Photos of Descendants of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud
of Austin County, Texas, formerly of Albama and Georgia.


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August 1930

Cloud-Pratt Reunion
(photo from Dot Brademan)



March 2000

Austin County / Bellville trip of March 16, 2000


    2 - William Cloud (~1800 - ~1850)

    3 .. William Jasper

Milam cty, TX
ca 1910

Elizabeth Jane (BOYD) CLOUD, wife of William Jasper Cloud & sister to Sarah Ann Boyd, below -- this is a photo of her with the family of her son, Robert S. Cloud.  (Submitted by Dot Brademan.)

108 k jpg


ca 1859

Sarah Ann Boyd Merritt (Elizabeth Jane Boyd's sister) & children.  (Submitted by Ron Head.)

87 k jpg


ca 1900

Sarah Ann Boyd Merritt (Elizabeth Jane Boyd's sister) & children.  (Submitted by Ron Head.

80 k jpg

    4 .. Rebecca "Becky"

prob. Hamilton cty
ca 1910

Rebecca Ann Elizabeth "Becky" (Cloud) Fergeson-Springer, Jodia (Fergeson) Merchant-Nettleton and daughters Euphie Merchant and Ivy Merchant.  Becky is Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud's great-granddaughter and Euphie and Ivy are great-great-granddaughters.  (Submitted by Ann Nettleton Hartzo.)

34 k jpg
187 k jpg


ca 1910

Jodia Fergeson Merchant, great-great-granddaughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud, and husband T. Robert Merchant.  (Submitted by Ann Nettleton Hartzo.)

46 k jpg
248 k jpg

    4 .. William Lafayette

ca 1865

William Lafayette Cloud (1851-1917), great-grandson of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud.  (Submitted by Ann Nettleton Hartzo.)

46 k jpg

ca 1870

66 k jpg
face 36 k jpg

    4 .. Thomas Newton

ca 1929

Laura Ann Merchant Cloud (Thomas Newton Cloud's wife)

photo -- 307 k jpg


TX / 1930

Descendants of William Jasper Cloud, grandson of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud at the Cloud-Pratt Reunion, Cameron, Texas  1930.  (Photo submitted by Dot Brademan.)

photo -- follow
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2 - Henry George Washington "H.G.W." Cloud (1810-1897)

   3 .. Charles Alexander





The Children of Charles Alexander Cloud and Jane Elizabeth Calvert, great-grandchildren of Jeremiah and Elizabeth:  Thomas Caldwell Cloud (1856-1943), Mary Carolina Cloud McCann (1858-1950), Addie Irene Cloud Brown (1860-1949), Charles Alexander "Eck" Cloud Jr. (1862-1961) and Lulie May "Louella" Cloud Russ (1865-1953).  (Submitted by Cecil Stokes.)

68 k jpg

      4 .. Charles "Eck"

Charles Alexander "Eck" Cloud, Jr. with his wife Henrietta Ophelia "Nettie" Grimes.  (Submitted by Cecil Stokes.)

38 k jpg

   3 .. James W.J.

James W.J. "J.W.J." Cloud (1845-1886), grandson of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud.  (Submitted by Cecil Stokes.)

46 k jpg


"J.W.J." Cloud with his wife, Laura Frances Burt.  (Submitted by Cecil Stokes.)

44 k jpg

     4 .. James Ross

James Ross Cloud 1883-1935), great-grandson of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud.  (Submitted by Cecil Stokes.)

33 k jpg

2 - James M. Cloud (~1812-?)

2 - John Clark "J.C." Cloud (~1812-1868)

   3 - J.C. Jr. (1845-1929)
      4 - Mary Henley Cloud

aft 1900

The families of John Clark "J.C." Cloud, Jr., grandson of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud.  (Submitted by Ellen Williams Crawford.)

Family photo  -- 64 k  jpg
named & numbered -- 48 k
named & numbered -- 409 k


John Linzy WILLIAMS, great grandson of Jeremiah & Elizabeth, son of Mary Henley Cloud.  (Submitted by Ellen Williams Crawford.)

42 k  jpg

  3 .. Margarette

Margarette Cloud (1848-), granddaughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Cloud, married Thomas Council Carter (1842-1929).  This is a family photo of their family.  (Submitted by Kim Moniz.)

33 k jpg

2 - Andrew Jackson "A.J." Cloud (1820-?)

2 - Elzena "E.L." Cloud

2 - Elizabeth Cloud

2 - Francis Marion "F.M." Cloud (1829-1889)


Sandy Creek Cemetery, Milam County, Texas

View of Cloud Graves (Wm. J. & Elizabeth on left, D.A. on far right)

Gravestone of William J. Cloud (JUL 2 1826 - SEP 8 1871).

Low Resolution
(26 k jpg)

High Resolution
257 k jpg

Gravestone of William J. Cloud's wife, Elizabeth Jane (Boyd) Cloud (JUN 23 1832 - MAY 11 1918).

Low Resolution
(15 k jpg)

High Resolution
129 k jpg

Gravestone of Martha Jane (Pratt) Cloud (MAY 20 1864 - AUG 15 1891), wife of Thomas Newton Cloud.

Low Resolution
(13 k jpg)

Gravestone of Ada (Talbott) Cloud (FEB 2 1870 - JAN 11 1901), wife of Robert Samuel Cloud.

Low Resolution
(18 k)

Headstone for Robert S. Cloud (SEP 30 1868 - DEC 5 1946) and Bettie (Stevens) Cloud (JUL 14 1881 - 1962)

Low Resolution
(22 k)

Milam Cty
TX / 1998

The gravesite of John Clark "J.C." CLOUD (1812-1868) in a pasture between Rockdale and Milano, Texas.  The gravestone was found broken by Charles Hubert and he and his wife Marie repaired it. 

    A photo of the entire gravestone.

Low Resolution
(47 k jpg)

High Resolution
470 k jpg

    A closeup of the gravestone. 

Low Resolution
(47 k jpg)

High Resolution
470 k jpg

    A shot of the pasture.   (Charles Hubert shown walking away and my mother, Gloria (WHITTINGTON) CLOUD shown standing next to the gravestone.  At the horizon  is the highway.) 

Low Resolution
(47 k jpg)

High Resolution
470 k jpg


Family Photos and Documents of my Cloud & Seybold Kin

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TX / 2000

My family - April 2000

photo -- 87 k  jpg

CO / 1998

Not wanting to be left out, here's me and one of my old buddies on a (recent sighting) camping trip in Colorado, summer of 1998 (he's the one wearing the funny hat).

photo -- 32 k  jpg

Seminole Cty, OK
ca 1905

My great-grandfather, William Lafayette "Bill" Cloud's, second wife, Margaret  (ca 1868-1918).  (We think her maiden name was SKIPPER.)  She is pictured holding Hazel CLOUD  (1904-present) (top left), her grandson, Dick HOPGOOD (son of Mary CLOUD) (top right), Vernon J. CLOUD (1903-1988) (bottom left), son of William Jasper CLOUD, and Lillian "Shorty" CLOUD (1903-1992) (bottom right).  This photo taken ca 1904 in Oklahoma (probably in Konawa or Sasakwa, Seminole County, Oklahoma. 

photo -- 39 k  jpg

Albion, OK

My grandfather, Jake CLOUD, son of William Lafayette CLOUD, and his wife Elizabeth "Lizzie" (SEYBOLD) CLOUD (back, center, with hats on), son Dick CLOUD squatting. (The rest are my CLOUD uncles and cousins.) 

photo -- 52 k jpg

maybe 1905

Grandmother, Lizzie (Seybold) Cloud when she was younger.

photo -- 29 k jpg

Pontotoc or
Seminole Cty
OK / 1913

My aunts and uncles 1913, Konowa, Oklahoma .... children of Jake and Lizzie CLOUD with their cousin, John E. SEYBOLD, son of Zeb SEYBOLD.

photo -- 41 k jpg

Seminole Cty OK
ca 1905

Mary & Alice CLOUD, daughters of William Lafayette CLOUD   (Mary and Alice and John (below) were half-siblings to my grandfather Jake (above).  Photos probably taken in Seminole County, Oklahoma.) 

photo -- 26 k jpg

Seminole Cty OK
ca 1907

The political campaign card of John CLOUD, son of William Lafayette CLOUD, running for County Clerk of Seminole County Oklahoma (he lived in Wewoka at the time).

The reverse (printed) side of the above card only -- the writing is hard to read    .......  (It looks like it reads "John M. Cloud, Candidate For, County Clerk, Seminole County, Subject to the Action of the De...................ary in August".  Note that, just prior to statehood in 1907, there was a procedure set in place for office holders (and I guess candidates) to have their authority transferred.  For this reason, the bottom line makes me think this card was printed just prior to the 1907 statehood (or immediately afterward), hence the estimated date of 1907. 

photo -- 101 k jpg



photo -- 23 k jpg 

SEYBOLD:  My great-grandfather, John Robert "J.R" SEYBOLD  (1832- ca 1890) is the father of Theodore and Zeb and my grandmother CLOUD -- Elizabeth Delilah (or Mary Elizabeth ?) "Lizzie" (SEYBOLD) CLOUD, was J.R.'s youngest child.)  William Rowland WELCH was the father of J.R.'s wife, Amanda WELCH

IL or KY

My great-great-grandfather William Rowland WELCH  (1815-1886)

photo -- 13  k  jpg

reverse of W.R. WELCH's photo

photo -- 111  k  jpg

third-great-grandmother Lavinia (BUTLER) WELCH  (1819-1882)

photo -- 20  k  jpg

Ardmore, I.T.

My grandmother Cloud's father, John Robert "J.R." SEYBOLD's store in Ardmore, I.T. May, 1890   (he is the man on the right).
        Also see the
Carter county, Oklahoma web site.

photo -- 103  k  jpg

Ardmore, I.T.
circa 1890

My grandmother Cloud's brother, little Theodore SEYBOLD (J.R.'s son) in his coffin  (1875- circa 1890).  -----  (Taken in Ardmore, I.T., I'm betting this is the only picture J.R. and Amanda had of their son, Theodore, and the tragedy this photo exemplifies is part of what motivates me to seek to know more about my family.  Why and where did J.R. die?  Why did Theodore die?  The evidence seems to indicate that they died at nearly the same time (ca 1890) and only shortly after their arrival in Indian Territory -- see the photo of J.R.'s store above.  And then where are J.R, Theodore and Amanda buried?)

photo -- 82  k  jpg

reverse of Theodore's coffin picture  (circa 1890)

photo -- 119  k  jpg

Ada, OK
ca 1910

My granduncle, Zeb SEYBOLD's, barbershop in Ada, Oklahoma (circa 1910)

Hi-resolution file of the above  (you can read the sign at the back "Please don't spit on the floor").  Pictured are (l-r) Zeb SEYBOLD  (1879-1940), Enoch Marther "Mike" HARRIS, (1887-1983) his nephew by marriage, John E. SEYBOLD  (1903-1945), his son, Theodore "Theo" (JONES) HARRIS, his niece and Mike's wife, and Mike and Theo's oldest child, Opal HARRIS  (1911-1958) being held by Theo.  This photo circa June 1911 in Ada, Oklahoma. 

photo -- 48 k jpg


photo -- 1.5 M  jpg


 A composite picture of my WELCH-SEYBOLD people:
Top left is William Rowland WELCH (1815-1886) grandfather of the remaining.  His daughter, Amanda Jane Welch, married J.R. Seybold and the rest of the pictures are of their children, from left to right:  Herman, Zeb, Lena and Lizzie.

 photo -- 14 k jpg

Ada, OK

John Zebulon "Zeb" and Dora (DeGARMO) SEYBOLD -- (guess that's John Jr. in picture) in Ada, OK.  (Dora DeGarmo died in 1909 and John remarried Ollie ENOCHS in 1917.)

photo -- 94 k  jpg

Zeb with wife Ollie ENOCHS and kids -- Irma and Doris SEYBOLD  in Ada, OK.  (Irma was born in 1918 and is living in California.  Doris was born in 1923 and is living in Missouri.)

photo -- 35 k jpg

John and Glen SEYBOLD -- Zeb's and Dora's sons (John (1903-1945), Glen (1904-1905).)

photo -- 70 k jpg


These are SEYBOLD relatives -- but we don't know who they are.  Please write if you recognize any of them.

unknown 1 -- 40k
unknown 2 -- 40k
unknown 3 -- 39k 

(J.R. Seybold's second oldest child was Cora Vitura Seybold.  She married John Jones and named their only daughter Theodore Jones after her younger brother, Theodore Seybold, who died when he was 13 or 14 years old (his coffin photo above) in Ardmore, I.T.)

Murray Cty

Theodore (JONES) HARRIS (1892-1968), daughter of Cora Vitura (SEYBOLD) and John JONES with her children Opal & Winfred ("Dink") in Maud, Oklahoma  (circa 1914).

photo -- 22 k  jpg

Winfred:"Dink" (1913), Opal (1911) and Haskell HARRIS (1915)

photo -- 23 k  jpg

Theo Jones HARRIS (1892-1969) with her first cousin Lillian (Shorty) CLOUD (1903) as an infant (photo 1903).

photo -- 14 k  jpg


1895 map of Illinois  1.6 Meg  jpg

1895 map of Oklahoma -- 970 k  jpg

1850 map of Texas   110 k  jpg
1895 map of Texas -- 4.4 M jpg

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