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Coryell county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Jesse James  Oct 20, 1905Coryell county, Texas, USA I150031
2 Ayers, Vardemon Franklin  Jan 1881Coryell county, Texas, USA I150019
3 Ayers, Varden Franklin  Mar 23, 1907Coryell county, Texas, USA I150032
4 Brown, Flora Belle  Coryell county, Texas, USA I166792
5 Carroll, Jesse Ernest  Jul 28, 1903Coryell county, Texas, USA I149340
6 Carter, Lillie  Jan 17, 1886Coryell county, Texas, USA I142
7 Carter, Mary Polly  Jan 08, 1882Coryell county, Texas, USA I141
8 Carter, Samuel Resti?  Jan 01, 1888Coryell county, Texas, USA I144
9 Carter, William Henry  Apr 17, 1854Coryell county, Texas, USA I136950
10 Cloud, Cecil Edgar  Feb 20, 1899Coryell county, Texas, USA I57123
11 Cloud, Corra Eliza  Oct 02, 1897Coryell county, Texas, USA I57120
12 Cloud, Emma Elma  Jun 21, 1896Coryell county, Texas, USA I57118
13 Cloud, Flora Alma  Jan 15, 1889Coryell county, Texas, USA I56796
14 Cloud, Henry J. "H.J."  Oct 11, 1896Coryell county, Texas, USA I129724
15 Cloud, Mattie Elizabeth  Dec 05, 1906Coryell county, Texas, USA I75175
16 Cloud, Paul Washington  Jun 01, 1905Coryell county, Texas, USA I57134
17 Cloud, Roger Paul  May 13, 1932Coryell county, Texas, USA I57136
18 Cloud, Vesta Superior  Oct 10, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I57129
19 Cook, Albert Galitin  Aug 1876Coryell county, Texas, USA I130838
20 Cravey, Paul T.  Abt 1864Coryell county, Texas, USA I146540
21 Cummings, Maggie B.  Abt 1917Coryell county, Texas, USA I196027
22 Cummings, William Holtz  Sep 12, 1892Coryell county, Texas, USA I196023
23 Dikes, Amanda Jane  May 1845Coryell county, Texas, USA I179799
24 Dikes, John C.  Jun 1881Coryell county, Texas, USA I179795
25 Dikes, Luther H.  Feb 1890Coryell county, Texas, USA I179796
26 Dikes, Mary A.  Jul 1896Coryell county, Texas, USA I179797
27 Dikes, Nannie Belle  Jan 06, 1884Coryell county, Texas, USA I149
28 Dikes, William Marcus  Nov 23, 1879Coryell county, Texas, USA I179794
29 Fogle, Jeanita Laverne  Oct 10, 1936Coryell county, Texas, USA I71075
30 Hairston, Thomas Allen  Jan 20, 1873Coryell county, Texas, USA I179968
31 Hall, Delmon Brown  May 20, 1894Coryell county, Texas, USA I11718
32 Hall, Fannie Jane  Jan 20, 1875Coryell county, Texas, USA I11717
33 Hardin, Richmond Lee  Dec 23, 1870Coryell county, Texas, USA I189358
34 Harris, Bennie Bee  Mar 03, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I162084
35 Harvison, Charles Hardy  Jan 25, 1893Coryell county, Texas, USA I132277
36 Hooser, Laura Louise  Mar 01, 1874Coryell county, Texas, USA I119124
37 LaRoque, Clement Elmer  Jul 08, 1885Coryell county, Texas, USA I188458
38 Lee, Joshua Thomas  Jan 08, 1882Coryell county, Texas, USA I191476
39 Lee, Victor Edward  Sep 08, 1884Coryell county, Texas, USA I191477
40 McDonald, Martha Elizabeth  Jul 22, 1874Coryell county, Texas, USA I146360
41 Melton, Effie May  Dec 28, 1889Coryell county, Texas, USA I171257
42 Moore, Arminthie "Artie"  Aug 31, 1896Coryell county, Texas, USA I150086
43 Moore, Ilna Lena  Apr 11, 1894Coryell county, Texas, USA I150085
44 Moore, infant  Aug 31, 1896Coryell county, Texas, USA I150217
45 Moore, Marvin Clayton  Aug 03, 1905Coryell county, Texas, USA I150088
46 Myers, Andrew Jackson  Nov 05, 1887Coryell county, Texas, USA I150044
47 Myers, C. Nolan  May 1886Coryell county, Texas, USA I150043
48 Myers, Lorenza Ramsey  Oct 1894Coryell county, Texas, USA I150045
49 Myers, Viola Delia  Dec 1880Coryell county, Texas, USA I150041
50 Perry, Hilliard Calloway  Oct 25, 1872Coryell county, Texas, USA I79896

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Anna Cleo  Sep 27, 1932Coryell county, Texas, USA I179998
2 Benningfield, Seabourn S.  Oct 22, 1964Coryell county, Texas, USA I172677
3 Benware, Edward  Aug 1984Coryell county, Texas, USA I186677
4 Blackwell, Livingston Greene  1905Coryell county, Texas, USA I13888
5 Boyd, Almond W.  1864Coryell county, Texas, USA I13848
6 Boyd, Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie"  1927Coryell county, Texas, USA I14083
7 Boyd, Henry  Aft 1870Coryell county, Texas, USA I13738
8 Boyd, Joel  Apr 06, 1882Coryell county, Texas, USA I13862
9 Boyd, Michael  Oct 20, 1891Coryell county, Texas, USA I13743
10 Casey, Laura Naomi  Feb 03, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I204307
11 Cloud, Georgetta  Aug 20, 1912Coryell county, Texas, USA I75185
12 Cloud, John Austin  Nov 17, 1886Coryell county, Texas, USA I56358
13 Copeland, George Allen  Mar 21, 1959Coryell county, Texas, USA I189348
14 Copeland, George Washington  Sep 16, 1944Coryell county, Texas, USA I189344
15 Copeland, Henry Washington  1964Coryell county, Texas, USA I189351
16 Copeland, Lee Robert  Oct 08, 1975Coryell county, Texas, USA I189350
17 Copeland, Minnie Ethel  Oct 06, 1962Coryell county, Texas, USA I189343
18 Cravey, Charles Wesley  1867Coryell county, Texas, USA I1946
19 Cummings, Jackson B.  Jul 15, 1928Coryell county, Texas, USA I196028
20 Cummings, William Morgan  Dec 23, 1892Coryell county, Texas, USA I196033
21 Dunn, Elizabeth Evadna  Feb 16, 1934Coryell county, Texas, USA I189356
22 Ercanbrack, Earl Foster  Dec 24, 1987Coryell county, Texas, USA I193403
23 Grimes, Frederick Miller  Dec 18, 1889Coryell county, Texas, USA I24591
24 Hall, Henry  Jan 08, 1896Coryell county, Texas, USA I11729
25 Hall, James Henry  Jul 27, 1924Coryell county, Texas, USA I11723
26 Hall, Lucy Elizabeth  1949Coryell county, Texas, USA I11734
27 Hall, Lydia Abera  1933Coryell county, Texas, USA I11738
28 Hamm, Jane  Feb 26, 1904Coryell county, Texas, USA I11730
29 Hardin, David Jackson  Apr 10, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I189357
30 Hardin, Urban Leek  Aug 09, 1952Coryell county, Texas, USA I189342
31 Henderson, Rebecca Jane Elizabeth  Aug 01, 1897Coryell county, Texas, USA I196034
32 Hooser, Luther J.  Jul 05, 1956Coryell county, Texas, USA I119139
33 Manning, De Bolling  Nov 02, 1904Coryell county, Texas, USA I171252
34 McCown, Eliza Louisa Matilda  Dec 05, 1935Coryell county, Texas, USA I13887
35 Melton, Effie May  May 10, 1980Coryell county, Texas, USA I171257
36 Moore, infant  Sep 02, 1896Coryell county, Texas, USA I150217
37 Pruden, Mary Caroline "Molly"  Abt 1893Coryell county, Texas, USA I106926
38 Reeves, Elizabeth  Aft 1870Coryell county, Texas, USA I13750
39 Rodgers, Alice Dora  Mar 16, 1960Coryell county, Texas, USA I119138
40 Sellers, Almond Lewis  Aft 1870Coryell county, Texas, USA I13873
41 Sellers, Rebecca  Aft 1861Coryell county, Texas, USA I13754
42 Smith, Andrew Joe  Jun 26, 1984Coryell county, Texas, USA I189341
43 Southerland, Flora Belle  Apr 08, 1943Coryell county, Texas, USA I129935
44 Yongue, Robert Henry  Sep 16, 1912Coryell county, Texas, USA I143288
45 Yows, James E.  Dec 12, 1898Coryell county, Texas, USA I56853


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Carter, Jeffie  Coryell county, Texas, USA I143
2 Taylor, Dorcus Pryor  Mar 1890Coryell county, Texas, USA I81


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Adams, Susan  1880Coryell county, Texas, USA I54131
2 Cloud, Adelyn Leona "Addie"  Jan 26, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I56801
3 Cloud, Cecil Edgar  Jun 14, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I57123
4 Cloud, Corra Eliza  Jun 14, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I57120
5 Cloud, Davis  Jun 20, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I287
6 Cloud, Elzie C.  Jun 20, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I85
7 Cloud, Emma Elma  Jun 14, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I57118
8 Cloud, George Cumulous  Jan 26, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I56802
9 Cloud, George Washington  Jun 14, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I56848
10 Cloud, James William  Jan 26, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I56359
11 Cloud, Mattie Earline  Jan 26, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I56799
12 Cloud - LeFrance, James Marvin  Jan 26, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I56805
13 Dikes, Christopher Columbus  Jun 17, 1880Coryell county, Texas, USA I4799
14 Dikes, Christopher Columbus  Jul 06, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I4799
15 Dikes, John C.  Jul 06, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I179795
16 Dikes, John Christopher  1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I81264
17 Dikes, Luther H.  Jul 06, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I179796
18 Dikes, Mary A.  Jul 06, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I179797
19 Dikes, Nannie Belle  Jul 06, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I149
20 Dikes, William Marcus  Jun 17, 1880Coryell county, Texas, USA I179794
21 Dikes, William Marcus  Jul 06, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I179794
22 Harris, Bennie Bee  Jan 06, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I162084
23 Harris, Calloway  Jan 06, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I56847
24 Harris, Claude Calloway  Jan 06, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I162081
25 Harris, Gussie Gertrude  Jan 06, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I162080
26 Harris, Ida Irene  Jan 06, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I162079
27 Harris, Leon Fred  Jan 06, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I162082
28 Howard, Effie Tonnie  Jan 26, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I56360
29 Johnson, Etta Archa  Jun 14, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I56849
30 Jones, Modenia  Jan 06, 1920Coryell county, Texas, USA I162077
31 Shults, Mary Ollie  Jun 20, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I4805
32 Stovall, California P.  Jun 17, 1880Coryell county, Texas, USA I4790
33 Stovall, California P.  Jul 06, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I4790
34 Thornton, Charles Arthur  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I108275
35 Thornton, Charles Arthur  Apr 25, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108275
36 Thornton, Eula L.  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I108276
37 Thornton, Joseph Edward  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I108277
38 Thornton, Joseph Edward  Apr 22, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108277
39 Thornton, Lorene  Apr 22, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108285
40 Thornton, Marada  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I108279
41 Thornton, Marada  Apr 27, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108279
42 Thornton, Mary Hattie  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I108278
43 Thornton, Mattie Lou  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I108280
44 Thornton, Sanford Alvatus  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I108273
45 Thornton, Sanford Alvatus  Apr 27, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108273
46 Thornton, Thomas Henry  Jun 11, 1900Coryell county, Texas, USA I1361
47 Thornton, Thomas Henry  Apr 27, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I1361
48 Thornton, Zada  Apr 22, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108284
49 Thornton), Fannie (Mrs. Joseph  Apr 22, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108283
50 Thornton), Gillie (Mrs. Charles  Apr 25, 1910Coryell county, Texas, USA I108281

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cravey, Charles Wesley  Abt 1867Coryell county, Texas, USA I1946


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackwell / McCown  Dec 30, 1866Coryell county, Texas, USA F4929
2 Cloud / Jones  Sep 09, 1891Coryell county, Texas, USA F20083
3 Craig / Hall  Coryell county, Texas, USA F4210
4 Dean / Cravey  Feb 17, 1891Coryell county, Texas, USA F70880
5 Farris / Sorrels  Jul 15, 1891Coryell county, Texas, USA F49285
6 Hall / Doherty  Jan 21, 1872Coryell county, Texas, USA F4162
7 Harrelson / Smith  Oct 01, 1895Coryell county, Texas, USA F40842
8 Myers / Straley  Dec 18, 1879Coryell county, Texas, USA F49279
9 Ray / Boyd  1876Coryell county, Texas, USA F4979
10 Robison / Thornton  Aug 14, 1904Coryell county, Texas, USA F35780
11 Rogers / Bond  Aug 01, 1894Coryell county, Texas, USA F70536
12 Rogers / Manning  May 16, 1909Coryell county, Texas, USA F56729
13 Shults / Stovall  Sep 17, 1874Coryell county, Texas, USA F83
14 Smith / Carter  Mar 12, 1857Coryell county, Texas, USA F1767
15 Thompson / Boyd  Coryell county, Texas, USA F4910
16 Thornton / Thornton)  Abt 1904Coryell county, Texas, USA F35767
17 Thornton / Thornton)  Abt 1906Coryell county, Texas, USA F35768

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