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Eastland county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beggs, Terry Douglas  Nov 04, 1951Eastland county, Texas, USA I200922
2 Bell, Alice  Nov 03, 1881Eastland county, Texas, USA I44807
3 Bell, Almer C.  Nov 03, 1881Eastland county, Texas, USA I44806
4 Bone, Elmer Hoimer  Oct 08, 1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I118451
5 Bone, Ira Leonard  Apr 08, 1904Eastland county, Texas, USA I118485
6 Bone, Perry Nathaniel  Feb 08, 1895Eastland county, Texas, USA I117303
7 Bone, Sylvester Theron  Feb 25, 1891Eastland county, Texas, USA I117301
8 Bone, William Franklin  Feb 27, 1893Eastland county, Texas, USA I117302
9 Brown, Bob  Eastland county, Texas, USA I126056
10 Brown, George Allen Jr.  Jul 13, 1927Eastland county, Texas, USA I126025
11 Carter, Barbara June  Dec 03, 1935Eastland county, Texas, USA I1025
12 Cloud, Harry Wayne  Dec 28, 1949Eastland county, Texas, USA I131512
13 Cloud, Jeri Ann  Apr 20, 1944Eastland county, Texas, USA I131503
14 Cloud, Perry Jay  Jul 17, 1949Eastland county, Texas, USA I139796
15 Crabtree, Charlotte Jean  Aug 26, 1939Eastland county, Texas, USA I71093
16 Earp, Rhoda Blanche  Mar 20, 1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I171556
17 Greenwood, Archie Lee  May 24, 1902Eastland county, Texas, USA I153044
18 Greenwood, Edna E.  Sep 17, 1896Eastland county, Texas, USA I153041
19 Greenwood, Joseph Manning  Oct 16, 1898Eastland county, Texas, USA I153043
20 Greenwood, Nellie May  Jun 07, 1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I153049
21 Harbin, Edward Everett  Jun 20, 1933Eastland county, Texas, USA I117277
22 Harrelson, Bessie Sue  Dec 24, 1936Eastland county, Texas, USA I126013
23 Harrelson, Buck Durane "B.D."  Nov 26, 1929Eastland county, Texas, USA I126010
24 Harrelson, Doris Jean  Jul 17, 1926Eastland county, Texas, USA I126016
25 Harrelson, Floyd James  Jun 01, 1902Eastland county, Texas, USA I126006
26 Harrelson, Herman Henry  Jul 10, 1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I126005
27 Harrelson, Lottie Belle  Jun 20, 1904Eastland county, Texas, USA I126007
28 Harrelson, Mamie Jane  Dec 10, 1906Eastland county, Texas, USA I126008
29 Harrelson, Oliver Thomas  Aug 03, 1914Eastland county, Texas, USA I126019
30 Harrelson, Teddie Mac  Nov 23, 1927Eastland county, Texas, USA I126014
31 Henry, Altha Ileta  May 13, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I44797
32 Henry, Elmer Eugene  Nov 28, 1905Eastland county, Texas, USA I44796
33 Henry, Joseph J.  Jan 16, 1881Eastland county, Texas, USA I44781
34 Henry, Judith Ann  Mar 10, 1847Eastland county, Texas, USA I44453
35 Judia, Maria Evelyn  Mar 01, 1901Eastland county, Texas, USA I192912
36 Lisenbee, Bessie  Mar 06, 1902Eastland county, Texas, USA I117497
37 Lisenbee, Cecil Walter  May 18, 1897Eastland county, Texas, USA I117211
38 Lisenbee, Cordia  Mar 28, 1892Eastland county, Texas, USA I117284
39 Lisenbee, Jennie Belle  Nov 17, 1889Eastland county, Texas, USA I117282
40 Lisenbee, Joseph Harbin  Jan 20, 1882Eastland county, Texas, USA I118453
41 Lisenbee, Leta Lee  Aug 26, 1898Eastland county, Texas, USA I15540
42 Lisenbee, Lonnie  Oct 17, 1895Eastland county, Texas, USA I117286
43 Lisenbee, Nellie Jane  Apr 02, 1897Eastland county, Texas, USA I117287
44 Lisenbee, Samuel Hampton "Tex"  Jul 10, 1886Eastland county, Texas, USA I97
45 Lisenbee, Thomas Elmer  Jun 17, 1907Eastland county, Texas, USA I117295
46 Lisenbee, [son]  Apr 10, 1891Eastland county, Texas, USA I117329
47 McBeth, Amos Newton  Jul 09, 1888Eastland county, Texas, USA I171465
48 McBeth, B.R.  Abt 1922Eastland county, Texas, USA I171501
49 McBeth, Carter Harrison  Dec 01, 1898Eastland county, Texas, USA I171440
50 McBeth, Cecil Joe  Jul 03, 1911Eastland county, Texas, USA I171497

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Margie  Jan 15, 1988Eastland county, Texas, USA I171555
2 Allen, Chester Lawrence Jr.  Mar 01, 1985Eastland county, Texas, USA I126033
3 Bone, Elmer Hoimer  Mar 1901Eastland county, Texas, USA I118451
4 Earp, Ronald Monroe  Jan 02, 1973Eastland county, Texas, USA I171553
5 Greenwood, Edna E.  Apr 27, 1990Eastland county, Texas, USA I153041
6 Harrelson, Earnest Edgar  Feb 07, 1965Eastland county, Texas, USA I126003
7 Harrelson, Floyd James  Jun 01, 1964Eastland county, Texas, USA I126006
8 Harrelson, Herman Henry  Nov 16, 1964Eastland county, Texas, USA I126005
9 Harrelson, Oliver Thomas  Jun 30, 1986Eastland county, Texas, USA I126019
10 Henderson, Edward Sealey  Aug 21, 1963Eastland county, Texas, USA I117206
11 Lisenbee, Henry I.  Aug 21, 1885Eastland county, Texas, USA I117230
12 Lisenbee, John Montgomery  Dec 05, 1888Eastland county, Texas, USA I193
13 Lisenbee, Johnny Ola  Jun 08, 1979Eastland county, Texas, USA I117285
14 Lisenbee, Minnie Lea  Oct 27, 1974Eastland county, Texas, USA I117288
15 Lisenbee, Nancy Rhoda Isabel  Oct 30, 1907Eastland county, Texas, USA I117226
16 Lisenbee, R.P.  Oct 05, 1970Eastland county, Texas, USA I117219
17 Lisenbee, Thomas Franklin  Dec 31, 1940Eastland county, Texas, USA I117225
18 Lisenbee, [son]  Apr 10, 1891Eastland county, Texas, USA I117329
19 McBeth, Carter Harrison  Dec 11, 1918Eastland county, Texas, USA I171440
20 McBeth, Ezra Alexander  Aug 03, 1988Eastland county, Texas, USA I171439
21 McBeth, Mary Etta  Jan 30, 1915Eastland county, Texas, USA I171438
22 Prestridge, Esther Dell  Jun 1970Eastland county, Texas, USA I44747
23 Raney, Samantha JoAnn  Jun 30, 2002Eastland county, Texas, USA I128666
24 Sage, Homer Howard  Oct 26, 1918Eastland county, Texas, USA I117600
25 Schmick, Sallie Alice  Jul 1945Eastland county, Texas, USA I44742
26 Thames, Ethel Almeda  Jul 28, 1958Eastland county, Texas, USA I117349
27 Whittington, George Ross  Nov 27, 1911Eastland county, Texas, USA I9765
28 Wynn, Mary "Molly" Josephine  Jul 28, 1936Eastland county, Texas, USA I44701


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Schmick, Sallie Alice  Eastland county, Texas, USA I44742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Margaret Elizabeth  1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I178844
2 Boggus, Cliffie May  1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I179000
3 Boggus, Cliffie May  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I179000
4 Boggus, E.L.  1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I179005
5 Boggus, Elijah James  1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I179006
6 Boggus, Elijah James  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I179006
7 Boggus, Samuel R.  1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I178999
8 Boggus, Samuel R.  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I178999
9 Boggus, Tennessee E.  1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I179004
10 Boggus, Tennessee E.  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I179004
11 Fleming, Sarah Jane  Jun 16, 1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I167643
12 Harrelson, Archie Edgar  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126002
13 Harrelson, Archie Edgar  Feb 28, 1920Eastland county, Texas, USA I126002
14 Harrelson, Archie Edgar  Apr 14, 1930Eastland county, Texas, USA I126002
15 Harrelson, Earnest Edgar  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126003
16 Harrelson, Floyd James  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126006
17 Harrelson, Floyd James  Feb 28, 1920Eastland county, Texas, USA I126006
18 Harrelson, Grady Malcom  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126004
19 Harrelson, Herman Henry  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126005
20 Harrelson, Herman Henry  Feb 20, 1920Eastland county, Texas, USA I126005
21 Harrelson, Lottie Belle  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126007
22 Harrelson, Lottie Belle  Feb 28, 1920Eastland county, Texas, USA I126007
23 Harrelson, Mamie Jane  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126008
24 Harrelson, Mamie Jane  Feb 28, 1920Eastland county, Texas, USA I126008
25 Harrelson, Oliver Thomas  Feb 28, 1920Eastland county, Texas, USA I126019
26 Harrelson, Oliver Thomas  Feb 28, 1930Eastland county, Texas, USA I126019
27 Smith, Amanda Elizabeth  Apr 18, 1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I126001
28 Smith, Amanda Elizabeth  Feb 28, 1920Eastland county, Texas, USA I126001
29 Smith, Amanda Elizabeth  Apr 14, 1930Eastland county, Texas, USA I126001
30 Speir, Ida Mae  1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I15976
31 Stuard, Dora Mae  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I179012
32 Stuard, James W.  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I179007
33 Stuard, Robert T.  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I179013
34 Williams, Alice Jenery  Jun 16, 1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I167631
35 Williams, Young  Jun 16, 1900Eastland county, Texas, USA I167642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Margaret Elizabeth  1910Eastland county, Texas, USA I178844
2 Hyatt, Rhoda Isabel  Aug 18, 1892Eastland county, Texas, USA I15545
3 Lisenbee, John Montgomery  Aug 11, 1888Eastland county, Texas, USA I193


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bone / Lisenbee  Jan 29, 1890Eastland county, Texas, USA F38359
2 Caradine / Hennington  Dec 02, 1906Eastland county, Texas, USA F51087
3 Cloud / Lisenbee  Aug 21, 1904Eastland county, Texas, USA F4997
4 Cloud / Stephens  Oct 08, 1989Eastland county, Texas, USA F42726
5 Henry / Stacker  Sep 02, 1902Eastland county, Texas, USA F16069
6 Henry / Wynn  May 18, 1876Eastland county, Texas, USA F16034
7 Jones / Moore  Abt 1928Eastland county, Texas, USA F49307
8 Lisenbee / Cloud  Oct 23, 1904Eastland county, Texas, USA F31
9 Lisenbee / Liles  Dec 05, 1888Eastland county, Texas, USA F38367
10 Lisenbee / Murphy  Dec 16, 1906Eastland county, Texas, USA F38364
11 Lisenbee / Vines  Aug 12, 1894Eastland county, Texas, USA F38358
12 Lisenbee / Vines  Aug 14, 1895Eastland county, Texas, USA F38356
13 McBeth / Head  Mar 05, 1882Eastland county, Texas, USA F56796
14 McBeth / Parker  Dec 24, 1891Eastland county, Texas, USA F30177
15 Mullenax / Prestridge  Eastland county, Texas, USA F16239
16 Prestridge / Schmick  Sep 1891Eastland county, Texas, USA F16052
17 Reynolds / Lisenbee  Sep 12, 1897Eastland county, Texas, USA F38352
18 Stuard / Boggus  Abt 1902Eastland county, Texas, USA F59403
19 Whittington / Cantrell  Nov 26, 1893Eastland county, Texas, USA F3470
20 Wood / Autry  Apr 28, 1885Eastland county, Texas, USA F411

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