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Comanche county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albin, Clarence Motia  Sep 22, 1881Comanche county, Texas, USA I4820
2 Albin, Joseph Earl  May 05, 1907Comanche county, Texas, USA I4821
3 Albin, Pearl  Sep 03, 1905Comanche county, Texas, USA I156938
4 Blankenship, Fairest Queen  Dec 24, 1904Comanche county, Texas, USA I165922
5 Blankenship, Ida  Aug 09, 1865Comanche county, Texas, USA I55675
6 Blankenship, Valira  1866Comanche county, Texas, USA I55676
7 Blevins, John Ceamon  Jan 10, 1850Comanche county, Texas, USA I83827
8 Carter, Hilton Ray  Mar 27, 1909Comanche county, Texas, USA I942
9 Carter, Lonnie  Jan 1895Comanche county, Texas, USA I176237
10 Carter, Perry Hebron  Apr 27, 1933Comanche county, Texas, USA I1024
11 Cloud, Arthur  Dec 29, 1925Comanche county, Texas, USA I131490
12 Cloud, Carroll Mack  Nov 09, 1930Comanche county, Texas, USA I131492
13 Cloud, Charles Franklin  Dec 1894Comanche county, Texas, USA I131498
14 Cloud, Daniel Clark  Jul 25, 1885Comanche county, Texas, USA I131483
15 Cloud, Dorothy Fay  Jul 08, 1928Comanche county, Texas, USA I131491
16 Cloud, Frankie J.  Apr 05, 1913Comanche county, Texas, USA I131510
17 Cloud, Harry Elmo  Apr 10, 1917Comanche county, Texas, USA I131511
18 Cloud, Jerry Dean "J.D."  Jan 10, 1914Comanche county, Texas, USA I131486
19 Cloud, Laura Alice  Feb 14, 1902Comanche county, Texas, USA I77224
20 Cloud, Lois A.  Abt 1913Comanche county, Texas, USA I131485
21 Cloud, Louise  Abt 1923Comanche county, Texas, USA I131489
22 Cloud, Lucy Ladasa  Nov 13, 1903Comanche county, Texas, USA I77226
23 Cloud, Mack  Abt 1902Comanche county, Texas, USA I131500
24 Cloud, Marion Lee  Nov 1892Comanche county, Texas, USA I131497
25 Cloud, Mary Jane  Aug 31, 1881Comanche county, Texas, USA I77205
26 Cloud, Nancy Ellen  Oct 06, 1887Comanche county, Texas, USA I77211
27 Cloud, R.H.  Abt 1918Comanche county, Texas, USA I131488
28 Cloud, Rita Mae  Abt 1917Comanche county, Texas, USA I131487
29 Cloud, Rosa Leona  Nov 11, 1882Comanche county, Texas, USA I77206
30 Gaines, Clyde Ernest  Sep 09, 1914Comanche county, Texas, USA I113497
31 Garner, Mattie Elizabeth  Oct 29, 1885Comanche county, Texas, USA I891
32 Haddemann, Mary Ladesia Carolyn  Aug 1865Comanche county, Texas, USA I78195
33 Harrison, Beulah Radah  1882Comanche county, Texas, USA I21811
34 Hendrix, Lula  Sep 25, 1889Comanche county, Texas, USA I159303
35 Hendrix, Maggie  Abt 1886Comanche county, Texas, USA I159304
36 Hendrix, Myrtis A.  Jan 12, 1913Comanche county, Texas, USA I993
37 Henry, George Clinton  Feb 18, 1893Comanche county, Texas, USA I44573
38 Henry, Leonard Ernest  Feb 28, 1894Comanche county, Texas, USA I44575
39 Hicks, Beulah May  Feb 02, 1896Comanche county, Texas, USA I156912
40 Hicks, Bonnie Odessa  Dec 28, 1909Comanche county, Texas, USA I156918
41 Hicks, Carson Lanham  Oct 01, 1907Comanche county, Texas, USA I156917
42 Hicks, Ellie Alice  Sep 30, 1897Comanche county, Texas, USA I156913
43 Hicks, Harvey Anglin  Sep 17, 1902Comanche county, Texas, USA I156915
44 Hicks, James Elbert  Feb 20, 1912Comanche county, Texas, USA I156919
45 Hicks, Opal Orminda  Oct 22, 1904Comanche county, Texas, USA I156916
46 Hicks, Ora Lee  Nov 07, 1894Comanche county, Texas, USA I156911
47 Hicks, Ray  Feb 16, 1922Comanche county, Texas, USA I156924
48 Hicks, Sarah Louise  Apr 30, 1918Comanche county, Texas, USA I156920
49 Hicks, Texie Alvan  Dec 15, 1899Comanche county, Texas, USA I156914
50 Hill, Montie Mae  Nov 22, 1895Comanche county, Texas, USA I36591

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albin, Harrison Elmer  Apr 01, 1965Comanche county, Texas, USA I156967
2 Caraway, Roana Marilla  Apr 23, 1929Comanche county, Texas, USA I209219
3 Carter, Henry Wade  1905Comanche county, Texas, USA I206
4 Carter, Ida Bell  Apr 15, 1929Comanche county, Texas, USA I4572
5 Carter, Josie Elizabeth  Oct 19, 1925Comanche county, Texas, USA I156769
6 Carter, Ola Jane  Nov 02, 1947Comanche county, Texas, USA I156767
7 Carter, Ollie  Jun 22, 1940Comanche county, Texas, USA I4777
8 Carter, Thomas Council  Jan 18, 1930Comanche county, Texas, USA I116
9 Cloud, Arthur  Aug 20, 1972Comanche county, Texas, USA I131490
10 Cloud, Carroll Mack  Nov 25, 1991Comanche county, Texas, USA I131492
11 Cloud, Jack Pete  May 18, 2000Comanche county, Texas, USA I131522
12 Cloud, Jerry Dean "J.D."  Mar 24, 1993Comanche county, Texas, USA I131486
13 Cloud, Margarette  Apr 06, 1929Comanche county, Texas, USA I115
14 Cole, Charlie Mae  Dec 21, 1991Comanche county, Texas, USA I156942
15 Cox, Cornelious Jackson  Aug 17, 1916Comanche county, Texas, USA I209212
16 Dean, John William  Feb 11, 1923Comanche county, Texas, USA I131531
17 Edwards, Jesse Melvin  Jun 11, 1967Comanche county, Texas, USA I587
18 Gaines, Clyde Ernest  Mar 09, 1915Comanche county, Texas, USA I113497
19 Head, Ezra Eli  Sep 03, 1913Comanche county, Texas, USA I171446
20 Hendrix, Arthur Lee  Dec 19, 1968Comanche county, Texas, USA I992
21 Hicks, Ray  Mar 14, 1922Comanche county, Texas, USA I156924
22 Johnson, William Jasper  Apr 03, 1902Comanche county, Texas, USA I31737
23 Jones, Martha Jane  Jun 12, 1940Comanche county, Texas, USA I31786
24 Keating, George Herman  Jul 13, 1965Comanche county, Texas, USA I131504
25 LaRoque, Addie Lena  Nov 12, 1938Comanche county, Texas, USA I188482
26 Loudermilk, Carroll  Sep 11, 1966Comanche county, Texas, USA I131515
27 McCaleb, John A.  1886Comanche county, Texas, USA I209240
28 Moore, Conda Hugh  May 03, 1995Comanche county, Texas, USA I149229
29 Moore, James Alfred  Oct 10, 1938Comanche county, Texas, USA I78194
30 Onstott, Mary Lou  Jan 12, 1902Comanche county, Texas, USA I136113
31 Rasco, Vera Odessa  Aug 14, 1996Comanche county, Texas, USA I16501
32 Ratliff, Cleo Glen  Oct 08, 1990Comanche county, Texas, USA I154623
33 Rice, Bessie Pearl  Nov 14, 1941Comanche county, Texas, USA I208201
34 Richardson, Wesley  Apr 01, 1906Comanche county, Texas, USA I53903
35 Rogers, Elva  Feb 11, 1920Comanche county, Texas, USA I167744
36 Rutherford, Jacob H.  Dec 15, 1925Comanche county, Texas, USA I123
37 Weaver, Elizabeth  Oct 23, 1958Comanche county, Texas, USA I189559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, Harrison H.  Comanche county, Texas, USA I55644
2 Clark, Elizabeth  Comanche county, Texas, USA I55645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cloud, Marion Lee  Sep 12, 1892Comanche county, Texas, USA I131497
2 Rogers, Walter Woodward  Mar 01, 1906Comanche county, Texas, USA I156829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (__), Effie \ Ethey  Apr 18, 1930Comanche county, Texas, USA I167741
2 Albin, Clarence Motia  Apr 25, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I4820
3 Albin, Joseph Earl  Apr 25, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I4821
4 Albin, Pearl  Apr 25, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I156938
5 Carter, Lovie Dorcas  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I156771
6 Carter, Lovie Dorcas  May 11, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I156771
7 Carter, Lucy Pryor  Jun 19, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I10236
8 Cloud, Mary Elizabeth  Jun 08, 1880Comanche county, Texas, USA I111
9 Edwards, James Marion  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I586
10 Edwards, Jesse Melvin  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I587
11 Edwards, Jesse Melvin  Apr 19, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I587
12 Edwards, Joseph Clarence  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I69
13 Edwards, Joseph Clarence  Apr 19, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I69
14 Edwards, Martha A.  Oct 31, 1870Comanche county, Texas, USA I167327
15 Edwards, Mary Melissie  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I782
16 Edwards, Mary Melissie  Apr 25, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I782
17 Edwards, Thomas Marion  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I288
18 Edwards, Thomas Marion  Apr 19, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I288
19 Edwards, Zettie T.  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I590
20 Edwards, Zettie T.  Apr 19, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I590
21 Hendrix, John Thomas  Jun 26, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I159299
22 Hendrix, Lula  Jun 26, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I159303
23 Hendrix, Maggie  Jun 26, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I159304
24 Hendrix, Pearl  Jun 26, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I153
25 Hendrix, Robert F. "Bob"  Jun 26, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I152
26 Hendrix, William "Will"  Jun 26, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I151
27 Howard, Oscar William  1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I209208
28 Howard, William Dunnigan  1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I209238
29 Maynard, Anna G.  Jun 26, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I159300
30 McCaleb, Jo Ann  1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I209239
31 Rogers, Eddie Alvin  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I156968
32 Rogers, Eddie Alvin  Apr 18, 1930Comanche county, Texas, USA I156968
33 Rogers, Edna Ola  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I156969
34 Rogers, Elva  May 11, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I167744
35 Rogers, Horace Barnett  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I4569
36 Rogers, Horace Barnett  May 11, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I4569
37 Rogers, John Thomas  Jun 08, 1880Comanche county, Texas, USA I130
38 Rogers, Joseph Daniel  Jun 08, 1880Comanche county, Texas, USA I112
39 Rogers, Joseph Jackson  Jun 08, 1880Comanche county, Texas, USA I129
40 Rogers, Luther  May 11, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I167745
41 Rogers, Margaret Elizabeth  Jun 08, 1880Comanche county, Texas, USA I128
42 Rogers, Margaret Elizabeth  Jun 22, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I128
43 Rogers, Margaret Elizabeth  Apr 19, 1910Comanche county, Texas, USA I128
44 Rogers, Marion Barnet  Jun 08, 1880Comanche county, Texas, USA I127
45 Sanford, James M.  Oct 31, 1870Comanche county, Texas, USA I167326
46 Sanford, Robert M.  Oct 31, 1870Comanche county, Texas, USA I167602
47 Sanford, Sarah Elizabeth  Oct 31, 1870Comanche county, Texas, USA I44128
48 Stacy, Callie  Jun 12, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I160355
49 Stacy, Curtis  Jun 12, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I160360
50 Stacy, John Richard  Jun 12, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA I160353

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, Laura Edith  Sep 12, 1918Comanche county, Texas, USA I54524
2 Carter, Samuel Resti?  Jun 05, 1917Comanche county, Texas, USA I144
3 Hart, John Samuel  Sep 12, 1918Comanche county, Texas, USA I183594


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cloud / Cloud)  Abt 1901Comanche county, Texas, USA F42759
2 Cloud / Cloud)  Abt 1909Comanche county, Texas, USA F42760
3 Cloud / Dean  Abt 1914Comanche county, Texas, USA F42756
4 Cloud / Humphreys  Abt 1918Comanche county, Texas, USA F42771
5 Gaines / Baggett  Dec 29, 1913Comanche county, Texas, USA F37258
6 Gaines / Evans  Feb 26, 1893Comanche county, Texas, USA F37259
7 Henry / Cunningham  Nov 22, 1891Comanche county, Texas, USA F15985
8 Hicks / Carter  Aug 22, 1884Comanche county, Texas, USA F51603
9 Moore / Price  Abt 1925Comanche county, Texas, USA F49056
10 Rasco / Dunn  Sep 07, 1905Comanche county, Texas, USA F49151
11 Rogers / Carter  Dec 15, 1883Comanche county, Texas, USA F1685
12 Rogers / Carter  Dec 19, 1886Comanche county, Texas, USA F51605
13 Rogers / Hicks  May 25, 1918Comanche county, Texas, USA F1689
14 Rogers / Kidd  Nov 11, 1900Comanche county, Texas, USA F70527
15 Rogers / Lewis  Mar 04, 1894Comanche county, Texas, USA F70518
16 Stevens / Henry  Jun 01, 1913Comanche county, Texas, USA F15988
17 Vanderpool / Rasco  Nov 1942Comanche county, Texas, USA F5820

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