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Ellis county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Upshaw, Forrest Jr.  Jan 12, 1926Ellis county, Texas, USA I125769
2 Tolar, Donna Kathryn  May 04, 1938Ellis county, Texas, USA I180867
3 Stewart, Ralph Edwin  Sep 03, 1939Ellis county, Texas, USA I205669
4 Sorrels, Walter  Apr 06, 1887Ellis county, Texas, USA I150008
5 Sorrels, Tolbert B.  Sep 04, 1879Ellis county, Texas, USA I150003
6 Sorrels, Sedalia  Aug 10, 1893Ellis county, Texas, USA I150011
7 Sorrels, Samuel Tilden  Jul 05, 1881Ellis county, Texas, USA I150004
8 Sorrels, Ola  Feb 15, 1885Ellis county, Texas, USA I150007
9 Sorrels, Leslie Earl  Dec 11, 1915Ellis county, Texas, USA I150105
10 Sorrels, Green Matthew III  Sep 30, 1875Ellis county, Texas, USA I150001
11 Sorrels, George Wayne  Mar 07, 1922Ellis county, Texas, USA I150104
12 Sorrels, George Washington  Jul 08, 1891Ellis county, Texas, USA I150010
13 Riddle, Billy Cloud (born William Martin Cloud)  Dec 16, 1920Ellis county, Texas, USA I56361
14 Pratt, Stanley Colton  Jan 12, 1944Ellis county, Texas, USA I37324
15 Pipkin, Gertie Nettie  1892Ellis county, Texas, USA I155529
16 Pipkin, Emmett L.  1890Ellis county, Texas, USA I155528
17 Palmer, Frances Nadine  Nov 08, 1937Ellis county, Texas, USA I163984
18 McCain, Willie J.  Apr 1896Ellis county, Texas, USA I155484
19 McCain, William J.  Abt 1909Ellis county, Texas, USA I155403
20 McCain, Susie W.  Abt 1907Ellis county, Texas, USA I155402
21 McCain, Roy Vester  Jun 06, 1893Ellis county, Texas, USA I155670
22 McCain, Ola L.  Abt 1905Ellis county, Texas, USA I155401
23 McCain, Nettie L.  Nov 1892Ellis county, Texas, USA I155483
24 McCain, Linda Sue  May 12, 1939Ellis county, Texas, USA I155414
25 McCain, Josie M.  Apr 28, 1887Ellis county, Texas, USA I155539
26 McCain, Ivy C.  Abt 1903Ellis county, Texas, USA I155400
27 McCain, Harvey E.  Nov 30, 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I155399
28 McCain, Floyd James  Apr 29, 1894Ellis county, Texas, USA I155486
29 McCain, Ethel L.  Jan 26, 1896Ellis county, Texas, USA I155671
30 McCain, Erma M.  Abt 1897Ellis county, Texas, USA I155398
31 McCain, Emily Frances  Sep 20, 1926Ellis county, Texas, USA I155413
32 McCain, Elsie M.  Oct 1899Ellis county, Texas, USA I155485
33 Lynn, Sherrie Sue  Nov 15, 1958Ellis county, Texas, USA I155430
34 Lynn, James Vincent  Dec 05, 1960Ellis county, Texas, USA I155429
35 Lynn, Charles Wayne  Sep 26, 1957Ellis county, Texas, USA I155428
36 Knott, Roy  Sep 1887Ellis county, Texas, USA I155710
37 Knott, Mary  Dec 1878Ellis county, Texas, USA I155708
38 Knott, Judy  Apr 1886Ellis county, Texas, USA I155709
39 Knott, Dan  Apr 1890Ellis county, Texas, USA I155711
40 Graham, Bobby F. Jr.  Nov 30, 1948Ellis county, Texas, USA I22841
41 Futch, James Elmer  Jul 04, 1907Ellis county, Texas, USA I22781
42 Futch, Isham L. "Ike"  May 10, 1893Ellis county, Texas, USA I22774
43 Futch, Fred  Aug 20, 1905Ellis county, Texas, USA I22800
44 Futch, Ester Idell  Jun 15, 1908Ellis county, Texas, USA I22801
45 Futch, Doris  Abt 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I22776
46 Futch, Blanche  Abt 1896Ellis county, Texas, USA I22775
47 Davidson, Tiny Rebecca  Abt 1912Ellis county, Texas, USA I155568
48 Davidson, Susie White  1886Ellis county, Texas, USA I155563
49 Davidson, Opal  Sep 18, 1905Ellis county, Texas, USA I155567
50 Davidson, Lilburn Alfonso  Feb 12, 1883Ellis county, Texas, USA I155562

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Yarbrough, G.W.  Jan 25, 1994Ellis county, Texas, USA I155423
2 Vaughan, Jennie E.  Aug 24, 1917Ellis county, Texas, USA I87925
3 Tolar, Ernest Glen  Oct 13, 1959Ellis county, Texas, USA I180869
4 Sorrels, Ola  Aug 05, 1926Ellis county, Texas, USA I150007
5 Roe, Pleasant S.  Dec 24, 1873Ellis county, Texas, USA I121984
6 McCain, Sarah E.  Nov 09, 1918Ellis county, Texas, USA I155379
7 McCain, Josie M.  Aug 14, 1888Ellis county, Texas, USA I155539
8 McCain, Jacob  Oct 15, 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I75404
9 Jordan, Thomas Jefferson  Nov 24, 1880Ellis county, Texas, USA I43101
10 Futch, James Isham "Jimmey"  Mar 19, 1919Ellis county, Texas, USA I22772
11 Fincher, James Manson  Feb 06, 1933Ellis county, Texas, USA I183553
12 Davidson, Opal  Dec 04, 1908Ellis county, Texas, USA I155567
13 Davidson, Horace C.  Sep 24, 1918Ellis county, Texas, USA I155571
14 Davidson, Elva June  May 23, 1904Ellis county, Texas, USA I155565
15 Choate, Kenner D.  1858Ellis county, Texas, USA I42604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Roe, Pleasant S.  Ellis county, Texas, USA I121984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Wilson, Maria  Jun 25, 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I153352
2 McCain, Martha A.  Jun 12, 1880Ellis county, Texas, USA I155377
3 Martin, William A.  Jun 12, 1880Ellis county, Texas, USA I155665
4 Finley, Willis Wilson  Jun 25, 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I153345
5 Finley, W.  Jun 25, 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I153354
6 Finley, Olin Anthony  Jun 25, 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I153351
7 Finley, Lane  Jun 25, 1900Ellis county, Texas, USA I153353


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Williams / McCain  Mar 28, 1981Ellis county, Texas, USA F51114
2 Sorrels / Sams  May 09, 1906Ellis county, Texas, USA F49295
3 Sorrels / Odom  Jun 06, 1909Ellis county, Texas, USA F49271
4 Sorrels / Martin  Aug 12, 1897Ellis county, Texas, USA F49291
5 Sorrels / Howard  Jul 31, 1910Ellis county, Texas, USA F49328
6 Sorrels / Couch  Dec 26, 1894Ellis county, Texas, USA F49294
7 Sorrels / Boyd  Nov 12, 1896Ellis county, Texas, USA F49290
8 McDade / Horton  Ellis county, Texas, USA F3949
9 McCain / (__)  Abt 1910Ellis county, Texas, USA F51129
10 Davidson / Hickman  Abt 1884Ellis county, Texas, USA F51136
11 Cloud / Manning  Jan 10, 1883Ellis county, Texas, USA F25491

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