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Harris county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Brooke  Sep 11, 1949Harris county, Texas, USA I44286
2 Bailey, Connie Jo  Feb 03, 1959Harris county, Texas, USA I16853
3 Barker, Ruby Geraldine  Sep 16, 1935Harris county, Texas, USA I16983
4 Barlow, Carolyn Renee  Dec 18, 1962Harris county, Texas, USA I184942
5 Bauerlein, Elvyn Burks II  Jun 29, 1947Harris county, Texas, USA I26421
6 Bemus, Jerry Dewey  Dec 18, 1929Harris county, Texas, USA I152701
7 Benton, Reginald Curtis  Sep 10, 1922Harris county, Texas, USA I180272
8 Blackmon, David Lamar  Oct 15, 1946Harris county, Texas, USA I186698
9 Blackmon, Rebecca Ann  Mar 02, 1948Harris county, Texas, USA I186699
10 Blaikie, George Douglas  Oct 15, 1916Harris county, Texas, USA I50263
11 Blaikie, Roger Ewart  May 06, 1922Harris county, Texas, USA I50264
12 Brawner, Patricia Ann  Feb 07, 1934Harris county, Texas, USA I40139
13 Bromley, Flavilla Elmira "Flay"  Aug 24, 1928Harris county, Texas, USA I17165
14 Bumstead, Jodie Anthony  Jan 24, 1950Harris county, Texas, USA I21274
15 Bumstead, Tiffany Lynn  Aug 16, 1980Harris county, Texas, USA I21077
16 Carothers, Irene  Sep 15, 1895Harris county, Texas, USA I165893
17 Casey, David Wayne  Sep 24, 1960Harris county, Texas, USA I181051
18 Clark, Carol Marie  May 28, 1945Harris county, Texas, USA I37449
19 Clifton, Edna May  Jan 04, 1892Harris county, Texas, USA I40136
20 Cloud, Amy Colleen  Aug 21, 1966Harris county, Texas, USA I163680
21 Cloud, Anne Sherwin  Sep 01, 1941Harris county, Texas, USA I75188
22 Cloud, Bobby Eugene  Jan 18, 1951Harris county, Texas, USA I148190
23 Cloud, Bobby Eugene Jr.  Aug 06, 1974Harris county, Texas, USA I148206
24 Cloud, Catherine  Aug 07, 1950Harris county, Texas, USA I125935
25 Cloud, Christine  Aug 07, 1950Harris county, Texas, USA I125936
26 Cloud, Claybion Foster Jr.  Sep 11, 1942Harris county, Texas, USA I126099
27 Cloud, Cynthia Diane  Sep 30, 1950Harris county, Texas, USA I183651
28 Cloud, Earl James Jr.  Aug 30, 1926Harris county, Texas, USA I507
29 Cloud, Jack Randall  Oct 17, 1953Harris county, Texas, USA I163677
30 Cloud, Mary Wanda  May 31, 1928Harris county, Texas, USA I125826
31 Cloud, Osborn Keith  Dec 26, 1952Harris county, Texas, USA I148136
32 Cloud, Robert Earl  Dec 18, 1963Harris county, Texas, USA I148197
33 Cloud, William Smith Jr.  Aug 25, 1947Harris county, Texas, USA I163675
34 Craven, Gary Max  Jul 10, 1948Harris county, Texas, USA I151441
35 Craven, Terri Lynn  Mar 13, 1955Harris county, Texas, USA I151443
36 Cravey, Edward  May 1860Harris county, Texas, USA I40640
37 Cravey, Henry III  Nov 05, 1858Harris county, Texas, USA I40593
38 Cravey, Mont "Doc"  Dec 23, 1859Harris county, Texas, USA I40594
39 Dashiell, Albert McGee Jr.  Jan 26, 1947Harris county, Texas, USA I151299
40 Davidson, George Arthur  May 18, 1927Harris county, Texas, USA I136099
41 Farr, Betty Joe  Jul 03, 1926Harris county, Texas, USA I193944
42 Farr, Edwin Bruce  Feb 12, 1932Harris county, Texas, USA I193945
43 Fincher, Edward Earl  Dec 15, 1932Harris county, Texas, USA I170686
44 Fondren, Thelma Jean  Oct 25, 1937Harris county, Texas, USA I151436
45 Francis, Jo Ann  Sep 13, 1940Harris county, Texas, USA I45928
46 G'Sell, Mary Jane  Nov 11, 1938Harris county, Texas, USA I50288
47 G'sell, Ted Franklin Jr.  Aug 16, 1932Harris county, Texas, USA I50287
48 Goehring, Gregg Robert  May 23, 1956Harris county, Texas, USA I557
49 Goehring, Jean Lane  Feb 27, 1965Harris county, Texas, USA I558
50 Goins, Jerald Lee  Feb 05, 1954Harris county, Texas, USA I42595

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Elizabeth  Aft 1880Harris county, Texas, USA I146459
2 Anderson, Mary Louise  Jun 15, 1986Harris county, Texas, USA I171068
3 Ard, Isom  Jun 26, 1981Harris county, Texas, USA I40740
4 Babin, Whitney Charles Jr.  Jan 24, 1978Harris county, Texas, USA I154435
5 Baldridge, James Q.  Jul 14, 1979Harris county, Texas, USA I192916
6 Bankston, Florence Estell  Harris county, Texas, USA I131334
7 Benningfield, L.V.  Jun 27, 1976Harris county, Texas, USA I172678
8 Benton, Reginald Curtis  Sep 16, 1989Harris county, Texas, USA I180272
9 Blaikie, George Douglas  Apr 09, 1982Harris county, Texas, USA I50263
10 Block, Col. Farris Frederick  Mar 12, 1993Harris county, Texas, USA I84438
11 Boysen, Ione Bell  Nov 10, 1980Harris county, Texas, USA I316
12 Brawner, George Edward  May 31, 1976Harris county, Texas, USA I40140
13 Brawner, George Henry  Jan 12, 1965Harris county, Texas, USA I40135
14 Brown, Florence Irene  Oct 05, 1977Harris county, Texas, USA I55716
15 Bumstead, Barney Joseph Nettles  Sep 29, 1995Harris county, Texas, USA I21160
16 Bumstead, Jacob Franklin Jr.  Mar 15, 1991Harris county, Texas, USA I21150
17 Burk, Sarilla Elizabeth  Jul 12, 1957Harris county, Texas, USA I200679
18 Burrell, Rebecca Frances  Dec 25, 1994Harris county, Texas, USA I43681
19 Busby, Stuart Harold  Aug 13, 1968Harris county, Texas, USA I56363
20 Byerly, Cassie Belle  May 29, 1984Harris county, Texas, USA I26300
21 Cabiness, Hyatt Benjamin  Mar 27, 1954Harris county, Texas, USA I193988
22 Carothers, Irene  Jan 1977Harris county, Texas, USA I165893
23 Carter, Garland Jewell  Jan 27, 1991Harris county, Texas, USA I156844
24 Caruthers, Orville Earl  Apr 30, 1985Harris county, Texas, USA I196927
25 Cash, Carlton C.  May 23, 1993Harris county, Texas, USA I199104
26 Charlton, Katherine V.  May 26, 1985Harris county, Texas, USA I188729
27 Choate, David  Bef 1845Harris county, Texas, USA I42608
28 Choate, Pryor Holston  Jan 18, 1878Harris county, Texas, USA I42695
29 Choate, Thomas J.  Jul 17, 1840Harris county, Texas, USA I42522
30 Clifton, Edna May  Jul 12, 1980Harris county, Texas, USA I40136
31 Cloud, Allen Edgar  May 16, 1995Harris county, Texas, USA I78284
32 Cloud, Audie Alleene  Aug 14, 1982Harris county, Texas, USA I57153
33 Cloud, Bobby Eugene Jr.  Oct 19, 1993Harris county, Texas, USA I148206
34 Cloud, Bobby Eugene  Aug 17, 1996Harris county, Texas, USA I148190
35 Cloud, Elmus Jr.  May 29, 1984Harris county, Texas, USA I203705
36 Cloud, Frederick Grandin Jr.  Jul 10, 1971Harris county, Texas, USA I68755
37 Cloud, Jack Randall  Jan 11, 1999Harris county, Texas, USA I163677
38 Cloud, Margery Carabelle  Mar 06, 1979Harris county, Texas, USA I75746
39 Cloud, Norman Elmo  Feb 12, 1985Harris county, Texas, USA I101295
40 Cloud, Omer  Jan 22, 1987Harris county, Texas, USA I77752
41 Cloud, Robert Newton "Newt"  Aug 24, 1972Harris county, Texas, USA I13
42 Cloud, Dr. Thomas Maynard M.D.  Aug 21, 1968Harris county, Texas, USA I129779
43 Cloud, William Smith Jr.  Jul 15, 1982Harris county, Texas, USA I163675
44 Cloyd, Cecil Dennis  Sep 26, 1981Harris county, Texas, USA I24482
45 Cloyd, Terry Lee  Jun 04, 1956Harris county, Texas, USA I171091
46 Collier, Emily Josephine "Josie"  Jun 26, 1955Harris county, Texas, USA I48146
47 Collier, Ernest Werlington  Feb 13, 1982Harris county, Texas, USA I48550
48 Collier, Velma "LaVelle"  Dec 06, 1990Harris county, Texas, USA I48554
49 Collier, Vi "Era"  Jul 15, 1992Harris county, Texas, USA I49092
50 Coyel, L.B.  Jan 12, 1982Harris county, Texas, USA I8198

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kirby, Amanda Jane  Harris county, Texas, USA I49301
2 Lee, Willie Mae  Harris county, Texas, USA I15615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (__), Emma  1920Harris county, Texas, USA I169403
2 Cloud, Wilhemina Elzena "Willie"  Apr 07, 1930Harris county, Texas, USA I1178
3 Farr, Bertha  Feb 05, 1920Harris county, Texas, USA I170304
4 Farr, John B.  Jun 04, 1880Harris county, Texas, USA I153636
5 Farr, Napoleon B.  Jun 04, 1880Harris county, Texas, USA I153638
6 Farr, William  Jun 04, 1880Harris county, Texas, USA I153637
7 Fincher, Joseph Wesley  Apr 07, 1930Harris county, Texas, USA I322
8 Forsythe, Mary Violet  Jun 04, 1880Harris county, Texas, USA I153633
9 Hill, Elzina  Apr 07, 1930Harris county, Texas, USA I56722
10 Hopkins, John Andrew  1920Harris county, Texas, USA I78114
11 Weed, Daisy Louise  Feb 05, 1920Harris county, Texas, USA I170928
12 Weed, Samuel Allen  Feb 05, 1920Harris county, Texas, USA I170929
13 Weed, Samuel Asa  Feb 05, 1920Harris county, Texas, USA I170305
14 Weed, Wesley Farr  Feb 05, 1920Harris county, Texas, USA I170927


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Glenola Vernice  1937Harris county, Texas, USA I151973


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brawner / Clifton  Nov 09, 1908Harris county, Texas, USA F14318
2 Cloud / (__)  Bef 1918Harris county, Texas, USA F59284
3 Craig / Morris  Aug 17, 1979Harris county, Texas, USA F65076
4 Davidson / Teal  Abt 1923Harris county, Texas, USA F44470
5 Farr / Skinner  Dec 24, 1925Harris county, Texas, USA F56364
6 Francis / Perry  Jul 08, 1966Harris county, Texas, USA F21422
7 Francis / Quilio  Oct 22, 1959Harris county, Texas, USA F21421
8 Hanks / Weatherford  Mar 13, 1925Harris county, Texas, USA F2141
9 Jordan / Choate  Oct 07, 1838Harris county, Texas, USA F15403
10 Kennedy / Brawner  Jul 16, 1982Harris county, Texas, USA F14354
11 Kethan / Strauss  Feb 20, 1983Harris county, Texas, USA F50020
12 Long / Brawner  Sep 24, 1985Harris county, Texas, USA F14355
13 McDade / White  Oct 06, 1990Harris county, Texas, USA F56628
14 McFaddin / Coward  Dec 24, 1861Harris county, Texas, USA F5046
15 Owens / Choate  Apr 16, 1840Harris county, Texas, USA F15404
16 Owens / Howell  Apr 05, 1870Harris county, Texas, USA F44435
17 Powell / Pettit  Aug 05, 1978Harris county, Texas, USA F50024
18 Seybold / Neely  Aug 15, 1977Harris county, Texas, USA F41686
19 Sturrock / Robinson  Feb 05, 1966Harris county, Texas, USA F41732
20 Trauer / Robertson  Sep 14, 1974Harris county, Texas, USA F64094
21 Trueblood / Wiess  Feb 19, 1974Harris county, Texas, USA F12892
22 Varnon / Warren  Nov 23, 1973Harris county, Texas, USA F54068
23 Walker / Wiess  Mar 25, 1964Harris county, Texas, USA F13645
24 Whittington / Jones  Jun 11, 1977Harris county, Texas, USA F62215
25 Zandieh / Fisher  May 22, 1983Harris county, Texas, USA F50563


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Cloud / Williams  Mar 27, 1979Harris county, Texas, USA F55144
2 Forehand / Forehand)  Jun 20, 1968Harris county, Texas, USA F42841
3 Manning / (__)  Jan 10, 1978Harris county, Texas, USA F64937
4 Zandieh / Fisher  Sep 01, 1987Harris county, Texas, USA F50563

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