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Johnson county, Iowa, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Arthur Anderson  Oct 1860Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177464
2 Barnes, Benjamin Edward  circa 1903Johnson county, Iowa, USA I178236
3 Barnes, Blanche Alice  circa 1900Johnson county, Iowa, USA I178233
4 Barnes, Charles Sherman  Aug 22, 1870Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177241
5 Barnes, Emma May  Mar 09, 1868Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177419
6 Barnes, Ephraim Wilson  Jul 30, 1860Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177428
7 Barnes, George Jackson  Jul 04, 1855Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177425
8 Barnes, Henry Norman  Dec 1876Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177532
9 Barnes, Ida May  Jan 06, 1862Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177417
10 Barnes, Ione Marilyn  circa 1913Johnson county, Iowa, USA I178240
11 Barnes, James Nicholas  Mar 08, 1867Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177432
12 Barnes, Joseph William  Jan 1898Johnson county, Iowa, USA I178231
13 Barnes, Lucinda Bell  Dec 06, 1856Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177426
14 Barnes, Pleasant Henderson  Apr 24, 1853Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177416
15 Barnes, Sadie  circa 1905Johnson county, Iowa, USA I178237
16 Barnes, Sara Elizabeth  May 21, 1870Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177433
17 Barnes, Susan Anella  Jan 27, 1872Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177235
18 Barnes, William Henry  May 05, 1858Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177427
19 Bissell, Richard Pierce  1846Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65719
20 Cloud, Elizabeth Alice  Aug 07, 1864Johnson county, Iowa, USA I70462
21 Cloud, Emma F.  Oct 13, 1860Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65774
22 Cloud, Hiram Winfield  Nov 05, 1861Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65001
23 Cloud, Hortense R.  Feb 26, 1871Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65775
24 Cloud, James Franklin  Jul 26, 1850Johnson county, Iowa, USA I64996
25 Cloud, John Thomas Wilson  Feb 29, 1860Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65000
26 Cloud, John W.  Jul 07, 1858Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65773
27 Cloud, Lowell W.  Aug 23, 1856Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65772
28 Cloud, Lucy  Feb 18, 1845Johnson county, Iowa, USA I64993
29 Cloud, Mary Ann  Aug 27, 1846Johnson county, Iowa, USA I64994
30 Cloud, Mary M. "Mamie"  Nov 15, 1868Johnson county, Iowa, USA I70461
31 Cloud, Myrtle  Sep 14, 1874Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65777
32 Cloud, Cpl. Nathaniel  Mar 18, 1843Johnson county, Iowa, USA I64992
33 Cloud, Rebecca Matilda  Nov 01, 1848Johnson county, Iowa, USA I64995
34 Cloud, Richard Samuel "Dickie"  Aug 26, 1865Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65734
35 Cloud, Roseann Elizabeth  Mar 15, 1853Johnson county, Iowa, USA I64998
36 Dean, Delilah  Jan 24, 1854Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177518
37 Heddleston, William Thomas  Apr 25, 1865Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177559
38 Hopkins, Emily Eliza  Jan 08, 1860Johnson county, Iowa, USA I142478
39 Hopkins, Frances  Sep 24, 1868Johnson county, Iowa, USA I142484
40 Hopkins, Jonathan  Mar 20, 1861Johnson county, Iowa, USA I142483
41 Hopkins, Sherman Herman  Mar 20, 1865Johnson county, Iowa, USA I142480
42 Hopkins, Wilson Nathanial  Jan 15, 1863Johnson county, Iowa, USA I142479
43 Kinzey, Benjamin Ernest  Feb 19, 1877Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177782
44 Pfaff, Elizabeth L. "Libbie"  Dec 20, 1867Johnson county, Iowa, USA I72438
45 Pfaff, Ellen Blanche  Aug 19, 1871Johnson county, Iowa, USA I72442
46 Schultz, George  Jun 1881Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177555
47 Streebin, John Jacob  Jun 05, 1874Johnson county, Iowa, USA I178079
48 Webster, Bessie May  Aug 02, 1898Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177551


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Isam King  Aug 26, 1874Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177367
2 Cloud, Emma F.  Sep 19, 1877Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65774
3 Cloud, George S. "Georgie"  Jul 15, 1877Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65780
4 Cloud, Hiram Winfield  Sep 06, 1862Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65001
5 Cloud, Hortense R.  Mar 17, 1879Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65775
6 Cloud, John W.  Feb 13, 1864Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65773
7 Cloud, Lowell W.  Oct 05, 1856Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65772
8 Cloud, Lucy  May 02, 1857Johnson county, Iowa, USA I64993
9 Cloud, Myrtle  Oct 10, 1874Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65777
10 Cloud, Richard Samuel "Dickie"  Jul 08, 1867Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65734
11 Nivison, Rebecca  Between 1868 and 1870Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177384
12 Ogle, Elizabeth  1853Johnson county, Iowa, USA I132610
13 Rankin, Rosanne B. "Rosa"  May 11, 1878Johnson county, Iowa, USA I65779
14 Whitmore, Elizabeth Maria  Feb 15, 1880Johnson county, Iowa, USA I66013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hopkins, Ruth  Johnson county, Iowa, USA I142449


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Catherine May  Nov 08, 1865Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177431
2 Barnes, Etta Ann  Oct 10, 1863Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177430
3 Barnes, Sylvia Ellen  Feb 15, 1862Johnson county, Iowa, USA I177429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Almond / Cloud  Feb 10, 1871Johnson county, Iowa, USA F21915
2 Barnes / Benesh  Sep 19, 1886Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58835
3 Barnes / Blain  Oct 10, 1854Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58829
4 Barnes / Dean  May 10, 1876Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58843
5 Barnes / Fitzsimmons  Feb 29, 1876Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58846
6 Barnes / Holman  1853Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58735
7 Barnes / Jones  1869Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58833
8 Barnes / Nivison  circa 1860Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58812
9 Barnes / Wilkinson  Dec 14, 1853Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58811
10 Bissell / Cloud  Mar 03, 1870Johnson county, Iowa, USA F21918
11 Brooks / Barnes  Mar 27, 1850Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58822
12 Cloud / Strong  Jul 21, 1864Johnson county, Iowa, USA F21905
13 Cloud / Whitmore  Nov 14, 1855Johnson county, Iowa, USA F21906
14 Flint / Cloud  Jul 03, 1872Johnson county, Iowa, USA F22277
15 Hopkins / Cloud  Mar 17, 1859Johnson county, Iowa, USA F21913
16 Pfaff / Cloud  Nov 18, 1866Johnson county, Iowa, USA F22275
17 Schultz / Barnes  Jun 29, 1878Johnson county, Iowa, USA F58852