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Atascosa county, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrow, Edna Beatrice  Nov 29, 1927Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130948
2 Desmuke, Nora "Mammie"  Sep 1882Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130905
3 Griffin, John Henry  Oct 20, 1874Atascosa county, Texas, USA I83823
4 Neill, Jesse Bell  Sep 15, 1885Atascosa county, Texas, USA I179917
5 Newman, Anderson Knight Jr.  Jul 12, 1902Atascosa county, Texas, USA I208042
6 Polley, Coral Mae  Jun 10, 1933Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131040
7 Sherman, Charles Clarence  Dec 02, 1899Atascosa county, Texas, USA I83830
8 Smelley, Cheryl Gay  Aug 09, 1956Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131074
9 Smelley, Judson Wayne  Nov 14, 1935Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131011
10 Smelley, Kathryn Luetta  Jan 21, 1918Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131035
11 Winters, Jasper Newton Jr.  Dec 11, 1912Atascosa county, Texas, USA I101052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (__), Zelina Z.  Mar 17, 1997Atascosa county, Texas, USA I143641
2 Barrow, Frances Evelyn "Fannie"  Nov 22, 1976Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130954
3 Benningfield, Hudson Posey  circa 1885Atascosa county, Texas, USA I172523
4 Blair, John Alfred  Jul 1980Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131061
5 Byrom, Gail  Jun 10, 1990Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130861
6 Franklin, Thomas Emmett  Apr 17, 1973Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130979
7 Gier, Agnes Gertrude  Mar 02, 1984Atascosa county, Texas, USA I143643
8 Kenney, Thomas Albert  Sep 11, 1965Atascosa county, Texas, USA I143631
9 Lankford, Julia Ann  Aug 10, 1933Atascosa county, Texas, USA I209123
10 Newman, Anderson Knight  Nov 11, 1911Atascosa county, Texas, USA I208040
11 Smelley, James Kenneth  Mar 12, 1995Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131015
12 Wilson, John Alvin  Oct 26, 1976Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130860
13 Wilson, Ruben E.  Jun 16, 1968Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130884
14 Winters, Jasper Newton Jr.  Dec 23, 1997Atascosa county, Texas, USA I101052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barrow, Edwin  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130955
2 Barrow, Eula Mae  Feb 04, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130919
3 Barrow, Frances Evelyn "Fannie"  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130954
4 Barrow, Frances Evelyn "Fannie"  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130954
5 Barrow, Judge Hunter Denson  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130917
6 Barrow, Judge Hunter Denson  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130917
7 Barrow, Judge Hunter Denson  Jan 26, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130917
8 Barrow, James Hunter  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130914
9 Barrow, James Hunter  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130914
10 Barrow, James Marvin  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130950
11 Barrow, James Marvin  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130950
12 Barrow, Nannie  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130965
13 Barrow, Rev. Otho Gifford "O.G."  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130916
14 Barrow, Rev. Otho Gifford "O.G."  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130916
15 Barrow, Rev. Otho Gifford "O.G."  Feb 04, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130916
16 Barrow, Tom Dillard  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130966
17 Barrow, Tom Dillard  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130966
18 Barrow, Wallace F.  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130951
19 Barrow, Wallace F.  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130951
20 Barrow), Myrtle Inez (Mrs. O.G.  Feb 04, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130918
21 Caruthers, Hulda  Jun 08, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130899
22 Crouch, Julia  Jan 24, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131000
23 Crouch, Lillie Ozella  Jan 26, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130947
24 Desmuke, Allen Webster  Jan 24, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130928
25 Desmuke, Fannie Articia  Jun 06, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130912
26 Desmuke, Fannie Articia  Apr 25, 1910Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130912
27 Desmuke, John E.  Jun 08, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130897
28 Desmuke, Kathryn Lucinda  Jan 23, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130926
29 Desmuke, Mary Cecile  Jun 08, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130907
30 Desmuke, Myrtle  Jun 08, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130904
31 Desmuke, Paul  Jun 08, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130901
32 Desmuke, Susan Bell  Jun 08, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130906
33 Desmuke, William  Jun 08, 1900Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130900
34 Smelley, Harold Leland  Jan 23, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131010
35 Smelley, James Kenneth  Jan 23, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131015
36 Smelley, James William  Jan 23, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I130998
37 Smelley, Kathryn Luetta  Jan 23, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131035
38 Smelley, Nelda Margaret  Jan 23, 1920Atascosa county, Texas, USA I131012


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adair / Benningfield  Jul 31, 1871Atascosa county, Texas, USA F57175
2 Gayle / Newton  Apr 06, 1874Atascosa county, Texas, USA F42508
3 Landrum / Williams  Dec 27, 1891Atascosa county, Texas, USA F70492
4 May / Rogers  Dec 30, 1896Atascosa county, Texas, USA F70469
5 Newman / Rogers  Oct 03, 1866Atascosa county, Texas, USA F70461


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hunt / Smith  Jan 01, 1890Atascosa county, Texas, USA F21496