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Liberty county, Texas, USA



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blue, Delmer Dean  Feb 22, 1932Liberty county, Texas, USA I2817
2 Boudreaux, Eva Lorenia "Lou"  Dec 07, 1873Liberty county, Texas, USA I48934
3 Brown, Luda Mae  Nov 05, 1922Liberty county, Texas, USA I5834
4 Burton, Olen  Oct 05, 1912Liberty county, Texas, USA I125209
5 Cameron, Adelia  Sep 1886Liberty county, Texas, USA I57982
6 Cameron, Ardie  Dec 1882Liberty county, Texas, USA I57981
7 Cameron, Bessie  Abt 1869Liberty county, Texas, USA I57980
8 Carter, Joan Mae  Feb 21, 1939Liberty county, Texas, USA I156854
9 Carter, Larry Gail  Jun 14, 1943Liberty county, Texas, USA I156867
10 Collier, Ernest Werlington  Aug 16, 1906Liberty county, Texas, USA I48550
11 Dagle, Viola Mae  Dec 24, 1929Liberty county, Texas, USA I5848
12 Ford, Barbara Faye  Feb 04, 1937Liberty county, Texas, USA I142377
13 Gayle, J. Fountain  Jul 10, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I130813
14 Gayle, Laura Louise  Mar 28, 1853Liberty county, Texas, USA I130814
15 Green, Adelin  Abt 1879Liberty county, Texas, USA I166871
16 Green, Jefferson  Abt 1855Liberty county, Texas, USA I25975
17 Green, Maria  Abt 1859Liberty county, Texas, USA I166869
18 Green, Reasie  Abt 1863Liberty county, Texas, USA I25974
19 Hardin, Catharine  Abt 1842Liberty county, Texas, USA I26076
20 Hardin, Jane Jerusha  Abt 1837Liberty county, Texas, USA I26078
21 Hardin, Jerusha  Abt 1834Liberty county, Texas, USA I25985
22 Hardin, Kaleta  May 31, 1840Liberty county, Texas, USA I26042
23 Hardin, William Bledsoe  Abt 1842Liberty county, Texas, USA I26080
24 Hardin, Judge William Frank  May 02, 1841Liberty county, Texas, USA I26043
25 Hastings, Charles Royce  Dec 27, 1926Liberty county, Texas, USA I5907
26 Kennedy, Patsy Ann  Dec 27, 1934Liberty county, Texas, USA I2816
27 Lawrence, Jennifer Kendra  Nov 09, 1977Liberty county, Texas, USA I142388
28 Lawrence, Lindsay Erin  Feb 17, 1979Liberty county, Texas, USA I142390
29 Martin, Cordelia  Nov 09, 1851Liberty county, Texas, USA I94522
30 Martin, Rev. David K.  Dec 07, 1849Liberty county, Texas, USA I50257
31 Martin, Rev. David King  Dec 07, 1849Liberty county, Texas, USA I167205
32 Martin, Mary Amelia  1852Liberty county, Texas, USA I94505
33 Norman, Albert Brown  Apr 07, 1884Liberty county, Texas, USA I193668
34 Odiorne, Patti Lynn  May 31, 1958Liberty county, Texas, USA I132974
35 Odiorne, Sandra Ann  Aug 15, 1954Liberty county, Texas, USA I132975
36 Perryman, William Sampson  Jun 04, 1866Liberty county, Texas, USA I203790
37 Rives, Tressie Marguerite  Sep 13, 1923Liberty county, Texas, USA I58281
38 Weatherford, Albert Henry  Jul 09, 1920Liberty county, Texas, USA I5960
39 Weatherford, baby Bama  Oct 09, 1892Liberty county, Texas, USA I132972
40 Weatherford, baby Dore  May 06, 1901Liberty county, Texas, USA I132973
41 Weatherford, Charles Belton  Nov 04, 1935Liberty county, Texas, USA I36614
42 Weatherford, Dock Kim "Kim"  May 02, 1930Liberty county, Texas, USA I5963
43 Weatherford, Frances  Abt 1925Liberty county, Texas, USA I5962
44 Weatherford, Itha Sherwood  Jan 17, 1897Liberty county, Texas, USA I5937
45 Whittington, Desmond Jeffries  Jan 01, 1899Liberty county, Texas, USA I5898
46 Whittington, Dick  Feb 14, 1928Liberty county, Texas, USA I5839
47 Whittington, Earl  Oct 23, 1931Liberty county, Texas, USA I5840
48 Whittington, Peggy Joyce  Jun 22, 1928Liberty county, Texas, USA I5927
49 Wrigley, Adelia Ann  Jun 1849Liberty county, Texas, USA I58133


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beasley, Oren S.  Nov 12, 1973Liberty county, Texas, USA I58396
2 Beasley, William Robert  Dec 29, 1977Liberty county, Texas, USA I58394
3 Bingham, Durham Richardson  Sep 06, 1982Liberty county, Texas, USA I48548
4 Burton, Olen  Jan 26, 1997Liberty county, Texas, USA I125209
5 Carter, Chester S.  May 10, 1950Liberty county, Texas, USA I156839
6 Cloud, James Claude  Aug 08, 1970Liberty county, Texas, USA I101093
7 Cruse, Floyd Pope  Apr 26, 1986Liberty county, Texas, USA I49421
8 Ford, Thomas Collier  Jul 12, 1962Liberty county, Texas, USA I55252
9 Hardin, Elizabeth  Apr 02, 1856Liberty county, Texas, USA I26009
10 Holland, Martha  Sep 15, 1878Liberty county, Texas, USA I5699
11 Hooks, Edna Eudora  Nov 06, 1982Liberty county, Texas, USA I33322
12 McAdams, Harley Hobard  Jul 20, 1984Liberty county, Texas, USA I5829
13 McMurtry, Abner  Oct 01, 1882Liberty county, Texas, USA I25983
14 McMurtry, Sallie  Oct 20, 1948Liberty county, Texas, USA I58275
15 McWhorter, Lute Eli  Mar 25, 1995Liberty county, Texas, USA I125205
16 Moreland, Frank John  Sep 26, 2001Liberty county, Texas, USA I143510
17 Nolting, Dora Elizabeth  Oct 15, 1976Liberty county, Texas, USA I5959
18 Owens, Odis Lee  Nov 24, 1991Liberty county, Texas, USA I57989
19 Rogers, Hannah Jane  Mar 31, 1892Liberty county, Texas, USA I25992
20 Smelley, David Allen  Aug 24, 1976Liberty county, Texas, USA I131036
21 Sturrock, Barrett Travis  Aug 25, 1968Liberty county, Texas, USA I47752
22 Sturrock, Milton Layne  Jul 29, 1978Liberty county, Texas, USA I57561
23 Sturrock, Nora Ellen  Oct 06, 1978Liberty county, Texas, USA I35041
24 Weatherford, baby Bama  Oct 09, 1892Liberty county, Texas, USA I132972
25 Weatherford, baby Dore  May 06, 1901Liberty county, Texas, USA I132973
26 Weatherford, Charles Arthur  Dec 09, 1970Liberty county, Texas, USA I5938
27 Weatherford, Gayard Itha  Mar 25, 1998Liberty county, Texas, USA I5957
28 Weatherford, John Elihew  Aug 29, 1960Liberty county, Texas, USA I5939
29 Wingate, Harry Wayne Ralls  Feb 05, 1950Liberty county, Texas, USA I59862


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Green, Stephen  Jun 19, 1900Liberty county, Texas, USA I25977
2 Hardin, Augustine Blackburn  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I25995
3 Hardin, Catharine  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I26076
4 Hardin, Cornelia  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I25973
5 Hardin, Jane Jerusha  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I26078
6 Hardin, Jerusha  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I25985
7 Hardin, Jerusha  Jun 19, 1900Liberty county, Texas, USA I25985
8 Hardin, Milton Ashley  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I26002
9 Hardin, Sanders A.  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I25993
10 Hardin, Sarah H.  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I25984
11 Hardin, Swan  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I25988
12 Hardin, Swan  Jun 19, 1900Liberty county, Texas, USA I25988
13 Hardin, William Bledsoe  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I26080
14 Isbell, Mary T.  Sep 03, 1850Liberty county, Texas, USA I26077
15 Weatherford, Beatrice Irene "Dorcas"  Jan 02, 1920Liberty county, Texas, USA I5936
16 Weatherford, Samuel Delbert "Sam"  Jan 02, 1920Liberty county, Texas, USA I5934
17 Weatherford, Samuel William  Jun 1900Liberty county, Texas, USA I5932
18 Weatherford, Samuel William  Jan 02, 1920Liberty county, Texas, USA I5932
19 Weatherford, Thelma Orpha  Jan 02, 1920Liberty county, Texas, USA I5933
20 Whittington, Orpha Ellen "Phene"  Jun 1900Liberty county, Texas, USA I5791


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Dever, Mariah \ Mary  Abt 1844Liberty county, Texas, USA I25952


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andress / Freeman  1899Liberty county, Texas, USA F2151
2 Brown / Barrow  Jul 22, 1879Liberty county, Texas, USA F66313
3 Cameron / Wrigley  Abt 1865Liberty county, Texas, USA F20530
4 Cleveland / Hardin  Apr 09, 1849Liberty county, Texas, USA F20529
5 Cloud / Williams  Aug 28, 1968Liberty county, Texas, USA F55144
6 Dismukes / Dever  Oct 28, 1840Liberty county, Texas, USA F19956
7 Edmondson / Hardin  Liberty county, Texas, USA F9476
8 Gayle / Dever  1849Liberty county, Texas, USA F42506
9 Green / (__)  Bef 1880Liberty county, Texas, USA F55141
10 Green / (__)  Abt 1888Liberty county, Texas, USA F55140
11 Green / Hardin  Liberty county, Texas, USA F9456
12 Hardy / McBrayer  Jul 14, 1972Liberty county, Texas, USA F64025
13 McMurtry / Hardin  Feb 22, 1860Liberty county, Texas, USA F9457
14 McWhorter / Burton  Jul 04, 1974Liberty county, Texas, USA F40573
15 Ray / Hastings  Oct 29, 1995Liberty county, Texas, USA F15197
16 Rumsey / Johnson  Sep 17, 1994Liberty county, Texas, USA F55768
17 Whittington / Weatherford  Sep 07, 1887Liberty county, Texas, USA F61232
18 Whittington / Weed  Oct 27, 1886Liberty county, Texas, USA F2127

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