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Jefferson county, Alabama, USA



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brasher, Kermit Howell  Apr 01, 1963Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I28824
2 Burns, Gurley  Apr 22, 1920Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I28871
3 Dawson, Katherine  Oct 01, 1914Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I28828
4 Dawson, Martha Genell  Oct 20, 1928Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27588
5 Dawson, Thomas Calvin  Apr 26, 1925Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I29139
6 Dawson, Thomas Seaborn  Jan 20, 1905Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27590
7 Dawson, William Eugene  May 31, 1927Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I29141
8 Delashaw, Charlotte Malinda  Nov 21, 1841Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30940
9 Delashaw, Elizabeth Jane "Betsy"  Mar 29, 1840Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30939
10 Delashaw, Francis Margaret  Aug 09, 1854Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30944
11 Delashaw, George Washington  Jul 08, 1845Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30935
12 Delashaw, James Thomas  May 05, 1849Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30942
13 Delashaw, John Keith  Dec 04, 1837Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30938
14 Delashaw, Joseph William "Bill"  Dec 18, 1855Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30945
15 Delashaw, Martha Lorenna  Aug 26, 1851Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30943
16 Delashaw, Sarah Ann "Sally"  May 26, 1843Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30941
17 Gautney, Sally Gail  Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27593
18 Helm, Edna Ruth  Feb 24, 1926Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I29140
19 Hudson, Bille Nelson  Dec 20, 1924Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27807
20 Johnson, Ellie Izora  Jun 14, 1899Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27840
21 Jones, Beulah Mae  Jul 01, 1911Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I36730
22 Jordan, John Henry  Mar 07, 1923Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27881
23 Keith, Ada Maggidoria  Sep 01, 1876Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30826
24 Keith, Bellzora  Dec 15, 1875Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I191460
25 Keith, Ida  Aug 31, 1881Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30828
26 Keith, James B. "Bart"  Jul 1879Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30827
27 Keith, Lemuel Hamilton  Jan 14, 1845Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I31050
28 Liles, Sharron Diane  Jan 18, 1950Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27989
29 Melton, Billie  Nov 18, 1913Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I188103
30 Pearson, Amy Estelle  Feb 22, 1909Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I28298
31 Phillips, James Lewis Jr.  Jun 09, 1918Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I188104
32 Phillips, Ruth B.  Nov 17, 1919Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I188105
33 Roberts, Gloria Colleen  Jan 04, 1925Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I28305
34 Roberts, Leneta Delane  Feb 01, 1928Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27809
35 Rochester, Willie Lou  Sep 17, 1921Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I29497
36 Sewell, Daphene Frances  Feb 22, 1916Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I205095
37 Stone, Stella Sally  Jul 10, 1907Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27589
38 Whittington, Nancy J.  May 09, 1844Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I196102


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, William Daniel  May 06, 1960Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I142325
2 Brewer, Geneva  Jul 1987Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30919
3 Dawson, James Asaph  Feb 27, 1899Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27880
4 Dawson, Martha May  Jun 14, 1963Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27647
5 Falkner, Annie Effie  Apr 16, 1947Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I205143
6 Falkner, Bessie Mable  Nov 07, 1975Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I205083
7 Hudson, Bille Nelson  May 09, 1952Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27807
8 Keith, Lemuel H.  Mar 22, 1871Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30949
9 King, Joseph David  Jul 22, 1940Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27919
10 Moulder\Molder, Gilbert  Aug 26, 1919Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I146224
11 Reece, John Finley  Nov 08, 1963Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27386
12 Thrasher, Inza Burrage  Apr 11, 2000Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I183957
13 Wright, Martha Aramenta  Nov 01, 1956Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I27879


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (__), Cora  May 04, 1910Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I182652
2 Brewer, Geneva  1940Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30919
3 Keith, Bessie  1940Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30906
4 Keith, Leo  1940Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I30911
5 Melton, Billie  1940Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I188103
6 Vickers, Charlie  May 04, 1910Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I182661
7 Vickers, James N.  May 04, 1910Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I182660
8 Vickers, William M.  May 04, 1910Jefferson county, Alabama, USA I182659


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blansit / Durham  Dec 20, 1928Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F10360
2 Cloud / Robinson  May 20, 1933Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F70226
3 Cude / Long  Aug 30, 1821Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F48041
4 Dawson / McDowell  Dec 12, 1954Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F10517
5 Dawson / Stone  Apr 05, 1924Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F10036
6 Ginn / Garner  Dec 14, 1931Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F64170
7 Hull / Roberts  Jul 09, 1939Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F10127
8 Keith / Keith  Jun 03, 1877Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F9984
9 Mayer / Mitchell  Mar 08, 1919Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F9946
10 Roberts / Pearson  Jul 17, 1955Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F10604
11 Spain / Dawson  Oct 03, 1952Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F10037
12 Whittington / Riley  Aug 31, 1839Jefferson county, Alabama, USA F65757

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