Family Photos and Documents of my Whittington Kin

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September 11, 2001

Leslie A. Whittington -- died aboard airplane that crashed into the pentagon.


before 1883

Elisha Whittington (ca 1804-1883) and his three youngest daughters: (left to right) Leona (1851-), Mary Luvina (1855-1936) and Sarah Viola (1859-1934) (does this order seem reversed to anyone besides me?).  Family lore says Elisha was the Louisiana blacksmith that made the Bowie knife for Rezin Bowie, Jim Bowie's brother, but this is not supported by the evidence (see Elisha's information).

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Louisiana, 1866

Amnesty Oath signed by Elisha Whittington

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Louisiana, before 1883

Elisha Whittington's walking cane -- pictures submitted by Ron Thompson


Milford, CT home of Gov. Robert TREAT (1623-1710),  my 12-g-grandfather

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Governor Robert Treat -- for a photo album of a trip my family made to Milford, Connecticut (founded by our ancestor, Governor Robert Treat) and to his memorial and gravesite, click at right.

photo album

TX / 2000

My family - April 2000

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CO / 1998

Not wanting to be left out, here's me and one of my old buddies on a (recent sighting) camping trip in Colorado, summer of 1998 (he's the one wearing the funny hat).

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