, USA I119741
35 Cloud, Dorothy Evelyn  Dec 01, 1919Massachusetts, USA I73068
36 Cloud, Ebenezer H.  circa 1819Massachusetts, USA I119718
37 Cloud, Ernest G.  Sep 08, 1905Massachusetts, USA I78230
38 Cloud, Frank Kingsley Jr.  Apr 1887Massachusetts, USA I161427
39 Cloud, Gertrude E.  circa 1908Massachusetts, USA I78231
40 Cloud, Mary  circa 1845Massachusetts, USA I176879
41 Cloud, Robert Edwin  Jul 06, 1911Massachusetts, USA I78233
42 Cloud, [son]  Massachusetts, USA I136238
43 Cloud), Mary (Mrs. William  Between 1823 and 1826Massachusetts, USA I75124
44 Cloud), Mary A. (Mrs. James Norman  circa 1857Massachusetts, USA I77179
45 Clowd, J.H.  circa 1847Massachusetts, USA I160140
46 Coffin, Abel  Jun 23, 1792Massachusetts, USA I44021
47 Conant, Nellie M.  May 1857Massachusetts, USA I73487
48 Day, Sophia Hillyer  Mar 15, 1815Massachusetts, USA I65388
49 Dyke, Harold Howard  Aug 04, 1896Massachusetts, USA I170703
50 Dyke, Harold Howard Jr.  circa Feb 1919Massachusetts, USA I170704

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Bridget  Apr 13, 1941Massachusetts, USA I195782
2 Caldarelli, James J.  Jul 23, 1993Massachusetts, USA I207919
3 Chipman, Jacob Jr.  Dec 09, 1777Massachusetts, USA I112550
4 Cloud, Roland Newkirk  Nov 1978Massachusetts, USA I141577
5 Fairbanks, John Hassam  Aft 1920Massachusetts, USA I180516
6 Gesler, David W.  Jan 14, 1995Massachusetts, USA I133284
7 Sheridan, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 27, 1987Massachusetts, USA I142361
8 Sherman, Maria Nancy  Dec 12, 1847Massachusetts, USA I12305
9 Tilden, Joseph  May 1670Massachusetts, USA I37529
10 Tilden, Judith  Massachusetts, USA I37532
11 Tilden, Lydia  Massachusetts, USA I37535
12 Tilden, Stephen  1711Massachusetts, USA I37536
13 Tilden, Thomas  1705Massachusetts, USA I37531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Babcock, Mary(?)  circa 1866Massachusetts, USA I141799
2 Kerwin, Thomas Frank  1875Massachusetts, USA I208632


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Britton / Cloud  circa 1906Massachusetts, USA F39075
2 Falcon / Leininger  Oct 28, 1855Massachusetts, USA F59798
3 Gens / Sheridan  1954Massachusetts, USA F70393
4 Pierce / Spooner  Oct 12, 1795Massachusetts, USA F46282
5 Sherman / Blankenship  Oct 11, 1846Massachusetts, USA F44819
6 Torrey / Veal  Jan 03, 1894Massachusetts, USA F55197